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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Well pre-305 and pre-Maverick I would have thought this coaster wouldn't even be worth the trip to the park, but since I rode them with all the kick-@$$ twisties I really want to get down there and try this out and so I can compare it to BGW's coaster next year! In my opinion, BGT won the last battle, because Sheikra is better than Griffon.

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I have only been to one Busch Gardens park, and that was the one in Virginia. I love it so much. It's such a beautiful park and although it only has only a few coasters, each coaster is awesome. Can't wait to get down to the Tampa park one day and take a ride on Cheetah Hunt, it looks brilliant. Not to mention Kumba, Montu, and Sheikra.

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^Uhhh.... aren't you forgetting a couple?


Scorpion, awesome powerful and rare Anton lap-bar only looper.


Gwazi... with new trains to boot!


I could pass up most B&M's. However, the ones at the Busch parks do seem to be very special.


When Goliath at SFOG was new, had one ride, then spent the day on Mindbender. The B&M's just kinda all feel the same to me - but I know they are good rides, very popular, efficient, etc.

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I think Scorpion, as far as Antons go, is nothing to write home about. You can find one of those up north in Atlanta, as you mentioned. As for Gwazi, I really hope those new trains don't take away from the crazy ride it gave. I know the first opinions are positive, but it also had it's annual refurb, and I remember it was hella smoother coming off some work even in the PTC days.

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I have heard from a good source that the first s-bend will go over the Skyride. In the official video it goes under. If it turns out to be true the element will have to get up and over and down into the trench under the EOA trail bridge pretty quickly. Sounds pretty cool I hope it is true. Think of how cool this will all look from the Skyride, especially the fly over if true.


^ I think for now I had better rides with the old trains. They were mixed in with rides that were zero fun as well. The Flyers will find the track a little better with time and get a little faster. It felt slow to me but I did get to ride in the back which was no chance before the new trains.

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I do believe the park has been upfront with the ride having OTSRs since the announcement. Also, pictures from today do indeed show the hill after the tower goes over the skyride! Half of that hill, the first trench, and the drop off the tower are all the track are all thats left to be completed.

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Was at Busch Gardens today. Weather was overcast and it rained lightly on and off part of the afternoon, but it was still a good day. While I was there, I saw them put up a support beam and another piece of track on Cheetah Hunt. Was talking to a park employee in the area and asked if a opening date has been set yet for the new coaster. He told me Memorial Day Weekend will be the grand opening if all goes according to plan. The Skyride reopens April 22nd, and he told me they hope to have Cheetah Hunt in testing then. The cheetahs for the new Cheetah Run habitat are in the park, but they're in the back. You can see them as part of the Endangered Species tour though.


Didn't take too many pics today because of the weather, but here are a few...







Big Kitty


Mr. Kangaroo tried to eat Wonderpup!


Just because Kumba is made of awesome.


Yup. Awesome. Rode this 3 times in a row with NO WAIT today!

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