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  1. just seen the completed track layout pics. this thing looks great. i loved the some what stretched out layout at the begining and then the compactness at the end. I love coasters that actually LOOK like they cover some distance instead of being wound up in and out of itself and compacted in a little space. I love the big gap of space between part 1 and part 2 of the coaster.
  2. LOL. I usually think the Asian coasters names are pretty corny, but I like this one, and "Eagle Fortress" and my favorite to date, ..."Starry Night Ripper" in construction now. I LOVE THAT NAME. Its like a multiplatinum, Ass kicking Band Name.
  3. I am loving the white tracks with blue supports. its...*tear falls*... beautiful.
  4. Powder Keg is awsome. if this is anything like that on this scale. in the words of the late, great, Inspector Gadget... WOWZERS!
  5. Hey I do remeber that! but i dont think it was just Cedar Fair that didn't want the cars drifting, I remeber reading during construction of the Italian Job that KI and Premiere decided not to employ the drift mechanisms for 'wear and tear/stress on the vehicles ' reasons, since the tight little family coaster was going to exert more forces in its speedy compact layout, than as in an original layout designed for the drifting coaster car.
  6. beautiful waterpark. im just now getting ready to do Europe/uk or an asian TPR. I know dubai is much more expensive.
  7. are you serious! Im sad because Fuji-Q was one of the parks i wanted to go to when another asia TPR trip came up that included it. All those amazingly large /fast coasters and you barely got the chance to ride them not to mention they are poorly kept. well i guess a UK tour would be the better one for me huh? With the money i have I can only do 1 overseas TPR and wont be able to do another for a few years probly, wich would have to be UK, Europe, China, or Japan most likeley. Which future destination would be the best bang/fun for my buck would u suggest?
  8. so is the stitch attraction the old "alien attact" attraction?
  9. when i saw the animated teaser videos and the layout renderings months ago, i just thought this would be another speed coaster with a low to ground layout like Rita Queen of speed but now that i see these pics I see it is much more dynamic elevation changes. I usually do florida parks every other year, and another region the years in between but i might have to do florida two years in a row and get down to BGA just to ride this then leave. maybe i can stop there on my way during my first trip to texas parks this year.
  10. done. heres the votes i submitted. --Coasterluv@yahoo.com------ Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,2 Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,1 Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,4 Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,3 Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,6 Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,5 COASTER NAME PARK LOC <--Please leave this My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,n,n,0 Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,16 Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,17 Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA,y,y,35 Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA,y,y,8 The Legend Holiday World IN,y,n,4 Raven Holiday World IN,y,n,19 The Voyage Holiday World IN,y,n,2 Roar SF America MD,y,n,23 Wild One SF America MD,y,n,7 Hurler Carowinds NC,y,y,26 Fairly Odd Coaster Carowinds NC,y,n,32 Thunder Road Carowinds NC,y,y,29 El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,y,1 Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ,y,y,31 Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,22 Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,34 Big Dipper (SBNO) Geauga Lake OH,y,n,10 Racer Kings Island OH,y,n,21 Fairly Odd Coaster Kings Island OH,y,n,33 The Beast Kings Island OH,y,n,18 Son of Beast (SBNO) Kings Island OH,y,n,28 Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA,y,y,9 Comet Hersheypark PA,y,y,6 Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA,y,y,11 Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA,y,y,12 Wildcat Hersheypark PA,y,y,20 Jack Rabbit Kennywood PA,y,y,15 Thunderbolt Kennywood PA,y,y,3 Racer Kennywood PA,y,y,25 Swamp Fox Family Kingdom SC,y,n,14 Thunderhead Dollywood TN,y,n,13 Hurler Kings Dominion VA,y,y,27 Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA,y,y,24 Scooby Doo Kings Dominion VA,y,y,30 The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA,y,y,5 Wilde Beast Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,37 M.Can.Mine Buster Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,36
  11. the party looked epic! thats some drunk fun goodness i cant wait to partake in when i can go to a club tpr event like that!. hope u dont mind me being the token black/white/Lumbee guy. PIERS! I love you! u need your own reality show.
  12. For everyone saying its designers/manufactures sales competition/upgrade for X2, I disagree. If anything I believe its a seating placement design thats already been in B&M's concept list for years, at the same time Intamin was already introducing the seating placement for their wingspan coaster Furious B. So being that both coasters are cabapale of having an optional lift hill, or their own versions of powered launch, i would say its a closer comparison to the ride type of Furious B. 4D coasters such as X2 are still in their own class as they requir much more specific track placement design, as there is a 2nd set of rails that the rotating arms of the wings conform to, to have them rotate to a specific postion at a specific time all still while traveling through the course of the main load bearing tracks. This gardaland monster is nice looking but seems to be a typical B&M twister with a 'side of track' wing seating design, however with the that seating design, and the fact that there is little riding on top of the track, it does alow for the inversions to be more stretched out to give the riders more hang time through inversions, (not different from Intamins same style coaster) wich I think is very cool about this type of coaster. Just look at the barral rolls,,,, they are hardly in line twist for the riders because if you look at the track it hardly wraps around the position of the coaster train, but more so the train just rolls over and around the track so i can imagin the feeling ,depending on what side your sitting on at a time, of the train/seats pulling itself away from your butt, which would be pretty fun. And the length of the rollovers being amazing (like that of Volcanoe, and Furious B.,). i know the feeling. as you can see i've been a member since 2007 and only posted 36 times on the site. just not enough time in a day to post as much as i would like....school. bah humbug.. someone just give me a degree. but the seats are stationary to answer. ADMIN EDIT: Please do not double post. If you wish to post in a topic where you were the last poster, please edit your previous post.
  13. Now you just made choosing my favorite even harder . lol!!!! oh the joy of this! loving it. you know like starbucks, they do pop up every where. As much money as there is in Wal-Mart, why not start the Wal-Mart Park chain.... Where entry is a free, and the rides are a bargain, we'll match any price! lol oh i wouldnt be able to choose. oh this rules! the best! ADMIN EDIT: Please do not doube, tripple, quadruple or quintuple post. If you wish to add more information to a thread in which you were the last poster, please edit your previous post.
  14. or maybe this one!!! ooooo that cedar fair horrible renaming and so called re-theming just kills me. all the theme parks that are transformed to cedar fair parks just seem to trickle down to really big amusement parks as new rides get installed.
  15. This will probably get my vote!!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this one!
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