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How did you end up at TPR?


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I think Themeparkreview was one of the first sites I found, along with Coasterforce, when I first started developing an interest a couple of years back, and it's been one of those places i've popped back to every now and then ever since.


I got the email through when the forums opened, and being a member of Westcoaster too, I saw the announcement there too, and thought I might as well join up. My commitment lies with Coasterforce, but TPR is my next port of call most of the time, plus it gives me an easier avenue for keeping track of US news.

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I've known Robb for quite some time now. He dropped into Thrill-Ville USA for a visit many moon ago! Sent me a TPR video, and well...

Here I am. I get a kick ot of the reviews, the videos, even some of the naughty bits !


I admire some one as busy as he is, and still has the time to bring together enthusiasts fom all over, and is not afriad to have a good time!



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I'm curious to hear how others found their way here.


IIRC, I was looking for a picture of the Tazmanian Devil at SFMW for my weblog, and did a Google Image search. Up came a picture on this site, and the rest is history.


Admission, though: I'm not nearly as coaster- or park-fanatic as others (My hobby is riding transit buses all over the USA), but it's interesting to hang out here nonetheless.

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