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  1. If the patch says it can't find RCT 3 when you try to run it, then it means that it is already up to date. And like what was said in the post above, Gold has its very own patch, so install that. All of the patches for the original version are already included in the upadated Gold version that you have.
  2. Or you could install Windows XP through boot camp and play it on there. If you were already planning to purchase the expansion packs separately, it would still cost the same same as RCT 3 Gold, which has Soaked included for only $20.
  3. September 6. Last year and then I'm finally moving out!
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Karl from Harbor City, California. Some of you might know me as a regular for years on Westcoaster. I've been visiting TPR since I've first gotten into coasters and have been a member of the forums since its induction, I just never got around to posting. I remember way back in the day I used to play Yahoo Graffiti with Robb and Elissa. Good times.
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