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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

P. 408: Predator retracking under way!

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^^Mind Eraser is bad. I've heard it being called "Ear Eraser" before if that gives you any clue to what kind of ride you'll get.


Viper isn't bad for an old school Arrow looper but do expect some headbanging in the boomerang. It's a good ride.


I've always thought Boomerang was one of the smoothest out there and I attribute that to the newer style "bullet" train that's on it. Darien's is my favorite of the standard variety.

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DARIEN, N.Y. (WIVB) - News 4 is heading to the scene of an accident at Darien Lake in Genesee County that left one man dead.


Darien Lake's spokesperson confirms for News 4 that the Genesee County Sheriff's office is on the scene investigating the death of a man who fell off the "Ride of Steel" early Friday evening. The ride and surrounding area are closed to the public. A witness tells News 4 that the man who fell from the ride had no legs.


Darien Lake released a statement saying their thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the guest.




It appears it's happened fairly recently, maybe in the last hour or so... Was this the same one that had the death of a mentally challenged person?

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This is terrible news. My deepest sympathies go out to the man's family.


However, it is in the Intamin SOP that every rider on their rides have both legs - for this exact reason. I know from working at Cedar Point on MF, TTD and WT that this is a requirement that comes directly from Intamin, and every park is to adhere to their regulations. I believe the blame here rests solely on the ride operators that allowed him to board in the first place.

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Yeah, something about this is quite odd. Doesn't the ride even have giant signs explaining how many limbs you need to ride? Or was that on SFNE's? How could you allow someone on a ride that is lap bar only with no legs? Simple physics shows this won't end well!

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Wow, I was just there today and I rode ROS twice...I'm not going to speculate on what happened though. We were on the ferris wheel and heard an ambulance but didn't see where it was going.


Around 6 we went back to ROS and there were security guards blocking the entire ROS section off right under the Predator lift hill. I got this shot around 6 on the Predator exit ramp. All of the action was pretty much over by then though. The ride was closed when I left

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That's too bad. Well, the ride ops may not be to blame. He may have had two prosthetics. The ride ops may have not been aware that they were fake if he was wearing pants. He may have had a limp, but you can't really guess if they are fake or not. But until more details are released we really have no clue if they knew and let him on. Best to wait and see.

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