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  1. Sounds interesting... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/world-record-breaking-rides-innovative-show-technology-and-an-historic-theme-park-transformation-coming-to-six-flags-in-2013-2012-08-30
  2. The park has one of the most unapologetic responses ever... ""It was on our operating calendar, but things are subject to change without notice and it was just a decision we had to make,"" http://www.wlfi.com/dpp/news/local/indiana-beach-responds-to-complaints-about-closing-early
  3. You can even see the Six Flags Great America image on Head First Concepts Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Headfirst-Concepts/152718774740156?sk=app_139214322835657
  4. I wouldn't dig too much into the domain. CDN domains have the following format “zone.company.netdna-cdn.com” http://wiki.netdna.com/Tutorials/How_to_create_CNAME_in_DirectAdmin Headfirstconepts is a marketing firm: http://headfirstconcepts.com/ If you go to some of their client's facebook pages you can see the bizhost prefix in their domains.
  5. If you type in http://leviathan.canadaswonderland.com/public/latest/blog/ it takes you to http://leviathan.canadaswonderland.com/public/latest/blog/2011/8/16/Birth_of_a_Leviathan.cfm; further confirming that it is the site.
  6. It was removed to show the work that is going on. If the Comet was left on the map, then it would be too cluttered to be useful.
  7. It is August 2nd at 12:12pm. (http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-hersheypark-coasters-07201119,1,6888206.story)
  8. The line from the google analytics script contains the account id and it is the same for all three sites. The only difference between the sites is the site id number. RIT: UA-21784032-1 LMB: UA-21784032-2 OPD: UA-21784032-3 Google analytics will throw an error if you use a site id that is not registered. So, all three websites are administered by the same group, therefore they are related and confirmed to be part of the "game".
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