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  1. They did briefly use it for 1 season when they charged separate entry for the watermark. 2010 i believe.
  2. Looks like it will be almost identical to the one they built at Splashtown in Houston this year.
  3. I went to SFNE's the other weekend....generally I found it to be awful. The decorations and a Haunted house were pretty meh, and the actors weren't fantastic. The worst part though was the crowds, the number of people and lines everywhere really ruin the experience for me.
  4. I noticed this, I wonder why. Maybe something to do with it getting too hot in there, or firecode occupancy in the line?
  5. I had a couple hours to kill sunday after arriving into Atlanta for work, so I decided to make a quick trip to SFOG. Holy hell the park was packed, with every ride having basically a 1 hr+ line. I will say walking in under Goliath and next to Georgia Scorcher is pretty cool. I got in line for TC knowing that would be the only ride I had time for. It ended up breaking down part way through line. Though nearly everyone got out of line, and I was able to be the 2nd train when it re-opened 20 minutes later. TC is a pretty fast paced ride, very fun though of the 3 i've ridden (WC and SV) I would rank it 3rd. WC seems to pull you out of your seat way more, and a slower more hangtimey moments.
  6. Six Flags (aka literally the whole company) has a market cap of $4.36b.
  7. So did anything hear anything from the town meeting about a new waterpark attraction?
  8. Not sure the credibility, but someone on Reddit is claiming to know all the SF additions. Said Darien Lake will get a few small rides.
  9. Anyone have experience with camping near SFGADV? Last year I camped at the Timberland Lake campground. While close the to the park, it was an expensive trash-heap of a campground. The state and county campgrounds look decent, but they say "no alcohol". Camping isnt camping without having a beer around a campfire. It doesn't seem like there are any good options?
  10. Not sure the reasoning for it, but its not that uncommon for the drop water to be off.
  11. This was only for part of the 2016 season. I dont even think SF did any rides this year with VR at any parks. I'd say they may have learned their lesson with it.
  12. Probably not, Darien Lake is operated under a triple net lease. This means the operator pays for all capital expenditures in exchange for low rent payments. This is similar to SFOG and SFOT.
  13. The park theoretically could become bigger. The small market argument is pretty worthless, when you consider the locations of parks like CP, Dollywood, SDC, and SFNE. All parks in small market, with larger markets in a 2+ hour radius. The best thing Darien Lake has going for it is the onsite hotel and campground which turn it into a destination for people from the Golden Horshoe, Buffalo-Niagara, Rochester, and Syracuse metros. Is this likely, probably not. But saying Darien Lake can only stay a mediocre regional park isn't true either.
  14. To be fair yesterday the thunderstorms were coming in hourly waves. It was going from rain and thunder, to sunny, and back again. It did this all day, so I can understand not wanting to have to close all the attractions every hour or two for lightning.
  15. The free haunted bus ride they used to at Darien Lake was fairly entertaining. It would be nice to see that come back.
  16. I'm finding it hard to believe the landscaping or painting would be that poor. Even in the PARC days (aka least operational budget) landscaping and painting were taken care of.
  17. I went to the park yesterday, the waterpark was pretty full but I got there at opening so we really didn't wait in too many lines. The rest of the park was pretty empty. Walk on SROS, Wicked Cyclone, and Batman. Penguin's Blizzard River had a 30 minute wait, and Harley Quinn was 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  18. I'm curious if SF will try to provide more competition to CF (CW). Darien Lake will never be anywhere close to it, but the Canadian clientele are a major source of revenue for Darien Lake.
  19. ERP is a silent owner in these parks. I would imagine it would be the same as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Concord CA. (Which is also owned by ERP)
  20. Note though, while they owned these parks previously, they are not buying them back. SF bought the operating leases from Premier Parks, while ERP will retain ownership of the park.
  21. This strategy SF has be pursuing lately is pretty smart from a business stand point. By simply leasing the park and not owning, it requires less up front capital, as well as an easier route out if required.
  22. Any word on Mind Eraser's conversion to Riddler? The park opens in only 3 weeks.
  23. They did it last year, it wasn't a bad deal actually. I think for about $15 you got like 3 full beers or 10 samples.
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