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  1. The timeline is officially abolished. I did the same thing with my last park after i stopped posting updates, that led to me really hitting my stride. Anyways....somthing is apaw! SCR239.BMP About half of the path infront of Quasar has been removed and the walled off area has expanded. But inside!! A large conrete pad has been poured, with a second area full of rebar awaiting conrete.
  2. Does anyone know if someone created a starflyer CFR for RCT2?
  3. Ermmm....ummm......well you've made me think about my timeline now. I'll have a solution in the next update...either that or society went through a 10 year great plague in 2012.
  4. May 2025 New for the 2025 season its...........Big Surf. A Zamperla Disk-O, its a great ride for the entire family to enjoy. SCR236.BMP A new food stand was also built next to the the Big Suf queue line. SCR237.BMP Big Surf is a small oasis in the barren land vacated by Superman Krypton Coaster. SCR238.BMP An overview of the remaining land. Glad to see some of the questions following SKC's departure for Six Flags over Texas several years ago. Lastly, i heard a rummor floating around the park today. People were saying that 2026 will be one of the greatest years for the park ever, and will suppossedly be VAIL Resorts "proving year", whatever that means. -TDM
  5. One thing i notice, on Thundershock the supports could use some revisions; in some parts they are higher than the track.
  6. Looking for some opinions here, hows this GCI look in terms of GCI style, and realism. . SCR230.BMP
  7. So i found ParkDat, and i have made some changes. I am quite excited now, letting me do exactly what i wanted. On a side note, i uploaded my previous park to NE, and it got a 36%. Not too shabby since it's no where near the quality of this park. If you want to see it go to the NE database, it's called Biggin Park. (I would post a link, but i havent hit 50 posts yet, so i cannot link to outside websites yet.)
  8. ^Yeah, i only use the wood shingle roof, and occassionally the default. But that is because my poor planning when i set the park up, i didnt select another type. I wish there was a utility that would let me go in and edit scenery items, and rides.
  9. June 2024 Sorry for the lack of updates, its been a busy couple weeks for me. Onwards, Gold Rush has arrived. Come experience Colorado's rich mining history and go for a wild ride through an abandoned gold mine. The park has said that throughout the queue line there are many signs with some interesting facts and history of mining in Colorado. SCR225.BMP The queue line is carved into, and snakes through the hillside. SCR226.BMP The entire ride twists through much of the space that remained atop the hill. SCR227.BMP Gold Rush reuses part of Cataract's station. (Splashboats ride removed to make way for Nautilus) SCR228.BMP The finale gives great views of the park. SCR229.BMP An overview of the entire ride/area. Thanks for reading -TDM
  10. Decmber 2023 Sorry for lack of updates....but today the park sent out some shot of whats been going on inside the park so far during this very warm offseason. SCR220.BMP It looks like Zoomerang was one of the rides not included in the sale of the park. Tis bit a shame to side a ride go after only one year. SCR222.BMP Rampart has now become Bronco, part of the new effort to localize the park. SCR221.BMP Escaping Arkam has become Asylum, also recieving a new paint job. Chaning the rails from yellow to blue. The Gotham City area is now to be known as Cityview. SCR219.BMP V2 has now become Cobra SCR224.BMP Green Lantern, (S&S drop tower) was the other ride not included in the sale. It also seems like Six Flags just took their rides and left, not even touching the stations. SCR223.BMP Most significantly Bizzaro has now become Summit, an recieved a fresh coat of white paint. The area is no longer know as Villian's Lair. The other rides in that area are now know as, The Claw, SpinDizzy, and Whiteout. Lastly here is a little teaser the park sent us SCR218.BMP -TDM
  11. There we go. ^^I must thank you for that criticism, as now many great news ideas are popping into my head for what to do with the park.
  12. A fear I had, though it was more meant to be named after the mayor that the airport was named after.
  13. October 2023 Huge news out of Texas today. Six Flags has announced that Six Flags Denver did not meet the new criteria set for each of its parks. And so in September Six Flags entered into a binding contract to sell the park to Vail Resorts. One of the terms of the sale included two undisclosed rides being removed from the park, and remaining in the Six Flags chain. Vail Resorts commented on the matter saying "we are very excited to continue our tradition of excellence to a new market". They were also quoted saying "a major transformation will occur during the off season to match our vision for this great attraction". They also mentioned a "new attraction" will be arriving in time for next season. Finally, it was announced that park would be take on the branding of one of Vail's largest resorts, Breckenridge, to become Breckenridge Park. (Ohh side note, I made changes to that bridge) SCR217.BMP -TDM
  14. June 2023 ..oOo...snazzy new logo.. Well, I'm skipping some updates, just so i actually have something to show now. Over the past year Six Flags continued to struggle with its debt. The sale of TGE and LR did not help as much as they had previously hoped. Zoomerang has arrived! It seems like Six Flags really stuck to its idea of building more "cost effective". Though this classic park staple still looks to be a great addition to the park. SCR215.BMP Zoomerang was built in the area that had previously been allotted for the final phase of the 'Villain's Lair' are, though it seems like that project was thrown out the window. SCR216.BMP A wall was also constructed separating Zoomerang from 'Villain's Lair'. Comments and criticism are appreciated. By the way, i will be uploading to NE for the 2027 release. -TDM
  15. June 2022 Well the start of the season is upon us! First off as promised a Johnny Rocket's, two Cold Stone Creamery, and three Subway have been built in the park. Cold Stone: SCR208.BMP As a side note, it appears as though The Observation Deck has received a nice fresh coat of paint. SCR205.BMP Subway: SCR204.BMP SCR207.BMP SCR209.BMP Johnny Rocket's SCR206.BMP Johnny Rocket's in Arkham City? Thats an odd location Finally, a surprise appeared!!Track from the former Boomerang roller coaster from Six Flags Mexico has come to our park with a fresh coat of paint. It appears only station and lift track has arrived so far. SCR210.BMP One last thing, year 20 is up for download now Link. -TDM
  16. For those that requested it here is the landscape file in the exchange: Link March 2022 Well it looks like we wont be recieving any new rides this year. Though the park did announce that the park will transform several of its restaurants this year a Subway, Johnny Rockets, or Cold stone Creamery. As for the Six Flags chain as a whole, some disappointing news. After attempting to sell The Great Escape, Six Flags Mexico, and La Ronde; a buyer was found for La Ronde and The Great Escape. The buyer was identified as former SF executives Kieran Burke and Gary Story. As for SFM, no buyer was found and it was announced 2021 was the parks final season. -TDM (P.s i changed all the colors on the shirt stalls, they were all red)
  17. ...onward End Of Season 2021....aka year 19 Today Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE:SIX) released their very grim third quarter results. It can basically be summed up in a few key points: -Net loss of 180.3 million dollars -Debt load has ballooned back up to a staggering 2.3 billion dollars -SF attributes these results to the recent rapid expansion campaign, which comprised of overpaying in a bidding war for four parks over the last 10 years. As well as an attempt to improve profit margins of by way of continous build up. -To alleviate some debt: capital improvements will shrink and become more cost effective, and all parks will be evaluated with out ruling out the possibility of a sale or closure. Based on the overhaul Six Flags has done to our park, i doubt this will have any negative effect, it way even be positive. As for the upcoming season; during my stroll around the park on the last day, nothing appeared to be going on marking or digging wise. I guess we will just have to wait and see. -TDM
  18. I have no idea whats up with the red shirts. And I may have the landscape, though it will be a bit different than its current state.
  19. ^^ and ^ Sorry for the confusion, the orange Intamin impulse is V2. The red/orange Intamin multi launch is Flash.
  20. Six Flags Denver So i began this park over a year and a half ago over at Coaster-Net. Well I've gotten sick of posting over there, so i decided to bring my updates here. A bit about me and my parks; I try to be as realistic possible. I use some CS but i don't go overboard, since i want to make my parks great looking, as well as operable. Aka i make sure the dumb RCT2 guests are happy (so you may some oddly placed paths that only serve the purpose of avoiding guest pileups). Below i have images of most of the park, including all the work ive done after my discontinuation of posting. If you read through the C-Net topic, here are some changes that have occured since my last post: -Flash (Red/orange Intamin multi launch) was built -Superman Krypton Coaster was torn down -Quasar (Blue Gerstlauer spinning coaster) was built -V2 (Intamin impulse) was built -Lasso (swings) was built So here is some of the park: SCR194.BMP SCR195.BMP SCR196.BMP SCR197.BMP SCR198.BMP SCR199.BMP SCR200.BMP Thanks for reading, i love comments and criticism. -TDM
  21. Close but no cigar...... 1999 Is the year the incident you refered to occurred. Also, it was Superman Ride Of Steel at Darien Lake, and he survived. 2001 Superman Ride Of Steel at Six Flags New England the two trains collided, injuring 21. 2004 Similarly to the Darien Lake incident a man too large flew out of Superman Ride Of Steel at Six Flags New England, however he died. This also led to similar modifications to the restraint system. 2011 An Iraq war veteran flew out of Ride Of Steel at Darien Lake, the cause is still officially under investigation. Though yes his lap situation played a role in this incident.
  22. It is in Darien Lake SOP that all riders must have atleast 3 working limbs. So blame goes to the operators.
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