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  1. On google earth they have imagery up of the park from Oct 2016. One thing I noticed (besides the unmoved BTE track), they reconfigured BK's queue and built a new building to replace the old tube and locker rental building that was previously torn down. The fence/gate were also moved back, and lockers removed. Had anyone seen this building this summer (or taken pictures), what is it, lockers? Rental building? Bathroom?
  2. The sale has not closed yet, nor has the lease been converted yet. The filing also notes that they expect the sale to close 2Q 2017.
  3. I think it's likely nothing will be added this year as the park is mid sale.
  4. From a recent EPR SEC filing, it was mentioned that all of premier's leases, including Darien Lake's, will be converted to triple net. A triple net lease means all costs are covered by the lessee, in exchange for lower rent payments. So basically premier will be in control of everything including capital expenditures.
  5. ^Unless you have the brand new 15" MBP (assuming your new mac is a MBP), it wont run it anyways. The minimum graphics card required is GTX 560.
  6. Don't forget this is a REIT, THEY DO NOT OPERATE PARKS. Schlitterbahn is operated by the family that started those parks. So they will likely continue with the current tenants for each park. Also, clearly CNL didn't care about selling all their parks as a package, they sold Elitch separately.
  7. CNL just announced their complete sell off to another REIT, EPR Properties. Link According to EPR's PR this deal has been in the works for two years. This is the company that own the Schlitterbahn parks.
  8. ^I think it was along the lines of "provide liquidity to the shareholders by the end of 2015". So they did have some huge sales that provided liquidity, but aren't done yet.
  9. Predator at Darien Lake still seems like it could be a possibility along the way. A few years back they had a survey regarding a transformation. Now this was 2014, and the park was under different management. Though it sounds like RMC at least had preliminary designs, so those could always be resurrected.
  10. ^No they did frightfest under HFE. I believe Harvest Fest started last year.
  11. ^A lot of lightning rolled through yesterday, it must have been within 5 miles.
  12. I believe I remember Doug saying the hotel was originally designed for expansion in the future. Also and indoor waterpark could work, though there is a bit of competition within 2.5 hours. -Splash Lagoon in Erie -Fallsview in NF -Great Wolf Lodge in NF
  13. Slide gone? Both were still there last time I was there. The little red one on the southside was removed 3-5 years ago because it was unsafe.
  14. Yes but why the hell would anyone want to go to Fright Fest? It works for Holiday in the Park though. That you should care about... Because I want to go to SFGADV and Columbus day weekend is looking best.
  15. Does having a Six Flags Gold Pass from SFNE work for SFGADV's frightfest?
  16. Spend $10k+ to shorten a queue line so people down have to walk as far or Use that money for repairs/paint/general upkeep of the rest of the park. They're not going to change the queue unless a major reno is done in that area (such as a new ride).
  17. I've been to the park 3 times this summer (2 Saturdays and 1 Sunday), and I've never waited more than 15 minutes for Wicked Cyclone. It amazing, but great. I was at the park today, Superman with VR was a 1 hour wait. Right as I was about to ride though, someone some how managed to jump the fence and got into the restricted area near the break run, shutting the ride down for another 15 minutes. Unbelievable that people think going into a restricted area is acceptable. The operations were pretty slow for most of the rides, though WC's crew was going pretty quick. Other side note, GCGEAA looks awful. That concrete pad being reused makes water puddle all over making it grimy and slippery too.
  18. Once upon a time I had a park known as Knott's Great Plains, I believe it was only posted on Coaster-Net. The park started life as Paramount's Great Plains, and I had taken it over after the original creator stopped working on it. Well now, ive started to go through and completely redo the park, so here are a few shots of it. Driftwood took the spot of both the log flume, and Tidal Wave, the giant shoot the chutes. The entrance plaza. Station. In this area there was previously a poorly designed B&M dive machine, some plain buildings, and a couple flats. I added 2 new building, removed the DM, moved the park's Ferris wheel, redid the queue for the other woodie, and slightly rearranged the flats. (Also all the pathwork and landscaping is new) The new bathroom and landscaping. Here is the main new building. The new bathroom and landscaping. A general picture of the area.
  19. That is one of the largest draws for Canadians to DL. CW is one of the top 3 busiest park in North America (Excluding Orlando, and Universal/Disney CA) their lines can become insanely long. Canadian's like coming to DL because it's less busy.
  20. That's great that they are going through the process and expense of brining in water bottles, water stations, and ice rather than just closing. Probably the more cost effective solution actually.
  21. i agree with this report i was there today to celebrate my birthday. i talked to the ride operator on viper he said that none of the people that work there know when it the second train for viper will be running because of the twister issue and there main focus is to get that running and open to the general public but he said that the train is all but to gather and they just need to inspect it and make sure all of the bolts are tight ride of steel was down for a little bit but not to long i went on it around five and it was running well the train was not vibrating like i have noticed it earlier this year. after i got of ride of steel predator was closed and was not sure why because i rode it almost 30 minutes earlier and it was running smoother than usual boomerang was leaking what looks like black fluid out of the hydrualic building in the middle of the set up and there where fans clearly running and the doors where open me was painful like usual and motocoaster had a very long line and i did not get on it water park was cold fun and busy and viper was the same old viper. Can we use proper grammar please?
  22. Everytime I've been to this park I've been a little underwhelmed with the dry side. I feel like I can ususally do most of the park in a half day, and that included riding the average rides (ME, Flasback, GCGEAA). And a lot of it just looks neglected or kind of gross. The waterpark however is top notch.
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