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  1. Will everything still be going in today's snow? I imagine it would make it even cooler looking.
  2. Tea cups has already been removed from its current location. https://www.sixflags.com/newengland/attractions/newfor2018
  3. Kanonen sounds reasonable. From Chris Thorpe's comments it would make me think its larger than a flat.
  4. I went to SFGAdv for the first time ever this past weekend. I found the operations to be pretty good (better than SFNE). Never had a wait longer than 5 mins for El Toro was nice, same with no line for KK on Sunday. Random thoughts: El Toro is my favorite wooden now. First BTR, a very solid ride. Justice league was well done. SUF is average compared to the Vekoma flyers. I really liked GL, no nuts or head smashing. KK area is themed well, but then they stopped adding things, closed half the area, and put no effort into Zumanjaro so it looks sloppy now. What is with all the dead ends/lack of cut throughs in this park. I was disappointed by frightfest though, the mazes acting was average, and there were too many people in at a time (and lines even with the 50$ express pass were still long). The scare zones were small and spread far apart, with not much in the way of Halloween decorations in between.
  5. I went to it. If you bought your tickets online ahead of time it wasn't a bad deal, $20 for 3 full 12oz beers and 1 4oz sample. They had a bunch of choices spread all over the park. Also, what was up with no VR on ME?
  6. How were lines? I checked midday yesterday and it showed a 10 minute wait for Superman. That seems crazy for July 3rd.
  7. Thoughts? Or was this some random thought from a certain person on here.... Also, a random tidbit from the at 4/17 planning board meeting. The park is going to merge all its tax parcel into one. I'm probably just totally clueless, but what is the benefit of "merging its tax parcel"? What does that even mean? I assume it has to do with their land but like I said, I have no idea what that even means because I'm clueless. Right now they have 24 individual pieces of land, it appears they purchased them over time. I'm not sure what benefit they get for combining them. However, this means they have no interest in selling off pieces of their property currently.
  8. Thoughts? Or was this some random thought from a certain person on here.... Also, a random tidbit from the at 4/17 planning board meeting. The park is going to merge all its tax parcel into one.
  9. Allow us to sing you a song about how much Cedar Fair cares about park anniversaries where everyone expects major coaster additions... As for the wood / steel coaster ratios thing where you guys don't think they would leave you with only one adult wood coaster and one kids wood coaster... Carowinds says hi. Cedar Point says hi, Knott's says hi, Dorney says hi. Every Six Flags park that's iron horsed a coaster says hi (especially Discovery Kingdom), I could continue... Could they have made those anymore penis-like.
  10. Sure, but you should probably reallocate capital if you're at the point where it takes you YEARS to fix your top spin ride. I highly doubt a park with enough money to demolish a flume unnecessarily since there's an empty plot of land right next to it and replace it with a brand new multi million dollar coaster (even if it's a cheap one) wouldn't have allocated some funds to that a lot sooner if they were available at all. Well that's the thing. Previously CNL allocated the capital budget, and Premier allocated the operational budget. So unlike other parks you had two parties controlling the finances. There was also much uncertainty as CNL was preparing for the sale of the park. Now, with Premier taking on a triple net lease, they control everything (and now the maintenance budget, assuming the previous lease was double-net), in turn Premier will pay lower lease rates.
  11. The park could certainly add a coaster in the future (I'm not saying a $20+ million coaster, but a coaster of some kind), they've had multimillion dollar capital expansions every other year. Which is an important distinction, capital and operational budgets are very different. Not to mention the park's financial situation has changes greatly this year with the change of ownership and lease structure. And i'll repeat It again, ride closures are generally staffing. You have high schoolers who cant work during the week up until about 6/21 usually, then the older crowd starts leaving for college starting 8/1. Staffing seems like it is the biggest problem for this park, its isolation means they have a smaller pool of potential employees. You tie that with low wages, causing them to have constant shortages year after year as people simply don't want to commute/work there. Unlike many other parks they have a hard time attracting a stable older workforce.
  12. Its preseason, staffing is the main issue right now. Especially on weekdays will you see staffing issues. The good news, there are only about 1-1.5 weeks of school left.
  13. They just did a very large scale refurbishment of Thunder Rapids for the 2013 season. I would doubt it's on the way out already.
  14. Thunder rapids requires 6-7 people if I remember correctly. When school is still in session, I doubt you will see it open.
  15. The operator, Premier, is still the same. It's unlikely any operational changes will be seen.
  16. Waterworld makes a lot of sense due to its proximity to SFDK. Of the remaining parks EPR was going to lease to Premier (Magic Springs, Myrtle Waves Water Park, and Wild Waves) none are very close to other SF parks.
  17. Elitch, Darien, and Frontier City all were recently sold into new hands, and all are in long term leases with Premier.
  18. The extensive use of black chain-link fence, and plopping rides on pre existing slabs of concrete is what really irks me about KK. It just looks sloppy in my opinion.
  19. Wireless communication tower=cell phone, not Wi-Fi. The park owns the land, another company owns the tower, cellphone carriers lease space on the tower. Darien Lake makes money from the tower owner, and their guest get better service.
  20. Waterslides are inexpensive. The concrete, towers, and pumping systems are expensive, hence why you rarely see slides relocated.
  21. If you go to buy a souvenir bottle on their website, that confirms the switch back to pepsi.
  22. I haven't seen anything since Screamscape reported it, but has Cobra been taken down yet?
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