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  1. CNL announces their company valuation today. Mostly boring stuff, but the one little tidbit of info. In 2013 the park had a net profit of $5.6 million, "significant weather and operational challenges " caused it to be only $3.7 million this past year. And again they mention how they proactively removed Herschend for under performing. And mention how premier "has already begun to improve operations and economics at the property".
  2. CNL really has no say in the operation of the park. I would say the most likely thing is, they haven't decided on the fall event yet, and don't want to oversell how long they will be open.
  3. Look in the last 2 paragraphs. Here is actually a better link with more info. From what it says, sounds like it will be a proslide TurboTwister with skyboxes, likely a multislide complex at that size.
  4. Channel 2 didn't leak anything that I see of. What I do see is the park planning on adding a new major waterpark attraction. From the sounds of it, it will be like Ihu's Breakaway falls at Aquatica Orlando.
  5. This is from a recent cnl sec filing. So HFE didn't leave, CNL was sick of them underperforming and kicked them out in favor of premier.
  6. Thorpe was not GM during the Six Flags years. He became GM in 2008, and the park did fairly well during that time for what they were given. (PARC was extremely cheap in their management budget and had no idea how to run a park.
  7. And filing an IPO is an exit alternative. As the REIT would be dissolved, and effectively everyone would sell out of the company.
  8. Well I guess it is official now, Darien Lake is no longer listed on HFE's website.
  9. This thread is not entirely correct. CNL is NOT saying they are selling their properties. Yes they sold the gold properties, but not everything. They are saying "liquidity". Which doesn't mean sell completely, it also means file an IPO. CNL is still continuing to buy properties to this date, so it seems like they haven't made up their mind on what they are going to do.
  10. I have a strong inclination this is fake. CNL would have had to file with the SEC about the termination, and there are no such filings.
  11. Not necessarily. CNL is still buying properties. Its possible they just decided they didn't want the golf resorts.
  12. Its not they are performing bad. The golf and ski properties had a rough year due to weather. Their status as a REIT was only chartered through 2015. Basically they have two options by the end of 2015. When they say "liquidity" it means two things: 1). Sell off all the properties. 2). File an IPO and become a publicly traded company.
  13. There are no plans to demolish the tower. Ok this is really off topic, can we call an end to blabbering on about garbage. Enough about a spinning rollercoaster, enough asking for new slides to replace cuda. We got it about 1000 times ago.
  14. I really don't see HFE leaving. If they wanted to, they could have before this season. And this season has yielded very good results. According to CNL's earning reports attendance and revenue were for their parks.
  15. Ive mentioned this before, but CNL will not own the park much longer. This is just a letter to the CNL stock holders, about their DRP, but the important part is how they plan to liquidate the REIT, or create a public company.
  16. Seems like SF is making a huge push with its parks this year. Every park except for SFGAm are getting a new ride/major attraction. And now the big season pass sale...
  17. How's the Halloween event at CW (whatever it's called)? I'm considering going up to CW for a day in October.
  18. Off topic, but I think the park is really missing out on a perfect marketing pun by not calling the Halloween event Scarien Lake.
  19. Herschend wants to buy the park, but they aren't quite ready yet. And yes, CNL lifestyle properties is planning to liquidate its properties by sometime next year, or form a public company.
  20. They may very well be sitting there, but the fact that they are there is a good sign about the ride. If there were no plans to bring it back, why wouldn't they have scrapped the metal. Plus, the cages are just metal pieces, the real overhaul has to be done on the motor and arm system.
  21. Yes ME looks like crap, but literally everything else has been painted. Every building, Boomerang, Viper, parts of ROS (that does need it badly), the pavement is resurfaced every year. One of the most striking changes, they painted the retaining wall/benches. Now they look fresh instead of looking like rotting wood. The buildings are actually being maintained now, with siding and trim being replaced if damaged. Landscaping is quite good, there definitely could be more added to the waterpark, and back towards Twister, but what is there is kept up fairly nice. Really it sounds like your basing your "in much worse shape than it ever was" off of ME looking bad. In reality the park is in the BEST shape it ever has.
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