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TPR's Deep South 2009 Trip!

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^I know that the ride's layout is not like Hi Miler, sorry if I wasnt clear, what I meant to ask is if it had the pretty darn crazy ejection points that Hi Miler had. (My airtime opinion on Hi Miler may be off since I rode it before becoming an enthusiast and having more riding experience)

Yes it does! This little coaster reminds me a lot of Hi Miler. Got that same wicked tight turns and come-out-of-nowhere ejector airtime.


And yeah I've been wearing Sketchers for about 10 years now. Not a Nike fan at all. Totally over rated and very over priced for basically a Payless shoestore shoe.


We are at Dollywiod today. Has a backstage tour of mystery mine which totally rocked!


Not to turn this into a shoe conversation, but I agree with Robb. Sketchers are not only well made and comfortable, there is an outlet in the "Valley". Buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. I got a pair of sketchers before we went to WDW in Oct. of 2006 and I just replaced them. I have another pair I got before we went to PA in 2005 and I'm still wearing them.


Back to the trip, looks like a really fun time. I would have loved to gone on this trip. Me and the boy are really looking to do at least one trip next year.

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GREAT day at Dollywood today! Dylan survived his first theme park trip. He is now fast asleep dreaming of future trips playing with his new friend, Kristen.


Thanks to Robb, Elissa, and Pete (I hope that I remember his name correctly) for planning a very enjoyable day! Can't wait to do again tomorrow morning.

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Ready for another Deep South Trip update? That's right! It's time for CAROWINDS!!!


The text version of this update will be short because it's late and I need to get to bed, but I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU out to the crew at Carowinds for hosting a great day for us!


We started out with some ERT on Afterburn (Thanks Pufferfish for dispatching us), and then onto Nighthawk, Carolina Cobra, Vortex, and the Carolina Goldrusher. That's right *FIVE* coaster for ERT!!!


And on top of that we did the Scooby Doo dark ride challenge (to which Martin proved to be the sharpshooter of the group!)


Anyway, we had a great day. Onto the photos...


#9 - And finally TPR points to their favorite Carolina. VOTE NOW!


Thank you again to Carowinds for a GREAT DAY!


#8 - Robb recreates the "Classic Elissa Photo!"


#7 - Stefanie and Wagner across two states.


#6 - Nay recreates the "Classic Elissa Photo!"


#5 - The...um...Adam and Bryan show? (Adam is standing on the left!)


#4 - A Threesome across two states.


#3 - Nick and KerryB in ACTION!!!


#2 - Chick cut in half by the stateline pole.


#1 - Random group of sad people.


And now...Ice Bat presents the "Most Insane NC/SC Photo" contest. Simply respond with the photo you like the best and the winner will receive something random from Dave's office!


Yup, Mr. Bee Mouth Jaw Guy won the challenge! (Thanks Dani for setting that up!)




Drop Tower...yup!


But it sure looks purdy!


Yeah, it lost the giant orb thing...


Borg ASSimilator got the "Nighthawk" treatment during the off-season.




Woah...what's this with Adam in the front seat...WITH A GIRL (oh, sorry, that's his wife) and Bryan takes the BACK SEAT to Adam? hmm...


The man in this picture who is trying to catch bees in his mouth may be the winner of this challenge. Or he could just have a serious problem with his jaw. Who knows.


Elissa says "I have a green gun and I don't like beans!"


And now...for SCOOBY DOO CHALLENGE!!!!! (No bee keepers or their bees were harmed during the Scooby Doo Challenge)


You can only ride this coaster if you are at least 36 inches tall, but less than 40", or have an adult, or have ridden a pogo stick in the last 27 minutes, and are holding two monkeys and a flamingo, and the flamingo's name must be "Harold", and a bee keeper had recently attacked you with a multi-purpose spoon.


KidTums credit!!!!


My "sources" tell me this is a 4-across, prototype looping Vekoma woodie. Anyone hear something different?


I have always wanted to know who invented liquid soap, and why.


Hmm...there seems to be a lot of dirt here.


Oh, yeah, don't let me forget to give a shout out to our favorite Carowinds ride op, Pufferfish!


That's right! Now you can ride a Boomerang without having to worry about bashing your head into small peices of floating goo.


Yeah, but have you see one with trains like this? Noooooo!


So you might be thinking "Yeah, I've seen Boomerangs before, what's the big deal?"


That's right! Caroline Cobra! The best named Boomerang EVAR!!! (no, really, we actually think it's great and has a kick ass logo too!)


"Ok TPR! Are you ready for the most awesome coaster in the Carolinas?"


Oh! Its from FIGHTER JETS! I get it now...


TPR agrees. We like B&M inverts whose name comes eating too many Buffalo Wild Wings!


After Burn is actually one of the better B&M inverts.


Our day started out with some ERT on Top Gu....err...Flight Dec....Err...After Burn. Yeah, that's it!


A few years ago we went to Carowinds and this photo of Elissa's boobs, one in each state, was created. It is STILL to this day the BEST PHOTO EVER POSTED TO TPR!


EDIT!!! #10 - Brooke's (dcody) ass cheecks - one in each state.

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Looks like you are all having a great time! I absolutely can not wait until next year when I get to go on a TPR trip!


Dollywood was the last park on my own little coaster expedition, so I can't wait to see your report from there. It's such a nice family park; it'll be interesting to see how ya'll defiled its sanctity. LOL

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