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  1. This resort should be interesting to follow with the family value suite, which is a great idea.
  2. Great Update, Rob. Star Wars Weekend definitely is an interesting time to see Disney Hollywood Studios. As for your Brony problem, check out this video from College Humor lol [youtube]
  3. That's because the old management had an aggressive 10 year plan that included Chang and "supposedly" another B&M for either '99 or 2000, but Premier bought the park and then moved the 2nd B&M contract to Ohio and basically didn't bother invest anything else into the park after that. Six Flags management was looking out around the outskirts of Louisville about '01 or so (there was even an article about them looking near the Ky Speedway back then) to relocate the park and I think that's why they didn't want to invest much into the current park, but I don't think it was financially feasible for them after 9/11 and poor attendance. It would proably have been worth it, to move the park to a better area for future projects. Oh well. I still think that Six Flags Great Adventure is the best park in the chain at the moment.
  4. It's a gentle water ride. Where you can fire you water cannon to people outside the ride and they can also fight you back with some water gun that are placed along the track. Cool. Thanks for the information. I wonder if we will get one in the states soon with the Yogi theme.
  5. Go. It is worth it. I went for my first time this past weekend. I enjoyed it alot except for the rain in the afternoon. Alot of great coasters and rides plus tigers and turtles. lol. Oh yeah, Kingda Ka is working again. Have a Six Flags Day. Cobra Commander.
  6. After I watched ice shows at KI and Carowinds, where they feature an ice-skating Scooby Doo, I kind of assumed they'd be keeping that license, and using Scooby Doo as the mascot of the former Paramount parks. Nickelodeon, we knew, was going to leave the parks at some point (especially after they started working on the Mall of America stuff), but the HB characters could have co-existed with Snoopy, or stood alone in the parks... which I kind of thought would happen. From the Wiki page for HB, it seems like Warner Bros. absorbed the studio, and Turner owns these franchises. So the HB stuff is all muddled up with different ownerships. I'm sure that's a big factor with Cedar Fair... they clearly want to improve/update the kid's areas in these parks (and they'd have to, with the Nick license expiring). Having the Snoopy license simplifies things, whereas there may be other contract clauses they have to deal with as there are new owners on both sides. Keep in mind, Warner Bros. does have ties to Six Flags (not that there's much substance there, besides at SF St. Louis and SF Great America). I would imagine that they want a contract to use a franchise exclusively in CF's theme/amusement parks in the US (I know Universal Studios has a license for walk-around Scooby Doo characters, and Six Flags New England has them in the park parade... plus perhaps even the Jellystone/Yogi campgrounds came into play in this, since CF does own a couple campgrounds). But this is all just speculation on my part. All of Hanna Barbera is owned by Time Warner now. Turner is just a part of Warner. Any way this past season during Halloween, Kings island used old H-B characters instead of Nick ones for the whole month. So basically they had George Jetson, Astro, Yogi Bear, Dino, Fred, and Barney. P.S. King Dominion still has some Hanna Barbera left in Kidsville.
  7. I wish that Hanna Barbara Land could have made a comeback at Kings Island. The characters have a history with this park and they are a part of the reason why Kings Island was built in the first place with Taft Broadcasting. Snoopy is alright but I want Scrappy Doo instead.
  8. Two years in development is NOTHING! I have worked on projects that have sat in development for much longer that got cancelled, brought back to life, cancelled again, etc. cough: duke nukem forever:cough Any way, I can't wait for the Boy and his blob on Wii but will it be Halo good?
  9. Are you stopping by Kings Island on this trip?
  10. Six Flags should invest more money into the park. Maybe they can get a terimator clone from SFMM.
  11. Mr.Jackson was under the sony label. i don't think that Universal even own their music label anymore. I thought that they sold MCA Records a while back.
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