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  1. Unfortunately this park is not near Lisbon. It's almost 300km away, if you visit Porto you're ok to go there (about 30km). In Lisbon The only park we had was closed 7 or 8 years ago and until today there is nothing. Cheers.
  2. You bet i will, i expect to return there in July any modifications will be added. Cheers.
  3. Finally, after 2 1/2 years the new Bracalandia is here! We were the 4th to enter the new park (not bad, LOL). In new location in Penafiel near Porto. If you ask me the new location is way far better that the old one, now it's outside city limits located in a small hill with a small valley with lots of trees and green spaces. It's perfect. As you will see in the photos there is lot's of work to do, but the administration never hidded that fact from us. 13th March is also the birthday of my daughter and the staff have prepared some surprises for her, as you will see. By the way they're awesome
  4. Beautiful park and great photos. This will be one of the first parks outside Portugal, Spain and France that i will visit.
  5. It's a gentle water ride. Where you can fire you water cannon to people outside the ride and they can also fight you back with some water gun that are placed along the track.
  6. It's very smooth indeed. Someday if you try it, you gonna love it.
  7. Because in the several times that i ride superman, i saw few people entering the ride and go directly to the exit. But, i think, everybody should try it. Even i was amazed in the first time seeing superman right in front of me.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I heard that Coaster Express is a back-breaker or bone-breaker as you prefer but as matteocrepaldi sad it's a missed credit
  9. Four days in the park and other very cool places. Check it out. One last shot. This was the time that my daughter start crying because she don't won't to leave... Forget Batman. Call the fireman. Don't fear! Batman is here to save the day. One more shot of the closed Express Coaster. We are not alone in the park! The first drop is great, great and great! What can i say about superman? Awesome! Finally. Superman... More people in the way ... This day was very crowded... See what i mean with great? Next day, more credits. Stunt fall it was great.
  10. Finally! After almost two years. The new Bracalândia is in the last stages of construction. For now is the fisrt half, with the old rides. Later will be the second half with the new ones and hoppefully the so long awaited, surprise roller coaster, that's what the park owner's are announcing. But now let's see the photos... I hope to make a Photo trip by second half of September. If the park open until then. This will be the park entrance. This photo was taken in April, now it's almost ready.
  11. You're right i gess they don't want to waste much water.
  12. This was the only theme park in Portugal and then in Septenber 2007 someone close it. To tear it down and construct some offices and a shopping mall But fortunately, someone took the rides and the theming. And started building it in Penafiel a neighbour city. Hopefully it will open again in this year. I'll be there and make another post to you. By the way the coaster was named Montanha Mágica or if you prefer Magic Moutain. Now let's get going... Montanha Mágica.wmv POV from Magic Moutain. It's time to get back to Lisbon After a great day nothing better than a rest.
  13. You went to my hometown and didn't call me? I could be your guide for one day. Did you know that the "Coke" coaster it's the only coaster in Portugal?!?!? Since 2007 when they close Bracalandia a theme park in Braga. I have a lot's of pictures of that park before closing and hope to post them in few days. Sorry my english
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