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Beech Bend Discussion Thread

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As a response to one of the dorky coaster photos, if I'm thinking of the same lap bar release on PTC trains, PTC has been putting them on for at least a couple of years. Twister II at SFEG has them on it's trains it got a few years ago. The photo below (from today) shows that release.


Twister II's lapbar release.

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^ Yes, absolutley! I mean, I've "liked" other GCI's in the past - Hershey's Wildcat was one of my favorites for YEARS until it went rough. Honestly, they've never really made what I would call a bad ride, but I haven't really been "wowed" by them until some of their more recent offerings.


--Robb "Looking forward to Thunderbird!" Alvey

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Beech Bend Park was very excited when the Sea Dragon was purchased from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California. While Michael’s life was controversial at times, his contribution to the music world is legendary. With Michael’s passing, we have been overwhelmed with calls and visits from fans wanting to ride the Sea Dragon. Beech Bend Park will open its doors to fans of Michael Jackson on Sunday night, June 28th from 5 to 7 p.m. with complimentary rides on the Sea Dragon as a tribute to the “King of Pop”.


The Sea Dragon ride was originally purchased by Michael Jackson and installed in his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California in the mid-90’s (see picture at left). It was said to be Michael’s favorite ride. Beech Bend Park purchased the ride in November, 2008 and moved it to its new home in Bowling Green, KY. The ride was re-painted and re-assembled just in time for the 2009 season.

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Beech Bend has announced their plans for 2010 in the local newspaper. Lots of stuff to be added.


1. 275,000 gallon wave pool

2. 1,100 foot lazy river

3. Four story play structure with seven water slides and dump buckets

4. A family-sized teacup ride

5. A quad runner kiddie ride

6. A new amphitheatre




Water Park, Amusement Rides and Entertainment Venue coming in 2010

Bowling Green, KY – Beech Bend Park unveiled its 2010 expansion plans to

the public on Friday, November 13th. Media personalities, park fans and

local dignitaries were on hand to witness the historic announcement and ground

breaking ceremony.

Dallas Jones, President and owner of Beech Bend Park, Inc., announced

plans for a multi-million dollar park expansion and several significant

improvements to the existing facilities. The new attractions and enhancements are

slated to be open for the 2010 season.


Water Park Expansion Plans

The expansion plans include a wave pool, lazy river and water play

structure. The 275,000-gallon wave pool will be the centerpiece of the new water

park expansion. It is being designed by Family Fun Corporation and CDI of

Ohio and will include waves generated by Murphy Waves. It will feature

eight wave chambers and can generate eight different wave patterns from mild

to wild. The 1,100 foot long lazy river will feature a “not so lazy”

component as it is connected directly to the wave pool. Waves generated from

the wave pool flow into the river causing a unique ocean motion effect.

The four-story play structure will feature seven slides, cascading waterfalls

and interactive water elements all contained in a 72,000-gallon zero entry

pool. The structure was designed by Texas based Fun Works Design Group

and will feature a tropical theme complete with toucans, surf boards, tiki

statues and palm trees.

Beech Bend Park is sponsoring a contest to name the wave pool, lazy river

and play structure. Contestants can go to beechbendpark@msn.com to submit

a name for each attraction----please put "contest" in the subject line and

identify which attraction the name is being submitted for. Contestants can

enter as often as they want. If a submitted name is chosen, the winner

will receive a family four pack of tickets to Beech Bend Park. The contest

will end on December 31, 2009. If duplicate winning names are submitted,

the first one submitted will be declared the winner.


Exciting New Ride Additions

In addition to the water park expansion, two new rides will be added, a

Family Tea Cup and a Quad Runner children’s ride. The new Family Tea Cup

Ride will replace the mini tea-cup ride that has been in the park for several

years. The ride is a larger, family size ride being constructed in Italy

by Zamperla Rides. The new Quad Runner Ride is for the little ones in the

family. This ride is a new version of the Hampton Combo ride that is next

to the Tornado. It features Quad Runners as the ride vehicles. It's sure

to be a hit!


Other New Additions

A new amphitheatre will also be added for the 2010 season. The new

facility will include a 60 foot wide stage area, three dressing rooms and private

restrooms and will seat 400 people. Beech Bend Park will feature a new

musical production for 2010 and two favorites will return. The popular magic

show starring Master Illusionist Dinky Gowen will return. The magic show

features good ole’ fashioned family fun with magic, lots of laughs and

some ventriloquism antics. The Beech Bend Super Star Talent Show was a huge

hit and will return in 2010 also. Several winners from the 2009 season

were discovered while performing at Beech Bend and are pursuing many great

leads generated by the show.

Other 2010 enhancements will include a new employee break room, restrooms

and a first aid facility.

Economic Impact

This expansion project will have an immediate effect on the Bowling Green

region. From concept to completion, this multi-million dollar park

expansion will have an immediate economic impact on the area. “We have hired

local workers to begin phase one of the project,” said Jones. “Each phase

will require different types of local talent.” Beech Bend also expects the

expansion to create an additional 50 jobs for the 2010 summer season.

Vicki Fitch, Executive Director of the Bowling Green Area Convention &

Visitors Bureau recently commented, “The Bowing Green Area CVB is very

appreciative of the investment Dallas and Alfreda Jones have made in Beech Bend

Raceway, Park and Campground. The attraction is a contributor to the tune of

$42 million dollars a year to the tourism economic impact of Warren County.


It's funny. When I try to talk to people about the amusement park around here they just scoff and ask me why I would waste my time there. Nobody in town seems to go. They haven't gone since some of the major additions like the Kentucky Rumbler. they just remember it as more of a carnival-type place. When I explain to them that they have an awesome wooden coaster there, and two other coasters, they look at me like I've grown another head. I think this new addition will draw a lot more locals and surrounding area people in. The expansion of the water park is a wise decision.






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These look like great additions! I was also hoping they would announce the removal of the Looping Star...but I guess we won't get THAT lucky.


I can't picture where this water park expansion will be, though.

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It's good to hear that this park is adding some more non-portable attractions. The last time I went there in '06 it felt more like a cheap carnival than a proper amusement park, with the exception of the KY Rumbler.


I think it's kind of weird how the lazy river goes straight through the wave pool. That might lead to some "traffic jams" in the lazy river when the pool gets crowded.

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I think it's kind of weird how the lazy river goes straight through the wave pool. That might lead to some "traffic jams" in the lazy river when the pool gets crowded.


I was thinking the same thing! Doesn't make very much sense to me. Especially for people that just wanna relax in the river and can't cause they'll get dumped into the wave pool.

Either way, this is a great addiction to the park.

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