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Photo TR: My Big Fat Gay Wedding at SFNE!

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Typically I give the groom the advice that's always worked for me: "Happy Wife, Happy Life". I'm not clever enough to spin into a similar saying for this case, but you get the point.


Again, best wishes.

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I agree coasterbear!


I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to post the pics in the first place. I only did because of another TPR member's request for me to post them. I am glad now that I did post them, and I am very grateful for all of the congratulations and words of support!


Thanks so much to everyone!



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You look like such a sweet couple! Congratulations!


I love the idea of just going into a theme park and getting married unannounced - although I know you tried to tell them! Good news that Mr Six was enthusiastic about it too!

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I am very glad that you weren't interupted by security or park guests.


What a great way to celebrate and have fun on such a joyous occasion. Congratulations on your wedding and 13 years together!

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