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  1. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin? Having been on both rides Sub Quest is the more out of place of the two. The ride itself has nothing to look at other than the screens the "game" is played on and the room where the sub encounters a giant squid (which currently isn't a feature on the ride, this scene involved spraying water at guests onboard the ride but the water would leak into the game monitors on the subs and cause a whole row's screen to black out). It's just a pathetic ride, and given the reactions of leadership at the park I don't see this ride lasting very long, as other users ha
  2. Yes, that is correct. We wouldn't send a train to an area that is currently faulted. -=CoasterBP Senior PLC Programmer Irvine-Ondrey Engineering
  3. Just to clear a few things up- 1) There are 2 separate systems involved with Lightning Rod; The Ride Control System, which our company (IOE) was contracted to do, and the Launch Control System, which was contracted out to another company. Our system, is responsible for everything but sending the train up the launch hill. So, brakes, boosters, transfer table etc. As far as we are aware, there have been no issues with our system. 2) The two systems do communicate with one another, meaning the launch system tells us that it is ready and we tell the launch system we are sending a train to
  4. My apologies. I was under the impression that IOE did the launch control system and not the ride system. Thank you for clarifying that up for all of us. I do not work maintenance at Dollywood. I work in a large automotive factory in maintenance. I checked through my pictures and I rode it on May 24, which was the second day of testing to the public. I thought it was earlier in the year. And YES! I did see a bunch of RMC shirts there that day and maybe an IOE shirt (don't remember exactly). Since I work in a German factory, I deal primarily with Siemens but I understand that the South
  5. From time to time, new coasters will requires sensor adjusting as the ride breaks in. Minor issue, they have not called us for help, but we're here of course if they need us! BP Irvine-Ondrey Engineering
  6. Our side of the commissioning is complete, and all went well. It is finished to satisfaction for all clients. You may see IOE on site but as support staff only as our side of the project is complete and working as expected; this is an all hands on deck project. Thank you. BP Irvine-Ondrey Engineering
  7. Guys, just warning you... there is A TON of misinformation out there about this ride. It's pretty insane. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  8. I was beaten to the punch, but yes, I was going to let everyone know the above. -=CoasterBP
  9. Were they closed due to the wind today? Or is Goliath still awaiting a chain replacement? -=CoasterBP
  10. So we know that Intamin manufactured the track... is everything else done by Dynamic Attractions then? (trains, control) -=CoasterBP
  11. My family and I went this past late May/June and we have stayed at Breakers for the last several years. Yeah, its dated, but the location and convenience to the park, at least for us, is worth it. We always take breaks during the day to come back and take a snooze and recharge, so for us, it works. We did, however, get a sneak peak at the new rooms. There were, at the time, 2 of the rooms on the first floor, right off of the lobby, that were completely renovated as models for the rest of the hotel. While walking past them one afternoon, the door was wide open. We peeked our heads in, not w
  12. Also, as a side note... as of today, Snake River Falls is up and running. Speaking of loose articles... is anyone else completely sick and tired of basketballs being given out as prizes for midway games? EVERY year, I almost get run over by some NBA hopefulls that feel the need to bounce these things all over the park while going from ride to ride... Maybe I'm just getting old. -=CoasterBP
  13. I can confirm this. Shoot the Rapids and Thunder Canyon are both open. However, Snake River Falls has been silent all week and not a soul has been seen near it all week either.... -=CoasterBP
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