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Photo TR: My Big Fat Gay Wedding at SFNE!

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On Saturday, May 16th, 2009, the 13th anniversary of our very first date, my boyfriend and I got married at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA.


We arrived at the park at around 11:30am and met up with the Justice Of The Peace. We then headed into the park to a spot that we had scouted out a few weeks earlier. A place along the trail that winds down into the middle of the Bizarro (Superman) coaster. We picked this spot because it is secluded and because of the beautiful surroundings. Pretty purple coaster track was jutting into the air in all directions all around us. The perfect place to get married, in my opinion.


Since we hadn't informed Six Flags that we were coming into the park to get gay married, we were a little worried that we might be interrupted mid-ceremony by park security. (For the record, we did e-mail SFNE several times about the wedding, but we got no response.) Thankfully that did not happen. The whole thing went off without a hitch and right there in the middle of the screams, with coaster trains rolling by on the Thunderbolt and with the hiss of the Scream! S&S shot tower in the background, we were married.


It was incredible!


Oh yeah, we also rode a few coasters afterwords too!


The marriage license. We are now official!


Bubala & Mumi are our pet names for each other. The 13 is how many years we have been together.


I don't even hold on this tight on Vekomas!


What a perfect backdrop!


At this point, I'm wondering exactly how I managed to talk Mumi into this?


The rings. It was a very traditional ceremony. Well, besides being in an amusement park and the whole two grooms thing...


I do! Now, let's real quick go ride some coasters! Oh yeah, I have to give you a ring too!


For those of you who are bound to ask, neither one of was the bride!


Mr. Six approves! Yes, my big mouth mom told him all about the guerrilla gay wedding that day!



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Mmmm. Nice. Sweet and awesome.



That's wonderful!


Congratulations to you both.


Many many happy years ahead of you, all with their respectable (ahem) ups and downs and spirals and corkscrews and loopsss.....


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