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What kind of collection do you do?


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...and a football shaped piece of paper that has the bible verse John1:1 on it and a child's name on the back of it.


"In the beginning was the Word... and the Word was, 'Stop collecting tetanus.'"


Hey, stop making jokes on coast2b!

He just keeps care that the US pest exterminators wont loose their jobs!

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I have a collection of Star Wars soda cans. They came out with episode I A Long Time Ago ...... I probably have 100 different cans. I have the full set of 24 from the US along with the 4 Gold Yoda cans. Those you could turn in for $20 and get an air filled Gold redemption can back. I have that too. I have a set from Canada and some from Europe. The coolest ones are from Japan. Those are in full color. Kind of geeky but my son and I had fun collecting them.


I'm currently collecting old Scout Manuals. I have the first printing of all the editions except the first. That one is going to set me back some serious $$$ when I find a copy I want to purchase. My oldest one is around 1920. They are a kick to read. So much has changed. Back then they would tell you when you went camping to cut down trees and dig trenches around your tent. Nothing like the "Leave No Trace" they teach today.

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- Magnets (at last count, we have about 100 ... we actually borrowed that idea from R&E)


Same here. I like to have some sort of souvenir from each park I visit, and magnets are perfect for that.


I also have a collection of medals from the various races I run, as well as playbills from each show that I see.

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I used to collect Bell souvenirs from each airport that I landed at. Right now all of them are in storage and I haven't been to any place new in a while .


I also did some comic collecting until it got too expensive. I now collect computer parts to swap out in my various machines.



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.My current project is to collect rounds from every American war. So far the only war I've got them from is the Civil War, and for the last year I've been trying to get rounds from the war of 1812. Lesser known wars like 1812 are actually very difficult to find rounds from, so I'm hoping eventually I can find some.


I have rounds from Vietnam, both sides, 5.56 and 7.62, World war 2, Korea and Civil War. Thats about it.

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As a kid, I used to collect yo-yos, primarily Duncans as they were extremely cheap. I had one of almost every color, and then had duplicates as it had the term "hyper" added onto it (Hyper Butterfly, Hyper Imperial, etc). I also collected other manufacturers as well. I still have a few of them, a far cry from what I had in the 6th grade. I probably had enough yo-yos to play with a different one each day lasting a month before starting over.


Now, I don't have a large collection, but pretty much have stuff that's theme park related whether if it's t-shirts (which I have lots of), park maps, primarily one park from a span of several years, games/simulators (NL, RCT), videos, and of course, photos.

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You guy's have some pretty awesome collection:D.


now time for some picture of my collection:) :



Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 2 (album with Christopher Lee himself:) )


Dawn Of Victory (the speediest album ever with the fastest solo's)


Power Of The Dragonflame (the heaviest album of the band with a 19:00 minute masterpiece)

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- Items for my theme park trip scrapbooks. While the book may not look the best, it means a lot to me. Right now I have around 100 maps from last year from SF Great America, SF St. Louis and SF Great America's special Fright Fest maps. Most will be cut-up (if anyone ever needs one of them, let me know and I'll be happy to trade park maps.) I just try to take stuff from each park visit.


- The one for me has always been Pressed Pennies/coins. I try to buy as many as I can that are site specif (I refuse to buy generic ones.) When I was planning my WDW trip which got canceled, I had a budget of over 250 for the coins alone. Right now I'm working on the ones Great America used to have for my scrapbook.


- MST3K on DVD. Should have almost all episodes by the end of next month from the DAP-DVD project and other sources. Next up is the old Rhino releases.


- Pride Fighting Championships on DVD. I should have ever event except one by the end of the month.


Finally there is my collection of over 2000 wrestling DVD's. I have no clue what to do with them and can't sell them due to being VHS to DVD copies. I probably have only watched 300 of them.

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