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It did win a butt-load of grammy's back in 2004, but The Love Below was an amazing album. It propelled Outkast into this area of music that had been tried before, but they were the first to really perfect it. R&B, funk, hip-hop...it all blended together so well... This album deserved all the hype it got and then some.

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Skrillex is literally the WORST thing to happen to EDM in the past five years. He is honestly so awful and an overall douche. His set are already recorded and he just presses play on it at every show then proceeds to turn knobs, smoke American Spirits, and chat with his totally awesome friends! Never in my years of attending shows (been to over 70) have I been so unhappy as the time I saw Skrillex. My rant for the day...


THIS! Everybody at my School says Skrillex is awesome but i had listened to his stuff about a year ago when he was still unsigned and it sounded terrible. I hate to admit it but i actually remixed "My Name Is Skrillex" and that turned out horrible, save the samples that i chooped up from SebastiAn's "Dog". Seriously, if you listen to "Reptile Theme" it sounds like your throwing children into an industrial-sized blender. No thanks. If you wanna listen to good dubstep, go listen to Emalkay. He is probably one of the best dubstep artists as of late and is coming out with an album soon. Should be quite good.

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Anyone else pick up the new Owl City album today? I'm loving what I'm hearing so far! Galaxies as well as Angels are my top two songs on the album for my first two rounds on it.

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I pre-ordered the new Bon Iver album on Monday. "Perth" is fucking amazing, love the mellow guitar riff at the start that ends up winding through the song. I also like how the album just fades in and out of each song. Can't wait for winter to come and head west to the Rockies to ski up some deep powder while i blast this inside my helmet...


P.S.: Last time i went to Canada's Wonderland i left my iPod on (accidentally, of course ) while i was on Behemoth and blasted Flying Lotus' "Do The Astral Plane". The beat kicked in as i was sitting in the back row heading down the first drop. Best experience ever .



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^I just caught the news, very sad, Clarence was amazing - I was fortunate enough to see him perform with the E-Street band a couple of times. No one plays sax like the big man, his sound was so identifiable. I hope Bruce continues to perform rock band shows, but it will never be the same now.


It's sad that Clarence and fellow E-Streeter, Danny Federici, passed away well before their time.

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the passing of clarence clemons is a terrible loss to the rock and roll world. the e street band will not be the same without him. i've been listening to jungleland on repeat all day and crying during the long sax solo in the middle. it's quite possibly one of the most beautiful moments in any song ever written. RIP Big Man

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Hi, I'm new here


I am completely obsessed with No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Bush, Gavin Rossdale and Sublime -- they are my 3 favourite bands ever (ND, Bush & Sublime)! I practically know EVERYTHING about Gwen and ND! I am also a very active, every-day-ueser of the their official Community/Forum...yes I am a freak! Some members of ND have seen some of my own videos I have made on my YouTube!!! and I HAVE MET GWEN AND GAVIN (+ their 2 sons) so yeahhhhh, I'm a HUGE fan of them!

I can not wait for Bush's new album "Sea of Memories" coming out in September and No Doubt's new album hoping to be coming out in the autumn/fall of this year!


I do also like others bands such as:

- Madness

- The Specials

- Fishbone

- The Vandals

- Paramore (currently addicted to their new song Monster)

- Bob Marley

- Blondie (3 songsish...atm)

- Nirvana (also like 3 songs)



and only one song from:

- The Offspring - L.A.P.D

- Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of

- Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

- Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie

- UB40 - Red Wine (duhh!) XD


I pretty much hate/don't like all of the current charting pop/dance music, just not me, so its on the typical teenager music geners....I'm pretty damn unique and proud of it!

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I caught The Phenomenauts in Stockton last night, and WOW. That show was unlike anything else I've ever seen before. They remind me quite a bit of a more punk, futuristic Aquabats, who they have played with. This video pretty much sums it up. This isn't from the show that I went to, but it's very, very similar.


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New August Burns Red album Leveler came in the mail for me today. I'm absolutely loving it! There's a few songs that really exemplify what ABR is capable of.. This one in particular. It's a sort of post-rock prog-metal sound mixed in with some kick@$$ metalcore.


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