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I was just wondering if anybody on here was an Of Montreal fan. I cant get enough of them, but it's hard to find other people who like them.


I love Of Montreal! It just so happens that I'm going to college in their hometown (Athens, GA), and they're playing a show next Saturday. I'm so there. Wolf Parade, Beach House, Mt St Helens Vietnam Band, The Whigs, and Portugal. The Man are also making stops in Athens in the near future, so I'm saving up some cash to go see 'em all! I enjoy living in a music hotspot!


i know it's a little late for this quote, but I'm gonna do it anyway.


Athens is such a great place. So much awesome music has come out of there. I've seen of Montreal live twice and they didn't disappoint. They put so much energy into their shows. It's crazy.

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When it comes to rap I am very picky. I'm not really into Lil Wayne or Gucci, but I do like Drake (I think So Far Gone was very good) and I thought Kanye's last album was great. I also like P.O.S. If you are into rap I would suggest you check him out.


Also , my friend Matt has a thing going. He is very promising and does shows all around the Tampa are. He calls himself Introvert.

Oh, and any Neutral Milk Hotel fans?

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So today I totally picked up City of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold's third album, on vinyl. I found it for $19 in a record store in Ashland, Oregon, and just couldn't turn it down. And the records themselves are amazing looking, they're kind of a splattered purple color with black and white paint blots.


Now, if only there wasn't that image of a naked girl (basically THE image that goes with "Beast and the Harlot") on the inside of the cover, where the lyrics are...

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Earl Sweatshirt of OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). They're a huge rap group right now. But yeah, that video...kinda creepy. I know all of the blood stuff is fake, but apparently the drink that they create at the beginning is real.

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I have recently become addicted to a band called Skillet. They are a Christian rock band and I can't stop listening to them.


Here are 3 of my favorite songs:

Awake and Alive






Before any of you rap lovers/rock haters bash them and say they are gay, the lead singer is married and has a family.

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