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  1. Just saw Structures, Fit for an Autopsy, Oceano, Iwrestledabearonce, and Chimera at The State Theater in St.pete, Florida on Valentines day.
  2. I have honestly just been fueling my League of Legends addiction lately with a little bit of diablo 3 on the side. I have a whole stack of games to play through, but League has ruined me.
  3. La Fin Du Monde. Been trying to expand my beer horizons by trying new ones every once and a while.
  4. The game that has me the most excited is Kingdom Hearts 3! I've been waiting so long for this to happen and can not wait to get my hands on it (whenever that may be).
  5. My most recent guilty pleasure has been Desperate Housewives. It stared with watching a few episodes with some friends and now I'm hooked. Another one of mine is the movie Mean Girls. I have seen it 30+ times and it just never gets old.
  6. I'm with you on that too. Honestly they can take as long as they want and I don't mind in the least if that means getting a better ride experience. On the other hand, I was always happy Busch didn't have a drop tower because honestly, I am terrified of them. Hopefully having one so close will help alleviate my fear of them now. Either way, I'm excited to see an exciting new addition to my home park and you bet I will be there opening day to face my fear.
  7. I actually didn't get on a coaster until I was 14. Neither of my parents were big roller coaster fans, but my grandparents loved them. They tried constantly to get me on a coaster, but could not do it. I finally ended up on Montu during a school trip due to the embarrassment that came along with being the only one of my friends not riding the coasters. I do have a 6 year old sister who I enjoy bringing to parks. Luckily, she is pretty fearless and rides absolutely everything she can.
  8. "We can't stop here. This is bat country" -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  9. This is very true and I get it all the time. People say to me "You don't seem like you're gay." I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Acting a certain way isn't a criteria for being gay. The only thing (as you said) that is a criteria for being gay is being attracted to the same sex. It sucks that people feel the need to defend themselves like that as if being gay is some horrible thing. On the topic of relationships, I recently started seeing somebody who not only understands my obsession with theme parks, but shares it with me!
  10. I got to Busch Gardens yesterday around 6am. There were already 3 other cars there and everyone was kinda just standing around. About 30 minutes later a few more cars pulled up and we all stood there and talked about theme parks and Haunt events for about 2 hours. Not sure if anybody there is on TPR though. When we got up to Cheetah Hunt and they announce their technical difficulties my group decided to go ride some other rides and com back later. We rode Gwazi with the new trains and it was much much better. It was very smooth and I was able to get of without the feeling that i was going to have to have a spinal readjustment. So the new trains on Gwazi was definitely a good move for Busch Gardens. Around 11:30 we walked back by Cheetah Hunt and saw there was a line started by the entrance that led up the stairs to the Crown Colony building. We decided to get in the line. We sat down on the steps of the building and waited. I am happy to say that neither a chant or boo of any sort came out of my mouth. I waited patiently and enjoyed the music of the drummers. They actually started handing out free water. I was pleasantly surprised and even thanked them for it on their facebook page. At about 2 they opened the ride. I really enjoyed the ride a lot. It might not have been as intense as some other coasters I've been on, but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun. The launches took me by surprise (especially the second and third one). It is very twisty and it's cool when you hop over the skride when there is a gondola right under you. Going through Rhino Rally's old water portion was really fun and felt fast due to being in such an enclosed area. The ride itself felt a lot faster than it looks so i don't think there will be any complaints about the speed once people get to ride it.
  11. I really enjoyed Enter the Void. It was pretty slow moving, but it was good. I haven't found anybody else who has seen it though.
  12. I recently saw "Meet me in St. Louis" at a local theatre near me. I loved the show. It had a nice story and the musical numbers were very catchy and interesting. The cast was excellent and really went all out to provide a good show for everyone.
  13. Last year nightshade was moved. The entrance was over by the entrance to the gorilla exhibit where that circle of water fountains is. I actually liked the new location a lot.
  14. Loius C.K. is my favorite at the moments, but I also like George Carlin Demitri Martin Daniel Tosh Richard Pryor Bill Hicks
  15. The thing about Lady GaGa for me is that I wish she would have stayed doing what she was doing before she was known as Lady GaGa. I actually really liked the stuff. I think she is a very talented artist, but I feel that she isn't recognized as much for her talent anymore as she is for the crazy stuff she does. As for rap and hip hop, I tend to enjoy a lot of it. None of which is played on the radio. Older Outkast, Astronautalis, Sage Francis, Tech N9ne, Aesop Rock, P.O.S. There are more, but I feel like the radio has given hip hop a bad name. I know everybody has there own taste in music and I respect that, just thought I'd add my two cents.
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