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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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Looks like I was right about this having a series's of NTAG like turns on the top of the clift where the helix used to be. This looks like a Kick A$$ addition and I need to get to Texas soon to ride this and NTAG.

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iRat is now my most anticipated coaster of 2013. It looks completely insane!

I agree dude, it looks perfect...this is definitely my kind of wooden roller coaster! Everything about it is just awesome! So excited.


I've never been to Texas and live nowhere near there. I have to find a way to get down there to ride these two...any plans for a Texas trip next year? hehe


You could call it the "Everything's BIGGER in Texas 2013 Trip".

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Holy crap this thing looks absolutely sick! Now I just have to decide whether to hit up this or OutRun next year, as all of them look like they would EASILY break my top 5 instantly. I've never been to Texas since my family and I moved from Houston to California in 1999, but I do have fond memories of spending a few days in San Antonio, and this (coupled with Steel Eel) makes me want to pay a visit to San Antonio again, badly! But OutRun and the rest of SDC also look amazing...all right, time for me to start planning my spring break trip. All hail the legendary Alan Schilke, 2013!

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this is definitely my kind of wooden roller coaster!

Except the fact that it's a steel coaster.


Looks like another great addition from RMC, although I'd rather see more airtime like New Texas Giant.

I was referring to the structure.

Then it's definitely your kind of steel coaster with wooden supports. Glad we got that sorted out.



I like the look of this one. The logo and name are pretty good too.

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This looks like by fart he best ride announced today, looks amazing from what little we have seen so far. I'm wondering if there is going to be a huge helix like the its previous incarnation.


Also... NTAG should have been named New Iron Giant XD

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The original Rattler had a bit of track after the quarry tunnel, but this teaser video cuts off at the tunnel. Is there any layout planned for after the tunnel, or is that going to be the end of the new ride?


I was just watching that longer video that was just posted and I stopped the video and ran is slow from seconds 14-17 and it looks to me that it's going to be similar as it is now.

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