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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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OK, I love that the drop is going all the way down to the floor of the quarry again and I love that it's taller and steeper than it was before.

The original drop had that little wavy thing happening in the middle of it, right around where the top of the cliff is, which made the bottom of the drop mostly invisible until you were halfway down while this (if the video is accurate) looks to put that at the bottom of the drop. THAT should be interesting. I wonder if they'll cover it with a roof like before to prevent the possibility of loose rock ending up on the track. I didn't notice in the video, I was too busy thinking OMG, FULL DROP AGAIN!


I admit that putting the barrel roll at the top of the horseshoe turn was a surprise, but in the glimpse we get from the video, it looks like the horseshoe will be a double-down drop again.


I'd still love to know what's happening up top where the helix used to be....

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^ I couldn't get the other video to load, so I haven't seen it yet.


Great, now I have to get to BOTH Texas parks next year to compare the two! Hopefully Colossus is next, because these rides look spectacular!

Dude. A Colossus makeover would be WICKED.


It could go from a racing coaster to a dueling coaster pretty easily. Just add some height to the first drop for lots more speed, and then at the crests of some of the hills you could throw in some high-five elements, or even have the sides switch by having the left side do a quick crossover (like those Intamin hills that lean left, then switch at the top and lean right) while the right side does a barrel roll over the top. On a later hill, they can switch back... or not, and then it would be the world's only möbius track steel coaster - or if SFMM still wants to call it a wood coaster, it would only be the third one of those and easily the largest in the world.


Speaking of calling it a wood coaster, did you notice that SFFT stuck with "hybrid" throughout that whole announcement? That's a good thing, IMHO.

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Did you watch the other video? The barrell roll is actually after the horseshoe turn, going back up the cliff before where the helix used to be.


Cool.... that's kinda where I thought they'd put it.

Dammit, I still can't get that video to work.


Is there a full POV anywhere?

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Looking carefully at the short video, it seems that "what will they do with that area where the helix was" can be answered with "nothing."


The cliff drop looks like it will have the turn at the bottom instead of twisting during the drop like before and the tunnel is definitely used again. Hard to tell from the video, but it looks like the final turn might go outside of the station and circle it, rather than buzzing the ride operator like before.


No helix, just an airtime hill and a big turn


No track near the cliff edge to indicate anything after the turn


Gotta love those RMC matchstick supports


Look in the background for the finale

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This is going to be absolutely amazing. There's still a lot left to the imagination right now but at least they've confirmed the height of the drop and the barrel roll going up over the canyon wall. I can't wait until this is all done! I will definitely attend if there is an "Iron Horse Bash" planned in the future for the 2 SF Texas parks.

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This looks way better than Full Throttle! I think it actually might be better than Outlaw Run (I like this layout better, and seems a little longer). Parks really throw around the "oh we've got a record" a little too much though.


Love the logo too...this is gonna be sick! The first drop looks amazing and the Zero-G Roll... I love the top of the quarry section; the tunnel looks awesome. Possibly my most anticipated coaster for next year. 2013 is the year for new coasters!

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Here is a longer video that shows the ride up through the tunnel:


Iron Rattler will provide four over-banked turns, the most of any hybrid coaster today, and will be the first to deliver an inverted barrel roll for an awe-inspiring adventure in and around the surrounding 100-ft. quarry wall setting!




This innovation is so new in the amusement industry; it has only been done once before.


I love the press release goes on about how it has more over-banked turns than "any hybrid coaster", before admitting that it is only the second in existence.

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