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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

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It has been confirmed that media and vip night has been canceled. I’m only posting this for those of you who are planning to travel far to come ride Wonder Woman. Might want to hold off another month.

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Spent the day at the park today, and TR will go up later tonight.


main takeaway tho? (from a discussion I had with an operator on Fireball while riding it) . . the delay in opening of Wonder Woman does NOT appear to be due to the track/cars/mechanics, and that's something I'm inclined to believe.


the delay SEEMS to be because the bad weather Texas has been having, caused them to miss the planned date for the construction of the station. . . you'll see in the pics I post, the station, the exit ramp theming, (and the exit gift shop) still need a LOT of work.


otherwise, it looks fantastic.


there is a car on the track (blue train), and there were two guys working on it while we were there. . .

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all the signage (since it went up around the park) have mentioned "opening in March 2018"



today is only March 7.


they will move Heaven and Earth to get this thing open by end of month, so y'all should have nothing to worry about



and Thedlr -- if this is your 1st trip to San Antonio, budget in a couple of hours to go into downtown and see the Alamo, and the Riverwalk (there is an entrance directly across the street from the Alamo).


the Alamo site is way smaller than you will expect it to be, but if you've never been it really is a "don't miss" while in town.

(the Alamo will take about an hour if you read every sign, and up to 3 hours if you really take your time. . . but can be visited really, in about 30 minutes).

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It's not even an inversion, but I think my fave part of it so far, is roughly in the middle,

where it charges uphill, takes a left, then an immediate right "horseshoe" around to the next drop.


Love that.

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