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  1. Its typically the gold pass benefits you mentioned parking & hurricane harbor entrance. You will still get in park discounts maybe not all the coupons. Full Price is the price of the gold pass. You can usually get tickets for arround $40 any day and $10 if you have a friend wiwth a pass who goes with you on the weekdays during school.
  2. Unless they dont count green lantern since its been down for over a year and then build their 20 for 2020.
  3. Being in Los Angeles, a 12AM video drop doesn't mean anything. 9PM event would mean it can be covered by the local 10PM and 11PM newscasts and get some real attention. Exactly. But usually they try and do like a 3am drop for the 6am morning news hr.
  4. Wait.... Is SFMM the only park that is having an actual Press announcement at the park and not the standard press release drop that they have done for the past ____ years? I wonder if we should read into anything that this is an actual press conference... That's how I feel. I also heard that Carowinds is doing a press announcement on the morning of the 30th. I wonder if they are trying to pull another wonder women/ rail blazer and announce it first. Except this time both get a Mack clone.
  5. Can we discuss the fact that they are doing a press/media announcement in person? This must mean that the new ride is going to be worthwhile. If I remember correctly, wasn't twisted Colossus was a press release?
  6. The coke fee is based on the normal price of $80 for an adult ticket. You can get a membership for $3 more which gives you all year. + discounts in the park and early entry + flash pass discounts. Are you near a six flags or plan to go for multiple days? Alternatively when are you going I have a 50% off friends coupon as a dimond elite member and wouldn't mind (if your interested) in meeting up.
  7. I know Neil told me in September that he had big plans and the park had already been making improvements in a circle and there is only one “huge” area left. We know cyclone bay is huge but in order to attract large crowds it needs to be a huge new ride. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a family spin in coaster as six flags often disagrees with what we want and we don’t have a spinning wild mouse coaster
  8. They were working on it but the rep from the manufacture was swearing.
  9. Did you do the pay once dinning? If so they will move it at the park. If you have the membership dinning you can add it at a discount for the dimond membership. It als ois only a $1ish more to go to dimond elite since you get a bigger discount on the dinning with each tier.
  10. Looks like that is just for the 7th and " Then, all Season Pass Holders and Members will enjoy exclusive ride access on July​ 8 and July​ 9 from 10:30 a.​m. to 9 p.​m. each day. Just present your Pass card at the ride entrance and hop right on." Then they aren't opening til the 13 for the public. with the ceremony on the 12 Wonder why?
  11. About 1 pm last Friday when hangtime opened it had less wait then ghost rider.
  12. Woah, woah, woah.... wait a second... I had no idea you guys got ERT on the WHOLE DAMN AREA??!?! That's AMAZING!!! So what in the hell was Mr. Corn talking about when he posted to Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/rollercoasterjerk/comments/8knhwm/dae_blobb_strikes_again/ Seriously, the more I'm hearing from this event (and not just you but other people who have privately messaged me) make me feel even better about getting rid of these people who felt the need to bitch and complain or break the most obvious rules of theme park fandom. Sounds like it was a GREAT event and I'm glad you had fun! --Robb "This is why we can't have nice things..." Alvey Hi Robb. I was honored to go. I think both people were expecting a free for all. I know the Ride Op guy left at 8:30 and it was true he rode 3 times before then from 7-8:30ish and got there from what he said at 5am. I didn't see Mr. Corn after we were free to go. I know he was on the ride when Fox 11 asked for an interview. (Footage of course was shown at the noon hour and mixed with our ride video) I don't know why they said it wasn't used. It wasn't used for the 7 am but it aired on noon (I have the footage on the DVR). Upon checking my photos we were let go at 8:25. We were able to ride hangtime (I did and I don't recall if they did) until 8:45 and then they started opening up the Boardwalk section for the ERT.
  13. Exactly, I had an amazing experience. Thanks so much, Knotts for inviting us. We were able to ride from 7: am - 8:30 am and have a wonderful breakfast. After some technical adjustments and of course daily safety checks. While we waited from 6-7, We saw engineers testing the seatbelt strength. I admired seeing first hand Knotts commitment to safety. This took roughly an hour but I was more than happy to chat with fellow enthusiasts as we waited. They released us about 8:30 and we had ERT with about 50 radio winners to all of the boardwalk section including Hangtime, California Coaster, Sky Cabin, Supreme Scream, Excellerator and camp snoopy. (And I believe the village area as well but we prioritized the bigger rides). I got in 5 rides on excellerator a dozen or so on California Scream 10 times on hang time all before the park opened. Then, of course, everyone ran to hangtime and we got to enjoy the park without that long of lines. The longest line was 40min ish for Ghost Rider. The only ride we didn't do was roaring rapids as I didn't feel like getting soaked.
  14. Sounds like fun! I like that the four major thrill coasters at Knott's are all very different and unique in their own way. There is no "clear best coaster" since there are goods and bads about all of them. I can't wait to ride in July! My nephew and I were discussing this. I think we decided hangtime was special because it was the only dive coaster. We loved the feeling on that vertical (I think 90 degree) lift hill.
  15. Knotts deffinately has a winner on their hands. I was having to much fun I didn’t leave the park tell 7pm! The best part of hang time was the totally different experiences with each seats. The drop was intimidating in the front (I highly recommend riding front first if seats aren’t assigned). The middle seemed to give u more hang time on the loops and theback of course made you go faster and was scarier going up that straight lift. The lighting package is amazing . I wish more parks would invest in making the coasters look that great at night. Also I stayed at the knotts hotel since we got hooked up with tickets and the room was cute. My nephew loved the visit from snoopy.
  16. I have the POV pm me and I’ll send u a link to my dropbox.i also have the photo. I sent it to rob as my phones acting up and can’t post it but will at dinner. I also have the footage of the event recorded on my dvr I’ll try and put it on YouTube
  17. Got my email confirming my spot for the tv shoot. Will get pics of the event to post on TPR! Got my email confirmation too! I went on priceline for a 3.5 star hotel for $60 and ended up getting a room at the Knots Berry Farm Hotel for a significant discount.
  18. You may be in luck. I bet they will soft open it to dimond elite members.
  19. It looks lovely in person. I am so sad I scheduled my trip and it didn't open. Oh well. The park was lovely. The park president Jeffery was cleaning trash walking around and talking to visitors. It wasn't busy at all so everything was a walk-on when stuff was open (things closed a few times because of wind).
  20. I was looking at the different pass types. Dimond Elite actually comes with a free swim with the dolphins once a year. I was told the benefit resets after Holiday in the park. So if your local you could theoretically do it once now, once more after Jan before you cancel and re-up your membership (or just cancel). Seems like a no brainer if you were going to do it.
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