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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Another "Apocalypse" coaster?

Goliath was taken.


Here we go again with Six Flags overusing a name that doesn't involve a DC Comics superhero or villain!

Two things...


1. It's actually SMARTER for them to overuse a name that doesn't involve a DC Comics character since there are no additional licensing fees involved.


2. While I get that people don't like it when Six Flags reuses names, no one seems to complain when companies like Disney or Legoland does it. How many Space Mountains and Dragon's do we have in the world?


Look, I get it. You want a more original name or theme. But let's also remember this is Six Flags we are talking about. Personally, if it means they spend less money on creative for a name that none of us would really give a crap about anyway, and 99% of their guests would never know that "Goliath" also appears in several other parks, I'd rather they save that money across the chain and spend it on putting in another ride at one of their parks.


I think the majority of you guys know I'm right.



Oh I get that, and it makes sense for Six Flags to reuse names. My jab was that they were just going down the list of names they used, but yes you are right. And in all fairness, Apocalypse isn't that bad of a name (compared to some other names for rides I've seen, and not just at Six Flags).


Part of me wants the Cyclone name to be retained (New England history and all that) but I'm not originally from NE so it doesn't really make a difference at least for me.


Really as long as it's not "Apocalyptic Cyclone" I'm fine with it.

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I ran it through an anagram generator, just the letters that are scrambled. 62,501 results.




Whoever has the next few days free, be my guest.

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So far I have these words or combos Steel Storm, doom, new, iron, RMC steel, twister. I still have


d c m o n w g i i i to fit into the code if it were steel storm. Not using the generator just a pencil but I suspect if it's not the name of the coaster it could be a hint at what it is... There's a chance if we decode it , it would not be the name but the machine type itself which we already know.


You cannot spell the words New England, apocalypse, Cyclone, or Warning

(Obviously) These 3 i's are killing me but I love puzzles, riddles and codes! Beats the hell out of SFFTs stupid game


There's no a in the scramble, not sure where you two are seeing it...


Lots of smart people on here, use your noodles!

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One name I would be very surprised to see being used is Twister, considering we had a tornado strike Springfield a few years ago, and I still hear about cleanup stories till this day on the evening news.


I'm not saying Six Flags won't use Twister (or Tornado or any variation of those two), but I'm not expecting it.

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So the park is packed today

Some of the WORST ops I have ever seen

the fp line for bizarro is like almost 50 people long

I don't even know why I'm still in line!


CT goes back to school tomorrow. Not sure about Mass. NY has 1 more week left. That's why. I went on a WEEKDAY in late August a few years ago and it was hell.

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"Steel Storm Is Coming" leaves behind DKWEIU "We Kid U" ?


Just a couple weeks ago I was saying I believe the name would be storm related but no longer Cyclone, which I feel, feels too retro for such a transition. With "New Cyclone" or "Iron Cyclone" being a little reminiscent of last year's RMC projects, I was hoping for a "Storm" name vs. Cyclone, considering we get Hurricanes and severe storms here in New England, Cyclones are the mirrored version of Hurricanes in the opposite hemisphere but don't quote my meteorology...

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