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  1. My only issue with the ride is the location. Other than that, I think this is going to be a unique experience at the park, as there is nothing like it anywhere near it. I'm happy just we're getting something new this year.
  2. I think the main issue is capacity. The small one at Fiesta Texas was fine, but at a world class and huge park like Great Adventure, i dont know. I think the capacity would be a nightmare.
  3. ^I feel the same. The animation looks real. The picture not so much. I can pretty much be certain that a 4D is coming next year, now the question is was that the final version, or just a test animation for a final version, or a taller one.
  4. WAIT A MINUTE!!! That picture on the website depicts a boomerang in the background. The SAME boomerang at FIesta Texas. Same colors and everything. you can even see the same one in the background in the batman the ride animation in the same place facing the same direction. Also, the sign on the side of the ride in the picture is the same as the batman one. It looks like this person just edited a picture on top of the batman logo. Also, in the video of the ride, there is no sign at all. This is so confusing, as it looks real, but its not checking out. Also, this guy who runs the site that this
  5. The park posted a new picture on their twitter. I suggest you check it out. Seems like a final teaser. I dont know much about this park, but i thought id give you guys a heads up who this is your home park.
  6. Well, now seeing that the Great Adventure coaster may be two toned, we have seen that Six Flags may be into the two toned scheme for RMC track coasters, which could confirm that Joker picture. Also, what are your final guesses for theme and stats of the ride? Cant wait to see what it looks like!
  7. I also just saw that picture and why on earth is there a boomerang there??? That may make this fake in the end. Also why would they put that hideous sign on the side of the ride? it looks horrible. Weve seen crazier things from them though.
  8. I believe this is real and for a few reasons. The rumored two toned color scheme, red and orange, are what are depicted in the video. Second, this looks like a Six Flags announcement video. It looks like they payed that guy who does every major coaster animation to do this one as well. Even the rumored Full Throttle tent can be seen. Now for those saying that "Six Flags wouldnt mess up the name of the model of a coaster on their animation" look at the Batman animation. They also call it a free fly coaster in that video as well. Also, this looks WAY too professional to be fake. The ride looks s
  9. My alarm goes off at 5:45 so once i wake up im going to be checking six flags website to see what all the new attractions are. I have to say, this seems like a weird year since we have no clue what we are actually getting! Im expecting a free spin but if i wake up and see something launched you know im going to be extra excited.
  10. The name "Spinsanity" just about confirms a 4d for me at least if it checks out
  11. I dont understand why the park hasnt done any teasing for 2016 at all. Last year we got a loop and batman backwards and they at least gave us a few little picture and riddle hints. This year we are supposed to get an attraction that is going to "Change the skyline of an untouched area of the park" and we dont get anything. I find that very confusing. I mean this and the fact that the park approached the state with plans of a roller coaster confirms we are getting some kind of coaster, but im surprised they didnt take the opportunity to at least hype up whatever is coming.
  12. Great trip report. Those were easily some of the best pictures ive ever seen of Cedar Point. Makes me wish i could just go there eventually.
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