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Ever Thought Your Teacher Was Cute or Sexy?


Ever thought your teacher was cute/sexy?  

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  1. 1. Ever thought your teacher was cute/sexy?

    • Yes
    • No, Gross!
    • No... hehe, maybe a little!
    • I never went to school

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Hell no! No matter how good looking they are, I can't get the thought out of my head that they are a teacher, and for that reason, I just can't find teachers attractive. Most of my teachers this year are males anyway, so there is absolutely no consideration for them being good-looking.

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My 11th grade Honors English teacher was a total bitch and was the hardest class I have had to date, but man she was hot! She was pretty much a sorority girl that had recently graduated from the University I go to. All the guys would openly flirt with her even though she was married. Man, but I enjoyed going to the class.


Oh, and in a few years I will be a teacher and then all of my female students will think I'm a sexy TILF...


Thats just like my 9th grade English teacher! She was smoking! Our class was also 23 guy's and 4 girl's! I mean she knew why we payed such good attention! And what she wore.... Damn!


That was my favorite class of the day....



Also this year my science teacher is hot. But not close to last years English teacher. I hope to have my English teacher again for English 3 next year!

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Never my actual teacher aside from a summer school English teacher, but damn there were a few subs and student teachers that I wouldn't mind being taught a few things. lol Too dirty? Deal with it.


My old roommate was a substitute teacher following his freshman year of college and one weekend, he went to a party with some friends from high school and ended up making out with some chick. Then, the next week, he was called in to sub and the girl was in his class. That's not awkward or anything.


To answer the question though, I have to follow Hector's answer. Never an actual teach, but I've had some really hot subs, student teachers, and TAs.

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