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  1. Yes I have had 4 blondes with big assets . Who could say no? I suppose the best thing is that we have been lucky in teachers as they where 50% nice plus a little cute.
  2. My gold fish has a ver large memory. It knows when feeding time is. Knows when we tend to go to bed as well. (It goes to sleep just before we do.) Yes anything is possible Is the smiley system too small?
  3. Insane Clown Posse-Ride the Tempest /\ I recommend it Parental Guidance its a roller coaster song as well
  4. Hi Erm I am a level 2 aeronautical engineer hopefully level 3 next year 18 soon so I will be able to go on your trips if I like the site! Which I can almost guarantee I will. That is it
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