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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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Nice photos! Atlantis adventure looks excellent, can I have one for my home?


Also, are you guys planning on making a stop at Gyeongju World/have you been there? Phaethon alone looks like it'd be worth the trip, and hey if you're already in Korea, might as well!

We have already been there last year. Please see our extensive Photo Update including a POV video of Phaethon here:




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Bob and Joey! Have Steve and I taught you nothing?! You were BOTH supposed to drink 11 beers, not share them. Jeeze...


I made a comment that "if Steve and Miles were here, we would totally have had a race to see who could finish 11 first!" I ended up having 5. Oh well, there is always the next trip!

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Next up on the trip agenda was Everland!


Now for those of you who have watched our Eagle's Fortess Video (and if you haven't download it now) you'll know that Everland is home to the best Arrow Suspended coaster in the world which also turned out to be one of our top ten coasters overall! (And if you want to see how an Arrow Suspended lands in someone's top ten out of over 1,000 coasters, download that video!)


This year Everland has built "T-Express" (The T comes from the Korean Mobile company T World who sponsers the ride) and this could be one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world, and for many of our group is was #1!


The story goes like this...we asked the project manager about the ride and he simply said "We rode Balder, then we rode El Toro...we asked Intamin if we could have BOTH."


And that's pretty much what they got! It's like a mini El Toro plus Balder!


I'll let the photos and the video speak for themselves....


KidTums was more confused than anything else!


We attempted to watch the parade which included a sun and a giant Taco...


Just in case you forgot there is awesomeness right around the corner.




Aha! A Camel...you know what that means! That's right...


"Dippin' Dot"....you only get ONE!


:snicker: "He said Titty Caca!"


This one is for you Mr. Turtle.




C'mon Kangaroo...DO IT! DO IT!!! I know you want to!


Elissa just went "SQUEEEEEE!!!!!"




Hi Jahan!


"Hey! C'mon now! Enough with the damn scooby snacks! Throw me that kid!!!"


"These don't taste anything like Polar Bears!"


Yummy! Drink your pet!


"Greetings! I am the parrot of death! Can I poke your eyeballs out?"


Just in case you wanted to try flying...here's how!


Dammit! Every time I took a picture of these guys my browser crashes!


Ok, so enough T-Express...now on to some other stuff! The park also has a lot of animals (think Busch Gardens Tampa) along with the rides. This one is the Zoo in SPAAAAACE!


And it literally was everywhere! (They even wrote on the emergency lights!)


The *only* negative thing we saw was the massive amounts of graffiti in the queue. It was very strange because the entire park is spotless clean and beautiful...except for the close cooridor queue areas!


Even without all the Halloween decorations it was eerily creepy and awesome!


At night, T-Express got even better!


I do believe everyone looks just a skosh happy! =)


Seriously the ride is airtime hill after airtime hill. It never lets up! If airtime is your thing you HAVE to come ride this!


Could this hill be the most extreme airtime ever?


Good luck down in front!


Head choppers anyone?


Hmm...I've suddenly got the urge to buy a mobile phone but I'm not sure why.




Balder in the foreground, El Toro in the background!


The drop off the midcourse into...well... "Balder"


Apparently T-Express causes rapid aging! Joey looks like he's 60. I would have posted a picture of Jeff Johnson, but all that was left was dust particles and some cigarette butts!


Mmmm.....nice curves baby!


And this second drop ain't half bad too! =)


This is hands down the best first drop on any wooden roller coaster in the world!


Um...there is a bottom to that drop right? RIGHT?!?!?


Or maybe "hairtime!"


That should be known as the sea of airtime!


Hellllllloooooo 77 degree drop!


Yeah...I think that is what's happening here! =)


If that hill doesn't scream "pop my cherry" I don't know what does!


Hello Mr. Cable lift hill! We are glad you don't slow down as much as your cousin El Toro in the US!


So the next series of photos will basically be "coaster porn" starting with this one right as you exit the station. Check out how massive this ride is and it's built right against the side of the mountain!


"Hi everyone! We are all here to ride one of the top roller coasters in the world....why aren't you here with us?!?!?"


According to the sign T-Express opens at 11...but for TPR, T-Express opened around 9:45! =)


T-Express VIDEO!!! (Downloadable version at the bottom of the photos)

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More photos....


"Do you think they will let me ride?" Sorry KidTums you have to wait until later...and who knows, maybe this ride will have new trains on it by then! (I didn't say that outloud, did I?)


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the T-Express video! Another new update coming soon!


Seriously, this ride is freaking AMAZING!!! We would post more photos, but there was nothing to see. They turned out the lights for us and it was PITCH BLACK Arrow Suspended awesomeness!!!!


"This is number TWO in the world...behind T-Express!" =)


Mmmm...Eagle's Fortress...an hour of ERT... *AT NIGHT* like I said if you have not downloaded our Eagle's Fortress video yet, open up a new window and paste this link into it:





KidTums! Attack dinosaur!!!


You know, maybe buying KidTums that T-Express hammer was the best idea!


"Now how to I shift this Panda into 2nd gear again?"


"Um, excuse me sir, are you aware that you have a smiley face pumpkin on your ass?"


KidTums starring in the re-make of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"




Wherever there are boobs there is always....


Shoot the deer and you get a furry little animal!


T-Express Video - downloable version!

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Umm, if they put the open suspended trains on Eagle('s) Fortress, it could seriously vie for the best coaster on the planet. They could paint the supports and track green to blend in. WOW, that'd be amazing.


It just amazed me how Seoul is home to 3 top 10 coasters. ALthough T-Express gave too much airtime, imho.



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^^ You can when it's painful. The negative g's on the bunnies is very intense. You can hear Robb grimacing. Plus, it was rather monotanous, really.


As Robb says, the first drop, up to the midcourse is brilliant. After that, it just didn't do it for me.


Did anybody see my little tiger buddy while they were there?



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^ Where was the tiger??? None of us could fine the "hold the tiger" thing when we were there! We looked and asked for it too.


^^ You can when it's painful. The negative g's on the bunnies is very intense. You can hear Robb grimacing.

I was grimacing because I holding two cameras (still and video) and having to fight agaist the G Forces. People that were sitting around me will tell you that having to do that was actually WORK!


I agree it's some VERY intense airtime, but equal to El Toro, Balder, and Colossos in every hill but the first drop and the 2nd hill.


It's it's your bag, this could be your #1 coaster. If not, then ride it, get the credit, and go do the type of woodie you like better.


For me, I think I have a three-way tie for #1 - El Toro, Balder, and T-Express.


#1 in the US

#1 in Europe

#1 in Asia


Go Intamin!!!!



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Did anybody see my little tiger buddy while they were there?


But I did find something with skin thicker than mine!! (They wouldn't let me hold this one either!)


You mean one of these guys? There were 4 there, but we weren't around during the "petting" times.

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Yeah, probably one of those. I'd assume holding them is out of the question now. I have no clue if it was a normal occurance, or if i just totally lucked out.


ANother question, was there an annoying guy in the station of the raft ride singing and dancing? I had my camera in a locker when I rode it, damn it.


Everland kicks ass!



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OK, I MUST ride this thing. That thing looks absolutely amazing! I love woodies and have yet to really go on any outside of California or Cedar Point. I love Ghostrider in its prime, I still do. But i must ride these Intamin pieces of art! El Toro, Balder, and T-Express, I will have you some day!

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That thing looks insane! I just rode El Toro over the weekend for the first time and I thought it was nuts, and that it had the most extreme airtime that I have ever experienced, but it looks like T-Express puts it to shame!

Thanks so much for sharing the video. I have been very interested in this coaster since it was announced.


I definitely need to get my butt on an overseas TPR trip in the future.

It looks like I always miss out on so many great coasters and a ton of fun!

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Thanks Robb for the continued updates. I had an awesome experience in Korea with you and the rest of the TPR gang.


For me T-Express is my number 1 woodie - but after an hour of ERT on it the many, many airtime hills started to knock me around a bit - still a great ride though.


And Eagle's Fortress - WOW! My new number 1 coaster. Riding at night with the lights off is way cool. And after the hour of night ERT I could have easily gone round for another hour.


And Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World - pretty damn awesome also. Seoul rocks!

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^^ You can when it's painful. The negative g's on the bunnies is very intense. You can hear Robb grimacing. Plus, it was rather monotanous, really.




I totally know what you mean about monotonous. I really enjoyed Balder, but after riding it a few times, I was like "OK, this is a lot of fun, but it's just the same thing over and over. Turn, fly, fly, turn, fly fly, turn, fly fly, turn...". That's not to say I'm criticizing anyone who puts it at the top of their list, It's just missing a few things to become my favorite, (like laterals and a tunnel).


But anyways, the topic at the moment is still T-Express and it certainly is porn for the coaster loving eyeball. Damn! It seriously looks like a matte painting in some shots.

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Thanks for this amazing TPR.


Why SFMM doesn't build one of these Wonders of the World is beyond me.

Surely they must have noticed the huge success of El Toro at SFGAdv...

What are they thinking???


That aside, I really must go ride this one day SOOOOOOON!

El Toro and Balder are both Top 5 of my overall favourite coasters. Am sure T-Express would join them at the top... if not on top!


Why is South Korea so far away...

Eagle Fortress... Atlantis Adventure... I want to ride you too...

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