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  1. What if they put this gimmick on RMC streak? I'd be ok with that. Seeing that ~90d drop and how steep the lifthill is with the projected height compared to the next hill makes me think they could fit it in, it would probably need some beefy steel supports from the ground to the pivot point.
  2. This ride is going to be fantastic when it's 100+ outside. Great addition, nice to see that area of the park getting some love too.
  3. As much as I love all the RMC transformations. I'd be just as happy if they restored it to its original glory.
  4. I went for the first time in 4 years Saturday and was able to ride TC 5 times, amazing ride, nothing else needs to be said about it by now. As much as people dislike them, they really need mandatory personal storage devices on this ride. The main reason why there was no dueling was from guests lagging to get across put their stuff down and then figure out how to get into the trains. I understand why some are slow, they're nervous etc, just the nature of the beast. Twice while waiting there were people that put their purse aside sit down lock restrains then ask to get out to put their cellphone in their purse. All 3 trains stacked both times I witnessed this. But for the most part there was rarely stacking all day. Also saw 3 walk of shames. They really need a test seat out front.
  5. Going to the park next month. Six Flags hasn't updated the Flash Pass ride list online (Still says Colossus when you go to buy them!), is Twisted Colossus available right now to use Flash Pass with? I'm assuming it's platinum only right now, but is it a per ride up-charge as well like X2? Thanks!
  6. Reports of EMT's rushing too twisted colossus with a gurney. Hope everything is ok.
  7. ^^ I totally understand the frustration with that, but where in line do they stop giving out passes? Someone will just miss them and may have been in line for 2 hours as well. They can't have a pass line of 2 hours. No matter what they do someone will be upset. The only thing they could've done is let you wait there. Which sucks they made you get out of line.
  8. There are pictures of a train on the lift hill, it looks like it is on the green side meaning it has indeed taken the first lap of the ride.
  9. All these were found using the #twistedcolossus on Instagram. Ourmountain_thrillpark greensanitarium
  10. Having extra of everything also means you have to have the space for it and maintain it as well. I'm sure a chain that serious can't sit unused for a year in a warehouse without being lubricated or something.
  11. Yea the Green side looks insane, the side view looks semi normal. How has no one talked about the head choppers on the Blue side?!
  12. Sure from an aerial photo it looks semi ugly with all the concrete. But from the parking lot Colossus was awesome looking. The skyline view while parking always gets me more excited, along with the drive in with X2 in your face.
  13. Wow, looks like they'll need to order some more wood. At least it was Isolated at the highest point, could've spread fast if it started at ground level somehow.
  14. As awesome as that sounds, it's most likely a page about the history of Colossus.
  15. Legoland California. I can see the fireworks from my apartment and work in an office building next to it. I've never been and probably wont unless I get in for free somehow or a good discount rate, until then I'll go when I have kids and they're old enough. I loved Lego's as a kid but don't see myself paying $60+ or whatever it is to get in without having a kid to go with.
  16. ^^I Marched in a Parade at Disneyland with my highschool band in 02. It was a lot of fun, Went by way too fast though! Enjoy it.
  17. Anyone know if LL:DoD will be an up charge for the flash pass like X2 or Green Lantern?
  18. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom will be the first ride that's probably going to scare the crap out of me. I can't wait.
  19. I went Saturday and got the All you can ride wristband too. They only sell them online for days other than Wed and Thurs. But only for this weekend then its done. I went Saturday with the wristband and had a blast. The KMG Speed is included in it too!! went on it 5 times before the line got long That made the wristband worth it alone considering its 10 tickets without. Other than that No lines all day! Here's the link to where they sell them for this weekend. http://www.sdfair.com/index.php?fuseaction=events.one_price_day Went on one of the dark rides. Don't remember which one but someone was inside scaring people, wasn't dressed up though. Wasn't expecting it and he totally got me. The Mouse ride was insane, rode with My girlfriend and I on one side and it spun like crazy. Deep fried Trix and Cinnamon toast crunch were amazing. And yes I make it a point to see the pot belly pig races every year. For the 21 and older they have FREE wine tasting near the kiddie rides. Happened to walk by and how could I say no to free wine. I was the youngest one there and I didn't care one bit. Wine was really good from local wineries, and you get to keep the free wine glass with the 2012 fair logo on it.
  20. Anyone get picked for the Travel Channel Film shoot tomorrow morning?
  21. I work at a Civil Engineering/Survey Office. Wish my company would get picked to survey stuff for theme parks! Hope they're surveying for a new ride and not anything related to them removing Vu.
  22. I don't know if anyone in southern California remembers a place like this, it was in Irvine off the 405 @ Jamboree and you actually played on real grass. The holes were a little longer than normal mini golf and didn't have the novelty ramps and obstacles but you only used a putter. It was what you would see if you took a full sized golf course and shrunk it way down with fairways, rough, greens, bunkers, etc. I have no clue what it was called or when it closed down but I know it's not there anymore. It was really cool and unique.
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