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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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I've been waiting for you guys to visit this park again since I took this picture a year ago. I was on a UH-1N "Huey" helicopter flying from Yokota Air Base into Hardy Barracks in Tokyo and was able to get a good shot of LaQua. Enjoy!


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I love Thunder Dolphin! Yeah, it's no GeForce or SRoS, but it's still a helluva lot of fun. And its central location is just wonderful. I've been to Tokyo twice - anytime I had an hour or two to kill, I could always hop on over to Tokyo Dome City and ride Thunder Dolphin some more. This ride makes me more than a bit jealous of Tokyo - why can't Manhattan have a big Intamin hypercoaster right smack dab in the middle of the city? Seriously!


I'm sorry to hear that GeoPanic and Zombie Paradise are gone. I kinda liked those rides too. I hope something good takes their place.


How is that new Intamin mini-hyper at Tobu Zoo? (They were just starting to build it last time I was there...)

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Ok time to come back to this thread and come back STRONG!!!! How about a little Tobu Zoo and a Kawasemi video as an "apology" for not getting to these updates sooner?


Anyway, Tobu Zoo is home to a new for 2008 Intamin "Mega Lite" called Kawasemi. All I can say about this amazing coaster is that it's all the power and airtime of Superman: Ride of Steel and Expedition GeForce packed into about 1/4 of the size. It's absolutely incredible! I really hope parks pick up on this little ride as the perfect "small coaster" that isn't too intimidating for older guests and really delivers.


The rest of the park we did a quick run through. Got on Regina which is still very good, although a bit rougher this year. The Togo Looping Mouse was down for maintenance which is a bummer, but like we've always said be prepared for coasters to be closed in Japan. I do think Kawasemi more than made up for this!


I still think that if you're in the area of Tokyo be sure to hit up this park. Even without Kawasemi it was a great place to visit and now it's got, IMO, the best steel coaster in Japan!


First off, how about some video of Kawasemi:



And now the photos...


This is what the group looks like all hyped up on caffeine and Japanese crack!


Still hyped up there is NO WAY we are going to turn down the opprotunity for a group photo in front of the coaster-morphing, huge knockers hot chick in the train station.




Ok, let's pause for a moment. This is a lift hill shot, yes. And it's for those lift hill enthusiast dorks, yes, yes...but let's just point out that this is the lift to a coaster that will make our group scream with ultimate Intamin pleasure for the next hour or so. Read on...


The first drop may not look like much, but OMG does it deliver!


Are you wet yet?


It's just a mess of track everywhere!


Three airtime filled bunny hills in a row, thank you very much.




Dave looks happy...like a school boy who just found the hidden key to dad's liquor cabinet.


Just look at it...perfect curves and hills. Dolly Parton would be proud!




Did we mention it goes under water?


Everyone's hands up? Check!


I beleive they are having a good time.


Three sexy bunny hills!


It's like there two of them...I wish there were two of them!


You guys don't mind riding like, 17 or 18 more times, right?


Wow! That is like the meanest Bob face I've ever...EVER seen!!!


Regina...she's sexy...and rough!


She'll give you a good beating but some men like that kind of thing! Yowza!


The park has a lot of nice curves.


Yay! Everyone is either happy or invisible!


"Hi, this is Robb and Martin, and I just want to let you all know that we normally don't look this bad...seriously...this could be the worst picture of us ever taken!!!"




Ok so maybe Martin always looks like that!


Bob and his fan club!


"We are the world's thumb wrestling champions!"


Robb and Yoshi will challenge Bob and Tim to a thumb wrestle duel!


As you can see Dave and Jeff also want in on this thumb wrestling action. They are showing off their goods.


Ok, enough of the other rides, did we mention this is one of the best coasters in the world?




It's like Superman, Goliath, and Expedition GeForce shrunk down and cute!


Three little bunny hops sitting in a row...




The world can never have too many Kawasemi photos.


"I would like to introduce you to my robot ride-on beetle!"


OMG. Is he finally....dead????


Thanks for reading everyone! Again, sorry about the delay.


Next up! Nasu Highland!



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