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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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^ and they're all awesomely grrreat!


There was also a curry flavour; seasalt - which didn't taste much different than 'regular' salt; honey flavour.... a few others, I forget now.


Most of the time (I found) the popcorn wasn't hot, but it was still easily edible, with these flavours (and more!) to choose from. One flavour popcorn per cart, fyi.


And some of the freaky fun, was trying to figure out where they all were, in both parks, LOL!

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^You're right! The Japanese Park Maps were amazing!! Like novels! They had so much information on all the special events, food, merchandise, etc. Then the English maps were barely anything!


A few of us were matching symbols and stuff to figure out what the Japanese Maps were talking about!

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Here it is! The final Re-Cap post of the Epic TPR Asia Trip! If you want to read the entire epic trip report in it's entirety check it out here:



Hey kids! Let's review what we did today....


We saw some iconic Olympic stuff...


Here we are on the Great Wall of China.


And of course we went down from the Great Wall TPR style!


We rode a coaster that nearly killed us! (No, really!)


Went to the "Forbidden City" even though they let us in.


Elissa was a Chinese Hooker for a day.


Sex in China is VERY weird!


"Super Speed Cool Cool Bear."


Yes, it's a roller coaster.


This is NOT a sign of quality!


When the coasters fly apart, they just pile them up in the corner.


KidTums got a lot of random Chinese Kiddie coaster credits!


Happy Valley looked awesome...but the operations blew...but just LOOK at it!


This is an actual REAL Space Shuttle once used by NASA.


Oh, good...just what Robb needs...A TANK!


Is this picture REAL or FAKE? You decide!


"Orgiastic Scream!"


Please don't forget your private thing!


Kick Ass Intamin Rocket!


"Mommy...do I REALLY need all these credits?"


"I love Chinese Food!"


Freestyle Music Park should come ride this.


Good thing this coaster isn't covered in rust or anything...


Mr. Chicken says "Yo!"


"The beak is my favorite part!"


We are in Hong Kong now.


KidTums poses "Asian style!"


Yes, the Panda IS watching xxxpanda.com


Hong Kong baby!


We hired them as babysitters. They worked for peanuts.


Yup, it's a roller coaster.


Just in case we forgot what her name was.


We went to Korea for some awesomeness...










Not Awesome.


Yay! Back in the U.S.S.R.!!!! Wait, wrong country...or is that wrong song? Oh, never mind!


Intamin Credit!


Crazy Japanese Video Game Character Hair Credit!


Many pints of semen were ejaculated during the taking of this photo.


I can't show you Elissa's lower half because then we would have to charge money for the site!


KidTums says "You know, bread tastes pretty much the same in Japan..."


"Everyone loves a log..."


Very pretty coaster haven.


In Japan, Hello Kitty haunts you everywhere you go.


"Welcome to Yomiuriland...want to sniff my ass?"


F**k this place. Seriously. Worst theme park in the world.


"Peeing fairy is better than two midgets."


It's tall and phallic...and yeah...it's tall and phallic.


This Ferris Wheel is bigger than Japan.


Elissa is:

A. Getting eaten by a shark off screen.

B. Getting her ass kicked by Japanese obstacle course.

C. Trying out for Wipeout


And finally we end our trip at Tokyo Disneyland where we rode Aquatopia for three days straight.


Just kidding. We also looked at this sign for 9 hours.


Japanese Mexicans entertained us with their jokes.


Two days later we were still riding Aquatopia.


Elissa and Kristen say "We hope you enjoyed our Epic Asia Trip Report...now go

Buy The DVD!!!"


Thanks again for reading!



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Many pints of semen were ejaculated during the taking of this photo.


Without a doubt, the best photo caption ever.



For some reason I decided to go torture myself and read the Fuji-Q update again. While the park sucks, I liked how all of the rekcol (read it backwards) subtitles got switched to locker. Sounds like a great trip! (besides Fuji-Q, but that's a given)

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Great summery. It made me laugh the whole way through. Amazingly, the Fuji-Q update is my favorite. Also the video is my favorite video segment on TPR, just because it is funny as hell and Joey and Chuck's opinions of Fuji-Q make it a winner!


A totally epic summery Robb!



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