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  1. I've made a few new pictures last sunday ( 24th october )
  2. Bacon is made of pork and pork is the meat of kings ! http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/Pork/
  3. That was pretty fast ! Manny In England has the correct awnser , these are red blood cells , but the picture is a negative
  4. Good luck ( though this one shouldn't be to hard )
  5. My vote would have gone to dnb(drum and base)/Dance/Electronic/Rock/Pop but since that is not an option to choose from ...
  6. It's like a new world just opened up to me , I just discovered The Beatles .. It's a been hard day's nigth Simply loving it!
  7. Very cool Tr's ! Wish I also was there , but I think I'm not the only one wishing that ...
  8. C'mon C'mon in my pants ( The Von Bondies ) Make a Sound in my pants ( autopilot off ) This Fire in my pants ( Franz Ferdinand ) Cyanide in my pants ( Metallica ) Out There in my pants ( pendulum ) Wow .. there are just so many good posibilities
  9. Tick Tick Tick Boom in my pants
  10. Cirrus - back on a mission ( from the NFS underground 2 OST)
  11. Amazing video , I loved how you edited all the shots and made multiple shots of the same rides , giving an excellent view of almost all rides and the surrounding ! Also some very cool slomotion and reverse shots in there ! The only thing I didn't really like is the sudden ending .. or did you hit the 500mb upload limit ?
  12. Let's get this thread going again ! Time to photoshop !
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