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The Official "TPR Europe Trip 2008" Thread!

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The haunted walk through was amazing considering the rest of the park. I screamed so loudly at one point that the actor asked if I was ok. Shane then proceeded to hold onto my shirt so I would protect him.

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The haunted walk through was amazing considering the rest of the park. I screamed so loudly at one point that the actor asked if I was ok. Shane then proceeded to hold onto my shirt so I would protect him.


That was an excellent haunted house attraction. Shame it was trapped in that park.

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The waffles and walk-through haunted house were both top notch. However, the next best thing at the park was the Wacky Worm.


I thought Le Comet Space was surprisingly decent, and I had fun on the drop tower as well. I'd have to rank both these higher than the Wacky Worm (although the Wacky Worm certainly had its charms).

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its such a shame I was in mixed thoughts before we got there becuase id heard good and bad things about the place, but its hard to say i wasnt disappointed by it. The rapids ride was decent, but the place was abandoned and it just seemed like a place that was being left to die

such a shame for a place that could have been full of life.

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Day 12 - Disneyland Paris, Part 1

Since we were at Disneyland Paris over 2 days there will be 2 days worth of updates!


Photos by a LOT of people! Robb, Elissa, Hanno, Big Mike, IggyACE, Divv, Jes, Russ, Chuck, and many more....


Ahh, it was all worth the French Crunch for some awesome food! See everyone tomorrow!


Ok, time to head to the hotel for some rest...but first, let's stop at the "worlds worst McDonalds" where you may encounter the ultimate in French Crunch!


Hey! Look who showed up! It's Remi! And he's a REAL animatronic that shows up to your table at the new Ratatouille restaurant at the Studios.


Time for KidTums to feel Elissa some more hot dog skins!


Look! Mickey Mouse thongs are on sale!!!


...speaking of sexy..."Hey Elissa, how about some official Disney lingerie?"


Sexy little sign out front...


Still has the "hallway"


Tower of Terror here is pretty much the same as the version at Disney's California Adventure. Not that that's a "bad" thing, just that it could be better!


Wait...are we still in Paris or did we teleport to California? Oh, thank god! We are still in Paris!


Ok, time to hop over to Disney Studios Paris which has GREATLY improved since our last visit!


Kablooey! To bad it doesn't ride as cool as it looks. :(


Space Mountain: Mission 2...yup!




"Boogey! Boogey! Boogey!"


"Can I play too?"


This looks like a perfect place to play a little game of ass grab!


And now with your friends Piers and Elissa...you CAN be!


"I've always wanted to be Peter Pan..."




The Dan Waterfountains weren't working...that SUCKS!


All the Alice Maze...we're going to be in here a LONG...LONG...time! (at least Joey's not leading us around this time!)


"Hey Elissa! Where are you?"


"Hey Rodents! Where are you?"


"Who said something about being limp?"


"You all can have your stupid pizza burger...I'm going for limp skinless hot dogs!"


Mmm....just look at that thing. It's a marvel....pure GENIUS of culinary inventors.


1 Pizza Burger = 1 year off your life.

But it's SOOOOO worth it!


That's right! SUCK THAT BABY DOWN!!!


There it is in all it's "pizza as a bun, greasy burger in the middle" glory!




And now for the most amazing thing ever....just when you didn't think disgusting greasy nasty food could get any worse...we bring you...


KidTums had fun...but you won't see this coaster on her list (well, at least not her REAL list...)


"We are sad and pathetic...we will count this powered coaster."


Time to go get KidTums another credit...well, actually, it's not a credit, but at least she gets to ride it!


Speaking of guest stars, look who we found working Buzz Lightyear! TPR member msep003!


TPR Midwest Trip REPRESENT! Booyah!!!


Look who it is! Arem! A Disneyland Paris guest star!!!






There really is something VERY wrong with this family!!! =)


Yes! It's a small world!!!


KidTums and mom ready to go on the most torture ride ever....


But even still.... "I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!!!"


Yup, it's awesome looking! Probably the best Disneyland castle out there.


Wow! You really can't get a better greeting than Donald waiting for you holding the sign "Airport Chauffeur Style" upon arrival! (Well, ok, it could be Mickey, but really, who's complaining?) =)

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I'm glad you made the trip to the back of Discoveryland for that Ultimate in BurgerWTF-ishness...




I had told a few of the others on the tour about this "unique cuisine", having eaten it (actually twice in two weeks' visit ) during our 2007 visit.


So Robb, was it crowded when you guys were there? I remember going in just before the noon hour - and it was deserted. There was more staff than patrons, lol. It started to pick up as lunch time progressed, but I still got a kick out of it being one of the places in the park that wasn't crowded and screaming with little....screamers.

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Combining pizza and a burger sounds like something that would never really work, but holy crap does that look tasty!

My type of food!

Now they just need to combine dippin dots and cake, and we will be good!

(maybe they already did that, but I'm not sure )

Cant wait until part 2!

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I do believe I have a new 'worst' coaster to put at the bottom of my Mitch list this year!!! I had last been on the 'new Space Mountain' at Disney in 2005. It was bad and I swore I'd never ride it again. Fast forward to this year and I somehow got suckered into riding again. I had to take so much Advil!!! Worse than Gouderix, worse than Fujin Rajin II, just terrible.

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A couple of things:


- There is not enough sadness being shown by trip participants over the fact that I went home before you went to DLP.


- Space Mountain Mission 2 does look amazing. However, it rides like total crap. If it actually got worse since 2005, it may actually kill people on a regular basis.


- The Pizza Burger looks like amazing hot death!


- Yeah, that McDonald's there is the most screwed up one in the world. The one that people experienced at the beginning of the Spain trip is NOTHING compared to this one!


- Loved the "WATCH YOUR SPEED" caption!


Awesome photos. Still bummed I wasn't there. Looking forward to the next installment...



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Why are there so many photos of Chris?!


Because if you include him and 9 other people, you get a special in-room wake-up call from Brian's mom!


You so beat me to that comment. Damn.


Those pizza burgers look like a heart attack waiting to happen. But they look oh so tasty at the same time, and I'd have to give one a try.


Who else is willing to bet that Elissa stole the Ratatouille animatronic as well?

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Pizza Burger, pfffft!


Croque Monsters were the way to go, if you wanted to just inject cholesterol into your bloodstream.


OK, it is really called a Croque Monsieur, but calling it a Croque Monster was much more fun.

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