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  1. awwww it all looks sooooo TPRish! Sorry I cant be there with you guys this year! But I'll be keeping up with the trip reports! great to see a large British contingent and the Scandi t-shirts look ace! Hope you have a good time. Elz
  2. awesome photos divv and great videos Craig! really enjoyed the trip must do it again soon! Glad Chrissy got so much video time, she's an official TPR geek just like the rest of us! E
  3. Awesome photo report Divv - miss TPR trips sucks i cant make one in 2009. Walibi Belgium... the best advertisment for contraception ive ever seen!
  4. thats like Eurosat, only with the lights on do you realise just how close you are to banging your head and losing your arms, you also discover that someone needs to invent a "car wash" for rollercoasters.
  5. ^ the party train was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip!
  6. nice TR Chuck really enjoying it, my head seems to appear in lots of your photos lol
  7. its such a shame I was in mixed thoughts before we got there becuase id heard good and bad things about the place, but its hard to say i wasnt disappointed by it. The rapids ride was decent, but the place was abandoned and it just seemed like a place that was being left to die such a shame for a place that could have been full of life.
  8. Extra Extra Extra ERT on EGF was amazing. The guy running the ride was a maniac! A stunning ride, even with the 'trims' that first drop, quote Lou quoting Dave (TheBat), really is a religious experience because you'll be needing the messiah to calm you down after it! Best coaster of the trip and a quaint little theme park to boot, again they let you put six in a flume boat, which we took serious advantage of. That vekoma could do with... well taking down really but the Star Flyer was insanely good and the Intamin drop tower was fun. Great fun on a great day.
  9. ^ I completley agree with you Norman. I remember talking about this to a few people on the trip, specificly Brad (mammut was his 100th!). I think Mammut 'fits' Tripsdrill amazingly well, ive already said that I think Tripsdrill was the most beautiful park ive probably ever been to, and it is a 'family park', its not necessarialy intended to be the most thrilling, hair-raising park in the galaxy, its intended for families to come and ride all the rides together and for that fact Mammut works. Sure, compared to Troy, Colossos and other woodies we rode on the trip it pales in comparison, but this new rollercoaster company who've built the ride have done themselves a credit by building into the aesthetic and cultural value of the park, im sure the mothers, fathers and young children love the place and i can't disagree with that.
  10. ^ Not as bad as the 7 year old boy dressed as Little Red Riding Hood on the Michael Jackson ride at Phantasialand. Sure the boy hasn't reached puberty yet, but his scream was so shrill that im sure most of our ears were bleeding! and yes Tripsdrill, in my opinion the most naturally beautiful (even over Efteling, who must spend millions on their gardening bill) park, surrounded by vineyards and luch countryside. On the way to Tripsdrill we drove through what I imagined rural Germany to look like, houses with pointy roofs, lots of BMWs and thin streets it really was amazing. Tripsdrill also let you sit 6 in a Log Flume boat, which we took to our advantage putting Steve, Brad, Erik, Jes, Divv and Russ in (probably the heaviest log flume boat in the world). And one of the funniest moments of the trip when a small boy started playing with one of the sprinklers just outside the flume, then turned round and fired it at Lou full pelt. Awesome park, definitley worth a visit, even if just for the wine-tasting!
  11. nice to know that my participance on the Spain 07 trip was worthwhile...
  12. Zeus was an awesome ride! The airtime was insane! I really enjoyed the rapids ride, and i mentioned this on the Europe 08 board... that it wasnt necessarially the ride, but the social construct of the ride (only 1 of you will get soaked, which one will it be!) makes it so much fun when you've got a boat filled full of mates. Its probably the same with any ride, in sure the TPR ERT on Troy made it even better than if i was there by myself.
  13. who took the photo of the Brits with the Phantasialand character underneath the Berlin looking monument? and its MY signature move now.... mwahaha
  14. awesome tr chuck, and the RCT comment got me laughing too. Agreed with everyone else that Toverland was just so much fun, sure the hospitality we got from the park was amazing, but they too were genuinely thrilled to have TPR there. Troy was defo my #2 coaster of the trip and defo #1 Woodie. Great night, loads of fun! BEER!
  15. Formulae X was amazing. Perhaps the most surprisingly good ride of the whole trip. Quite brief, but the launch was amazing and the airtime was phenomenal.
  16. ok this is what I seriously dont understand. Dont get me wrong,on rides like El Condor where you do get bashed severely, I agree the pain does ruin the ride, and the "im glad ive got the credit so i dont have to ride it again" line comes out. I completley get that. But at the same time, being thrown about and bashed, and thrown out the seat is surely a small part of what roller-coasters are all about? Whats wrong with a bit of temprament and fierocity on a rollercoaster? Lots of people who rode Troy on the Mini-Europe, and then again on the 2008 tour have said that Troy was more aggresive this year. For me thats great, i like the aggresiveness, the fiery, uncontrolable temprament because thats what Rollercoasters are for. Even rides like Superman in Madrid last year, which was probably one of the smoothest coasters ive been on, had that sense of being thrown about, and its (what i believe) part of what makes a coaster successful. And if you're moaning about being bashed around on Colossos, go ride "It's a Small World", because I think that's the style of ride you're more suited too. TRs are awesome Robb keep it up.
  17. Efteling hotel was awesome, the bed especially, having a giant 'E' on the head board, something ive got to get at home
  18. this park was a 'discovery' to me when i went to see Radiohead in Denmark in 2006. if you look at my page on a certain coaster counting website, you'll see Daemonen as one of 15 coasters that got 9/10 or above. Thats at a current count of 195. An awesome little gem of a park with old classic rides mixed with a thunderous BM and an awesome drop tower!
  19. you've just said that "i think you (plural) didnt think you were caught on camera releasing (english) petrol". hehe. im sure i was trying to get everyone else in the picture. the smell in the air was the aroma of french youth!
  20. I think Heide Park appeared in the European version of one of the Rollercoaster Tycoon addons along with Blackpool and Alton Towers? Heide a park that knows what its doing in terms of controlling guests' happiness. By having 2 of certain rides it means the queue times are split in half, also if you only do (i.e) one log flume, you have something to go back for next time. It has a fantastic drop tower, its Vekoma rides weren't the worst and the Bobsled was fun, it had rides, shops and attractions all over the place, lots of different foods. Colossos was brilliant, nothing beats a good out and back woodie (except Troy), and Desert Race is a Rita: QOS close but is still amazing. Heide don't shut rides because of rain and it's incredibly well gardened and themed. Definitley my #1 of the trip when you're looking at the total package. I found it way better than Europa, which dont get me wrong I thought was awesome, Heide was just that bit special.
  21. great TR Chuck, as Steve's said the captions really bring back the mood of the place! Asterix was one of my favorite places of the trip, and personally, with an amazing woodie, best bobsled, cool dark ride, best spinning boat ride, awesome food, it actually gets my vote for the best coaster/park line-up of the trip. The emoness in that photo, i think i was just trying to move over so that Lou and Dave could be seen as they're clearly trying to be a part of the picture! Great stuff Chuck look forward to seeing more.
  22. you know i would have had there been no beer present.
  23. haha never!!!! that song is permanently stamped into the mind! same with the euromir song, which i will sneak in to the next DJ set I do.
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