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The Official "TPR Europe Trip 2008" Thread!

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^ I think it was just because you guys *looked* like the emo group. You all totally looked like the sad and dejected high school group disassociating yourselves with everyone else! The funny thing is, that I noticed you all up there looking that way so took a picture of the group, only to find that Big Mike and Hanno ALSO took the same picture!!! So apparently I wasn't the only one who thought you guys looked emo!




LMAO! Hilarious Rob just great. Like was said a few times this park also reminds me of Disney. And that spinning coaster looks fantastic! Thanks for the PTR Rob!

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Dare I suggest...


Europa = Heaven.


Feeling better near the end of the tour, the amazingly laid-out Europa Park and the magnificent Colossos Hotel surely bolstered my touring spirits, lol.


And Euro-Mir DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I was so thrilled to be riding this coaster in the tour. It was one of The Ones I'd always wanted to ride, never knowing if I ever could get the chance to... until the TPR Tour.


It did not disappoint.

At - all.

Hey, I even bought the CD of the attraction's soundtrack, LOL!


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Great update once again!!


It's been awesome to follow the trip, needless to say I would've loved to join. Still it's cool to see many Spain trip participants and 'new' people enjoying Europe and having a blast


Oh and that hotel and food looks tasty.


Interestingly enough I don't think Euro Mir was that special, good?, oh yes... maybe because I only rode (got to ride) it once, the weight distribution/spinning wasn't really in my favour then.


Yeah, Europa Park is a awesome place, also it's looking even better with the new coaster coming to fill the sort of 'gap' it had in the coaster department.


Have to go back there.


with TPR.

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Ah, Europa... one of my home parks! I didn't know Europa Park was considered to be one of the best in Europe! I really like the picture of the 'inside' of the Euro-Mir mirror towers. I've never seen that before! I agree, Euro-Mir is one of the most unique coasters ever. Although, I do think the techno spiral lift is a bit long!


Did you guys happen to try the Greek food near Poesidon? It's quite delicious and I recommend it for the next time you go there! Also, did you guys also happen to try the Bananenweizen (Banana beer) there as well? It's one of my favourites because it's so sweet!


Nice pictures, looks like you guys had much fun!

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Day 11 - Walygator Parc

Well, we spent more time at Europa in the morning/early afternoon and then hit Walygator as a 'rest stop' on the way to Disney....


Ok, ok...Hi...This is Robb & Elissa. In all seriousness, the park was FINE! We just happened to hit it on a REALLY empty day which made for some GREAT photos and a really funny story to go with it! We hope you enjoyed this little bit of TPR fiction.....Or WAS it? Maybe the alien zombies have BRAINWASHED US!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


No! We were all captured and forced to ride this giant tortue device for hours and hours!


Head chopper! No, no...REALLY...that actually *IS* a head chopper! DUCK!!!!!


Did we mention that the employees were zombies?


OMG!!! Just moments after we rode this GIANT MUTATED SNAKE ate the wooden roller coaster!!!!


Everyone was tagged with these neon orange stickers to keep track of the prisoners.


It *looks* steep.


"....this was the last picture we ever saw of them...."


Ahhh, darn. Chris, Hanno, and Piers didn't make it...


"Be careful not to get captured on the exit platform!"


OMG! This is where they are keeping all the people! They are forced to ride Anaconda over and over again!


The ride kind of reminded me a LOT of Great America's Grizzly!


Good thing the aliens knew how to build a wood coaster!


It LOOKS like a Go Kart track, but really it's the space port where the aliens fly in and out of.


Aha! It all makes sense now..."Space Computer", mutated reptiles, Fatal Bazooka....this place is run by ALIENS!!!


Big Mike says "This isn't a prop! This is an actual park employee still on payroll!"


Is there where Fatal Bazooka lives?


Oh, the irony! "Terror House" could be the name of the park!


NOOOO!!!! The place is overun by GIANT REPTILES!!!!


Crap! They've captured Chuck!


This must be their leader... "Fatal Bazooka?!?!?"


OMG!!!! They....they.....THEY ARE ALL GIANT BIRDS!!!!




Ahh, very interesting....apparently the inhabitants of this park are GIANTS!


"Please do not leave me alone in this creepy place! They will EAT ME!!!"


So THAT is where everyone is!


"Please come ride my ride...I haven't seen another human since 1984."


Odly enough, it really wasn't THAT bad!


Yup! There are credits! And once again, we are the ONLY people riding it!


I never knew that the Space Computer was in the form of a Vekoma death machine!


Yes! We have found it! The SPACE COMPUTER!!!


Oh, no...what is that?


All the boats going like they should be filled with riders...but NOBODY around. Very creepy!


The real whores don't care what the park looks like! Just give me a coaster!!!!


Oh, what does it matter? There are credits here!


We weren't sure if this plane crash was theming, or if it was an ACTUAL plane crash, but nobody was around to notice!!! =)


Other parts just looked abandoned!


Parts of the park just looked deserted....


Walygator was a very "strange" experience in that it seemed like we were the only people in the park...but it seemed like not only were the only people, but could we have been the only people to have visited in MONTHS?!?!?


Do we ever get sick of group photos? Not as long as you guys don't get sick of looking at them! =)

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Oh dear, I don't think I'll ever go on a TPR trip now, for fear of zombification.


You're a member of the site--the process has already begun. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


You captured the Walygator experience perfectly, Robb. The sheer emptiness of the place does remind me of a bit of Wonder Rakutenchi in Japan--only with great chocolate-dipped waffles.

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The Terror House was a lot of fun! The upstairs portion of the attraction was a bit of a head-scratcher - I think it was supposed to simulate the experience of going to a nightclub and having someone slip something into your drink. Then you go down into the basement and the real fun begins - lots of blood-and-guts mayhem! It was a bit Hostel-esque. It was SO dark. And then from out of the blackness, someone would grab you. And then we got chased by a guy with a chainsaw - FUN! Fortunately Stefan was wearing a bright shirt that showed up in the darkness, so we were able to follow him through the basement - otherwise, maybe we never would have made it out! We'd still be stuck down there now... BWAH HA HAH!!!


Really, more parks need to hire live (or undead) actors to lurk inside their haunted house attractions...

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Nice TR as always^^


Fatal Bazooka is actually a comedian who parodys rap singers and he does some humoristic songs (he was very famous a few months ago).


Why have you been to Walygator?! To many french fans, this is probably one of the sickest parks in our country! You should have come to WRA (moreover I'd have joined you lol)

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Why have you been to Walygator?! To many french fans, this is probably one of the sickest parks in our country! You should have come to WRA (moreover I'd have joined you lol)


The point of the stop was to break up the long drive from Europa Park to Disneyland Paris. A rest stop with credits beats a rest stop without credits. Walibi Rhône-Alpes is way out of the way we were going. Besides, many people on the tour really enjoyed the walk through attraction at Walygator Parc. I regret missing out on that!

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The waffles at Walygator were absolutely delicious! The best on the trip, in my opinion. Freshly made right in front of us. Yummy!


Where were the waffles? We somehow missed these during our search for food. I ended up getting a hot dog - but I could sure have gone for a waffle. (I ate delicious waffles at many of the parks on our trip... I think my favorite was the one I ate at Walibi Belgium.)

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It was pretty sad, Walygator Park was.


After a number of us had done the credits, found out the topple tower was not operating (as well as several other rides in the park), we started looking around for something, ANYthing that was open for food.


And we missed the waffle stand, which (sounds like it) would have sure been better than the half-open sitdown place some of us eventually settled for.


And after sitting down, we then found out most of the kitchen was closed down (WTF?), so all we could get were... salads. Thankfully, they could come up with meat (i.e chicken) on a salad, so that's what I settled for. Still....



And then of course, fate had one more kick in store for me, and I left my reading glasses and a hankerchief at that "restaurant." And I didn't discover what had happened, until we were at the Disney Resort. Grrrrr.


Missed the walk-through Haunted House, too.


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The waffles and walk-through haunted house were both top notch. However, the next best thing at the park was the Wacky Worm.


But as Ginzo said it was 100% better than spending 2 hours at a rest area on the highway.

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The point of the stop was to break up the long drive from Europa Park to Disneyland Paris. A rest stop with credits beats a rest stop without credits. Walibi Rhône-Alpes is way out of the way we were going. Besides, many people on the tour really enjoyed the walk through attraction at Walygator Parc. I regret missing out on that!


Woops^^ I always forget Walygator is in the north, and not suposed to be in the south lol

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