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  1. Ok, fellow Hoosier, we need to talk. There are national conventions happening RIGHT NOW to help you learn more about the candidates - that's pretty much the point of them. They're on during prime time hours. Turn to CNN at about any time right now and you can get information on the candidates. Three of the four key players have written books, and several books have been written about them. I just looked on Amazon and there's a book released this past June that compares the political views of Obama and McCain. Additionally, I can't believe you'd take the cheap shot about voting for McCain because is VP "is nice looking". That's gotten enough men into bad relationships, let alone a nation. It's as if you've given up trying to think for yourself and allowed your penis to vote for you. Go do your homework and come back in November with a more educated decision, regardless of your choice.
  2. When I first heard about Sarah Palin today, my first thoughts were "Well played, McCain!" But with more thought, I'm not so sure. I wonder how many people will see McCain's age and Bush alignment along with Palin's youth, inexperience, and gender as reasons not to vote Republican. On the other hand, Obama is dealing with race and inexperience issues on his side. Actually, I wonder if some people simply won't vote at all because they're too ignorant to get over this new type of candidacy. I personally find it refreshing, but I don't know how much change our voters can take all in one blow. I also wonder how voters view a presidential candidate from Hawaii and a VP candidate from Alaska. Do they see it as exotic or out of touch? In the end, this is going to be a hard won election come November. I'm watching as much convention coverage as possible for both sides to get informed. Looks like Palin should have written a book! Obama, McCain, and Biden all have at least one!
  3. Michael Phelps just took his first gold medal and set the world record in the 400 Individual Medley! YES!!! And we swept woman's fencing yesterday - we're off to a great start. Go USA!!!
  4. Wow Chuck! That is a ghastly picture of me on this page! I can see the viewers at home either backing away from their screens in shock and fear, or showing their friends and making drag queen remarks. I'm really sorry everyone! Chuck, please find a way to redeem me!
  5. For someone who criticizes others for not being adventurous in food choices, you ate at Mickey D's quite a bit. I know! Sad, isn't it? We ate more McDonald's on this trip than on ANY other trip we've taken. EVER. (Especially after watching Supersize Me!) Some days we were tired or in a hurry and McD's was close by (pre-Europe NYC days). Others there was really nothing else available, like when we were always going to the airport to eat. Sometimes, it was the most affordable thing we could find, so even though I'll never consider McD's food to be great cuisine, it is decent, and left us full. I've made up for it by cooking quite a bit at home, and of course Thai is on the menu frequently! The grill has been used a couple times (mmm, veggie kabobs and steak), and the wok is coming out tomorrow.
  6. The waffles at Walygator were absolutely delicious! The best on the trip, in my opinion. Freshly made right in front of us. Yummy!
  7. ^ We crossed the 500 mark someplace on the trip, but I really don't know when. Does that make me the Anti-Nerd? Oh, and congratulations Mark! NERD!!!
  8. Wow, those are some fun memories to relive! Kristie and I about killed each other (and drenched each other) every chance we got! And yes, I do remember the evening - it was probably my favorite day of the trip. Though I'm pretty sure you could take our group just about anywhere and we'd find a way to have fun! Nice job, Chuck! You're motivating me to finally work on some of my photos.
  9. Hanno, your camera gets such great color saturation! Some of those ride photos look like the coaster is about to come right out of the screen. Once again, great job!
  10. ^ Is that why I still suck something awful at that game? No, I just pull the trigger like every other Chuck, Rich and Larry. And I still fail. Boo! Maybe if I could hear the directions in English just ONCE! Fun TR Chuck! Every update is a little better than the next! Keep 'em coming! ~ Melanie
  11. Well done as usual, Hanno! Every time Rich says, "Hanno put up more photos," I can't wait to look at the site and see what's there! Thank you for letting me revisit these parks through your lens. ~ Melanie
  12. That picture of Larry should come with the caption, "I play for hugs!". It's by far one of my favorite pictures of you, Larry! Such a great, natural expression. But depending on my mood, I look at it as you've accomplished something none of us did by completing two ropes courses, or it's just another of your "special" shots we've come to expect from you. Either way, I miss you!
  13. Also known as "farmpit"! Farmpit = smelling like a barnyard animal OR Farmpit = foreigner + armpit Feel free to incorporate this into your vernacular!
  14. Thanks for a great TR JimmyBo! What a shame your yellow hat didn't make a cameo! We missed you in Europe, but I'm glad to see you were doing something constructive with your time. Silverwood is a park I've definitely been curious to see, and your report makes me want to go even more. I'm thinking we need an adventure trip with white water rafting (Snake River?), hiking, and Silverwood! We may not live, but somebody will find the footage of our hijinx eventually!
  15. Chuck, this is a great trip report! I'm looking forward to more, and I was with you when you took all these photos!!! The captions are great too! It's funny to see the pics and think, "Oh yeah, I remember where that was," or "Hey, I took that picture!" I have to wonder why there aren't pictures of those delicious Parisian pastries? Oh wait, because we ate them so quickly! More antics! More nonsense! More Team Larry! Keep up the great work Chuck! Loodle loodle loo!
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