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Getting stuck on a ride!

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Well...my list is kind of long...you have been warned!


Iv'e been stuck on:


- April 1995, stuck on Splash Mountain at WDW at age 4 for 25 minutes in the dark, very fun (yeah right)


-June 1995, stuck at the top of the lift hill on Rolling Thunder at SFGAv age 5. 30 minutes, didn't go back on till next year.


-July 1998, my brother and I got a roll abck on a kiddie coaster and we had to be evacuated.


-May 1999, My friends mom, and I were on the Coney Island Cyclone, and the break man didn't pull the break so we went flying into the loading platform!


-Feburary 2001, My mother and I were stopped in the HaunteD Mansion in the magic Kingdom for a little while while they were loading/unloading handycaped guests!


-Feburary 2001, Broke down in The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in the Magic Kingdom, and the ride was evacuated.


-April 2001, E-stopped on Batman The Ride at SFGAv on the brake run at age 10, in the dark, with my twin, freaked me the hell out! About 20 minutes


-April 2002, Stuck halfway up the lift hill on the Coney island Cyclone for 15 minutes, at age 11.


-June 2002, Stopped half way up the lift on Saw Mill Log flume at SFGAv because there were too many boats!


-June 2003, E-stopped twice on Batman The Ride at SFGAv, at age 13, that was was a fun 45 minute ride.


-August 2003, E-stopped on Comet at The Great Escape for 10 minutes, with Anthony and 8 year old sister Savannah


-July, 2004, My restraint wouldn't open on Top Spin 2 at Coney Island. My cousin was just laughing at me. They had to take it off manually.


-August 2004, Anthony, Savannah, 8(first time on this ride, and getting stuck on one), and I got stuck on Super Manège at La Ronde,at the top of the lift for almost a minute


-August 2004, Went on for the third time that day and got stuck at the top of the lift, by myself, in the front row again! For 2-5 minutes I was by myself (because every one was eating but I was doen. And wonted to ride again.


-Saptember 2004, Me, Anthony, and my friend Angie got stuck on Robin chiller in the station for 5 minutes. let me tell you, being stapled in for that long, hurts!


-September 2004, Me, Savannah, and my friend Angie got stuck at the top of Rolling Thunder at SFGAv for a minute or two at night!


-Saptember 2004, I got stuck in the station of Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAv, becuase my restrain wouldn't open!


-October 2004, Anthony, Savannah I over shot the lift of High speed Thrill Coaster at Knoebels, and we were stopped for about 8 seconds. (Picture below!)


-October 2004, When savannah and I were on The Flyers at knoebels, the motor went dead we sat there for a few minutes. The ride juist started, and I t was our first time on it!


-May 2005, Kingda Ka's opening day, Savannah, Anthony, Anan, and I got stuck on Kingda Ka. We left the station, stopped for 20 minutes, pulled as back into the station, sat for 10 minutes, than made us get off.


-August 2005, I also got stuck on La Marche du Mille-pattes at La Ronde. We came into the station a little too soon. We stopped with the lastc ar (that my sister, brother, and I were in) on the outside of the station. The operator ran off. Went through the queue, than ran back, pressed a button and sent us through an other lap .


-June 2006, I was on Top Spin 2 at Coney Island and it just kept going in a circle constantly and the supports were shaking. It can to an abrupt stop upside down and we sat there for 30 seconds before we came down slowly. We then sat there for a few minutes while we saw staff running under the ride (Anthony the Benny and Anthony (MedusaDude) are witnesses to this!)


-June 2006, Me, my friend Alexa, Dan (kkrider09), and his friend Dave got stuck at the top of the lift of Batman the Ride for 15 mintues.


-August 2006, Anthony (Medusa Dude), Spike (Nitro Fan), my friend Pebbles, Dan (kkrider09) and I got stuck at the top of El toro for like a minute. We got a re-ride and it happened again!


-November 2006, My brother Anthony (the Benny), and I got stuck on Raging Spirits at Tokyo DisneySea. I realized something was wrong when we left the station and stopped for a second on the little break and slowed down on all the MCBR (You don't usually). We got to the end, and stopped. There were two trains in the station. Onen before us, and two behind us (all on the break run). They than made an annoucment saying the ride was down, and turned off the fog and turned on work lights. It was pretty cool! About 10 minutes later, they restarted it and got us off.


-November 2006, E-Stop on Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland


-November 2005, E-Stoped on Splash Mountain's final lift, at the very top (kind of hanging off).


-January 2007, E-Stop Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom.


-January 2007, E-Stop Space Ship Earth in EPCOT.


-January 2007, Break Down on Universe Of Energy (Ellen's Energy Adventure) in EPCOT, and they evacuated (my first real evac).


-April 2007, Break down on Skull Mountain's first lift for about 10-15 minutes. The restarted, and we went through half the ride with the lights on, and we stopped again on the first break run (where they turned on the lights again). A few minutes later, and attendant came out and manually released the breaks and we continued to the block breaks.


-May 2007, My friend Mike and I were doing a TV-Shoot at Astroland in Coney Island, and while they were filming us on the Cyclone, the lift stopped half way up, and about 5 minutes later, the unlocked out lap bars and made us walk down the lift.


-June 2007, My brother, two best friends of ours, and I got stuck on the break run of Rolling Thunder (right) at Six Flags Great Adventure for 10-15 minutes.


-June 2007, My brother, three best friends of ours, and I got stuck leaving the station on Rolling Thunder (left) at Six Flags Great Adventure. The train before us stopped at the top of the lift, and the control panel never detected a break down so the ride was evacuated.


-July 2007, My friends, Walter, Jackie, my brother and I broke Recess Xtreme Cup Challenge at Hersheypark while coming into the station, though we got a ride stop in the middle of the ride a minute before.


-July 2007, My friend Kenny and I got a lift stop at the top of El Toro's lift for a tiny bit.


-July 2007, My friends, Chris, Kenny, TJ and JR had a really weird thing happen on Rolling Thunder at SFGAv. Both sides of it were running one train, and was racing. (Keep in mind, RT uses Skid Brakes), and when we came into the brake run we slowed down a tiny bit, then all of a sudden we got a huge boost of speed and rammed right into the station, and the train came to a sudden stop halfway! I have no idea what that was about!


-August 2007, Pebbles and I headed over to Batwing in SFA where we saw around 300 people leaving. Oh great it broke! So we waited it out. We get in the quiet queue, and turn to the steps, where we see a bunch of people just sitting and chillaxin! We were all talking and having a good time! They reopened the ride, and we all got on the same train! Pabbles and I were the only ones in the last row, and after a minute of checking we were clear. The seats lowered, and we didn't move. We sat there for a little while, before they lifted us half way, stopped, then went up all the way, then lowered all the way back down again for an other minute! Then they lifted us up again and they unlocked the train, and had them recheck it again! Then we repeated the same process as before, but the second time we went down, we actually dispatched! (Figures I'd break Batwing). The ride is so cool. This is so much better that Superman Ultimate Flight. We got off, and ran back around, where we ran into a kid who we were talking to before.


-Dainan "I'm what you'd call...bad luck" Rafferty

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^^Does anyone know what actually happened when TTD got stuck at the top? I know there are brakes at the top of KK, and so I'm thinking that was an E-stop.


The weight distribution and speed of the train was just perfect. I worked there that summer and I remember walking back to my ride and seeing it stuck there with people, which kinda shocked me. The same thing happened earlier in the summer during morning testing while it was empty. They simply have a guy take the elevator up to the top and push the train over.

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I got stuck on Tower of Terror at MGM Studios. It was kinda sweet. IT was at the very end of the ride just before the elevator turns toward the exit. We sat there for like 15 min and eventually maitenance guys came and we had to evac out of a side pannel on the side of the car. It was pretty sweet. Most of the people got right back on because they told us we could ride again right away on the second tower for no wait.

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The weight distribution and speed of the train was just perfect. I worked there that summer and I remember walking back to my ride and seeing it stuck there with people, which kinda shocked me. The same thing happened earlier in the summer during morning testing while it was empty. They simply have a guy take the elevator up to the top and push the train over.


Holy balls. That's pretty lucky.

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Amazingly I haven't been stuck on too much of anything


Splash Mountain (WDW)--November 2005. Toward the end of the ride. Funny thing is I just finished training on Splash Mountain so I could have evacuated the ride while not in costume but that is a no no.


Revenge of the Mummy (USF)-- Summer 2007-- At the false unload scene. If you didnt know they can fit 2 trains in that area. Sat thier for about 20 minutes then they tried reseting, the train in front moved and we moved to the next hold, but then it stopped again. Sat there for about 15 more minutes and then they were able to move us to the unload area.


Also once on Spider man, right under the heating element so it was really hot. Happened 3 times in the same day. Real fun.

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I guess my experiences are notable, avoiding the ever inevitable "sat on the break run for 10 muntes" experience that everybody has, Ive got:


Media Day for Deja Vu SFMM, we got stuck on the first tower (facing the ground) for about 15 minutes. I think the best part is that there were reporters in the front seat freaking out, with ACEers in the back rows making comments like "Guess well get to see if the e-brakes work!" I was lucky though, I was on an inside row so I got to rest my feet on the train in front of me:)


Media Day for Goliath SFMM we got stuck on the mid-course, at which point it began to hail. Hail and wind, combined with giant 'lift hill rain drops' was a great experience. We were soaked from head to toe by the time we got off. The train did that whole "move a foot then stop again" thing thats been mentioned earlier. I was in the back, but the folks up front were literally sideways by the time this ordeal ended.

---Side note...that same night we came back and rode again, and about halfway through the helix there was a noticable 'bump' that persisted for the remainder of the ride. We returned to the station and were very quietly notified that the wheels were prototypes and were being replaced. Guess they didnt want the media hearing about it. Did anybody that was there experience this as well? Would really like to know more about this!


Finally, I got stuck on Psyclones lift hill. About 2/3 of the way up. Ride started up after maybe 20 minutes. Was the smoothest 20 minutes of Psyclone I ever experienced


Does KBF kingdom of the dinosaurs count too? That was a crappy half an hour...



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^ Goliath is notorious for eating through wheels. It isn't an uncommon thing--practically routine.




Log Jammer: For the longest time, this was the only ride I had ever been evacuated from. Stopped at the top of Lift 2 when the ride lost pumps. About 10 minutes later, we were pulled off and walked down the hill. Many teenaged-jokes ensued over "evacuating logs".


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DL): The crew blocked trains and we went down on Lift B. I explicitly remember seeing the panel operator stand up and shout "Why havn't we dispatched yet?", which is funny because if you dont make a point of looking for the panel operator, you typically dont notice them. Sure enough we crest Lift B and just stop. Takes a mere few minutes before CMs are up there with a step. Opened all of the lapbars, got us out, walked us down. We then crossed over the track, passed the helix, and into the mountain, where we found ourselves at the base of Lift A and proceeded up to the station.


Splash Mountain (DL): After the second drop once we entered the showbuilding, there's a holding brake after Brer Rabbit. About 4 logs (including ours) stopped there. A few minutes later a CM showed up, helped us out of the longs were we proceeded back along the flume, through an exit at the back of the building, down some stairs and back onto the midway from the gate at the end of Critter Country.


Dejavu (SFMM): Front row, Tower 1, got stuck for about 10 minutes before we were jogged back down. Worst part was, everybody behind us decided to spit. Didn't get hit though.





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Indiana Jones at Disneyland - Entering the Hall of Promise we stopped. Were there for about 10 to 15 minutes and then evacuated.


Scream! at SFMM - Been stuck on the lift multiple times. Never more than 7 minutes or so.


Deja vu at SFMM - Tower II -


The Riddler's Revenge - SFMM- In station - 45 minutes - It was hot as hell, but ( the crew or supervisors ) I can't remember, brought us all bottled water.


Batman - The ride : Stopped at upper lift. Not sure if it was a seatbelt or blocked trains. Either way an op walked up, reset lift, and we were on our way in under 5 minutes.


Revolution - I've been stopped at all the brakes due to errors during safety rides/block check.


Jurassic Park - USH- Stopped on ...What is that? Lift B - Main lift? For about 10 minutes.



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I was stuck on my first ride of Expedition Everest. Our train stopped on the final lift hill before the cave. We waited 15 minutes before a few workers strapped the train down and helped us out of the cars. We walked up the rest of the hill and into the cave. From there we went into a door on the left of the cave and walked down a stairwell inside the mountain. At the bottom you could look up and see the inside of the mountain and all the steel beams. We were then led out the mountain near the end of the ride and given fast passes.

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My brother and I got stuck on the pepsi max big 1 in blackpool last month. He's only 7 and was terrified, we were there for about 10 mins while they were checking the wheels on the other trains .

Indiana Jones (paris) they were having really good operations that day and than kinda slowed down, eventually, when me and my dad got on, we got to the blocks just after the loop and stopped in a foot. ouch

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Not including times when I was stuck in the station or they momentarily stopped the lift to confiscate a camera, I've only been stuck on Spaceship Earth for about 20 minutes, the lift on Montu for about 15 minutes, and the brake run of S:RoS at SFNE for about 10 minutes.


Also, on an unrelated note, I did experience an E-Stop on T2:3D at Universal. Just as John Connor got on the motorcycle all the lights went out, the actors quickly fled the stage, and then all the lights came back on with the doors in the screen clearly visible and the motorcycle in the middle of the stage.

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Ha last year at Disneyland we went on the Indiana Jones Ride. The ride was previously shut down for about 20 mins, but it re -opened and we got our ride in until the very end when the whole thing just stopped. I t was no big deal at all for us though because we were in the loading and unloading portion of the ride and were two trains away from the air gates. The other people, however, might not have been as lucky.


Also I got stuck on the Tower of Terror in MGM (or Disney Studios whatever it wants to be called). Howver, it was also at the very end where the elevator was supposed to back up and let us exit into the library. That ventriliquist doll freaked me out though since it was looking right at me. lol

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I was at Disneyland last Friday and almost realized my #1 coaster goal: seeing the inside of Space Mountain with the lights on (okay... I guess I've set the bar low on coaster goals). Actually, riding it with the lights on would be better but just seeing the inside would be fun. Sadly, I was off by one train (rocket?). The ride faulted and the lights came on but I was in the last train to go back into the station area. If I had just been one train later then we would have been inside the mountain. Crap! So near and yet so far.


The train in front of us was in the station so they released the safety bars and let those people out. Our train wasn't in the station so we just sat there for ten minutes while the ride ops handed out readmission tickets to the people in line. Then they finally got to releasing us. Our train is the one waiting on the track just before the station. It's on the track about three or four feet off the floor. There's no walkway next to the rear car of the train where I was. I just assumed they had some kind of Space-Mountain-themed hydraulic platform which rose out of the floor so we could get down. Or if not that, at least some kind of step ladder with Mickey Mouses emblazoned on the side. Nope. You just hop down to the floor. The ride op helpfully suggested that you could sit your butt on the side of the car and then slide down. I'm tall so I just hopped down but the two small women in front of me had to use the slide down approach. Somehow I expected it to be more thought out. This is Disneyland, after all.

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In 1999, I got stuck on Batman (SFGAm) on the lift because of an unbuckled seatbelt. This was about 10 minutes after the park closed, and I was freaked out because I didn't yet know about the evacuation platform and thought we had to jump to the stairs if it didnt restart


Had a total of 3 misparks on Deja Vu at SFGAm. 1 in 2001, 1 in 2002, and 1 in 2007. Unfortunately, no miscatches


In 2001 at SFMM, I had a 32 minute ride on Colossus (Red). I got first train of the day. For some unknown reason, they were actually running 3 trains on Red side So we start going up the lift, and I notice the 3rd train is not advancing, we get to the turn before the block brake, still hasnt advanced. We spend 15 minutes in the block brake. They restart it, then we get stuck in the next brake for another 15 minutes. Of course, because this is SFMM, there was no compensation


In 2003 at CP, I had a set-up on the 2nd lift of Cedar Creek Mine Ride, stuck 3 minutes.


In 2004 at GL, got stuck on Steel Venom. Launced, then the brakes immediately came down.


Was stuck in the Transfer Brake of Raging Bull for about 10 minutes in 2005.


In 2006, I was stuck in the final brake of American Eagle. About 10 minutes. The issue was, someone in the previous train undid their seatbelt in the brakes and tossed it outside the car, so it got jammed between the car and the platform. Idiot, lol.


2 almost stuck:

In 2003, green train on TTD, barely cleared the tower, BARELY.


In 2007, almost valleyed on Whizzer at SFGAm. For some reason, one of the trains was running really slow, just creeping over the tops of the hills. Probably the slowest Whizzer ride I will ever have. After I got off, they sent the train empty so maintenence could transfer that train off. With no people in it, it got stuck on the anti-rollbacks at the top of the 2nd hill.

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I got stuck on California Screamin in September- It was due to a cleanup effort (and train transfer off) for the row behind me. Can't tell whether it was the car in front of us that had a sick person, or the affected row, but someone made a really bad smelling mess.


I did, however, get to hear the evil music loop. I wish we could have been stuck on the MCBR though- that'd have been great. Instead, I get a view of the final helix, and a nifty concrete wall. And a bad smell.


Other than that, I got to walk off Test Track in '01, we got stuck on the area with the "DIP" before the tunnel, and got stuck on BTMR when the fireworks were running.

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I've been stuck a couple of times over the years...


I got stuck for about 10 minutes on Goliath on its opening day... Not sure how many of you remember the day Goliath opened, but it rained a lot that day. Overall a very wet experience.


I have also been stuck before for a couple of minutes on the lift of Riddlers Revenge.


I got stuck once on the life hill of Boomerang at KBF.


I got stuck near the top of the lift hill for Desperado for about 5 minutes.


I was stuck for a few minutes in Space Mountain (not long enough though for the lights to come on).


Finally the longest I ever was stuck was for about an hour on Ninja. We got stuck about 1/3rd of the way up the lift. Got going again, and got stuck near the top of the life. Both times for about 30 minutes each.


I did forget I got stuck once for about 10 minutes on Orient Express. The bigger problem is I was working that day and honestly should not have been on the ride, so I was a little worried while I was on there that I would be noticed. Generally I got a ride back there from various different people, so I got lazy. After getting stuck I never took it up there again.

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Invertigo at CGA: E-Stop was pressed and the seat I was in was a 1/4 up the boomerang. Stuck for about 10 minutes.


Endeavor at CGA: As we were upside down I saw the tires stopped spinning, and I figured it wasn't supposed to do that. Came to a burning rubber hault and was stuck in 100 degree weather for 15 minutes.


Drop Zone at CGA: All of the cabins dropped except ours. Really freaky! We were up there for about 5 minutes and it took 5 minutes to get the cabin down.


I saw them do an evac on Demon at CGA, and that is one hell of a steep lift!

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Been stuck quite a few times on various rides. My favorite was on Tatsu Media Day. Tatsu was lift stopped and I remember all of the camera crews running from everywhere to get footage of it. We were only on the lift for about 7 mins and then the ride restarted. That was the best.


The most recent was Pirates at Disneyland. We were stuck on the lift at the end of the ride for about 45 mintutes.

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Once during an employee party at night after closing on Demon at CGA, the op dispatched our train too soon which caused the ride to set up. The train we were on stopped on the brakes before the cork. Sitting in the dark stopped on the brakes, we heard the next train climbing the lift, and climbing, and climbing, it finally stopped at the top and after about 15 minutes they released our brake. We crawled through the rest of it. That was the slowest I have ever gone through a corkscrew - seemed like it barely made it through. The party was over after that happened. But for a few moments it was a little scary.

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I've been stuck on a bunch of rides. I'll start off with my homepark.


Six Flags Great America:

- American Eagle (red lift hill 3 times, red brake run 2 times, blue brake run 1 time)

- Giant Drop - I fainted on the way up because I was really sick and it was hot out and woke up at the bottom. We were then stuck at the bottom for about 10 minutes because the restraints were stuck. It really sucked.

- Iron Wolf (lift hill)

- Demon (lift hill)

- V2 - stuck halfway into station after ride was over (2 times)

- Dejavu - one miscatch on each tower. A few misparks.


Other Parks:

- Montu (lift hill)

- Speed the Ride - after the ride was over the train stopped in the launch section and they evacuated us. Basically the train was 20 feet from the station and stopped early for some reason. It was kind of freaky walking on the narrow catwalk next to the track.

- Roar (SFA) - lift hill

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