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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

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As said before, a Stengel dive is an overbank located on top of an airtime hill, Skyrush does not have that.

People should stop calling it a Stengel dive, and just say overbank.

Yes, but if that wasn't overbanked, it would've been an airtime hill. IMO, an overbank is a U-turn that has an angle of 180 degrees (give or take) and a Stengel Dive is a turn with a radius of around 90 degrees. Given the way it looks, I consider it a Stengel Dive.

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All I know is that whatever element it is (named or not), it looks awesome and proves the sheer intensity of this ride should make it a great element of a great ride (regardless of the element's name).


These construction pictures are very exciting. I have not been to Hershey since I was a mere child, but they keep getting awesome projects from Intamin making me wonder why I've never tried to make a trip back.

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Just shot from HersheyPark, courtesy Matt Walborn-


If there was -any- doubt to this element being a Stengel Dive, this will now end it.




EDIT: Also from Matt Walborn: Side profile of the Stengel Dive...




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I have no idea about maverick, I have not watched that element, so I don't know.

As for the whole stengel dive concept, the trains need to go up a hill, get overbanked, and dive into a curve.

This does it all in reverse.


Either you call it an overbank, or a reverse stengel dive, but I don't see the point in the last one.

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I think we can all look at the pretty pictures of the new coaster without arguing what an exact element is called. Let's move on please.


Last warning guys. We will start deleting posts if you guys can't move on. It doesn't matter what you call it on paper, it's how it rides in person!

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Looking awesome! However, my little brother is more into the cranes than the sexy Intamin.



Here is one I forgot to post last night...your brother should love it!


Note how tiny that JLG looks compared to the drop!


Cue up the Rod Stewart: "Do ya think I'm sexy" song!

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