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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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Why doesn't B&M make a flyer with a vertical (not curved) first drop?


I don't know. It seems like the majority of B&M coasters have the curved first drop. All (or at least most) of their hypers have a straight drop, and a few others of various types, but by far most of their installations have a curved drop.

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^^^And to add on, it just wouldn't be as exciting. The point of a straight drop (especially highlighted by hypers) is to get that airtime feeling, have the feeling of the track pull out from under you, away from you. Inverts and flyers with straight drops would sort of feel the opposite, since the track would seem to be pushing you down more and more. Yeah, the Gs would be similar, but what you perceive visually would lead to the different feeling.


Curved drops on flyers and inverts provide that feeling of the track curving away from you, and the trains feel like they are flung around and yanked back on track.

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^^ Nemesis' is debatable. It has a straight section, but it's very slight, and even that is after a downward curve. It's hard to explain, watch

if you want to see what I mean.


^ Personally, I wouldn't consider either Raptor's or Great Bear's straight. Both turn 90 degrees as they drop, so while their partially straight, they're not what I'd call a straight drop.



Anyway, back to Manta. Looks great, definitely better than S:UF. I like seeing inversions other than pretzels on flyers.

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I think because with the train being inverted, a drop while turning spaces the cars more than a straight drop will. Which is why there really isnt a straight dropping inverted coaster from them also...


I know what you mean, but its not a real issue on Flyers because the rows don't hang so far down as the inverteds, so there isn't that issue of them getting too close together.


Anyway, the entry to a pretzel loop is, in effect, the same as the entry to a straight drop, so there is no reason a straight drop couldn't be done.....using a bit of imagination you can see how this is the case:


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Keep in mind also that it's not so much B&M that wants to stick with the pretzel loops, but the parks want them. Sea World mentioned that they had ridden every flyer in the US as well as Air, so they pretty much go to B&M with a rough idea or even layout of what they want and B&M comes up with something. I think Busch in general has had a lot more say in their designs than most parks. B&M is probably more than willing to try anything they think will be safe, it's just up to the parks if they want to go with something that's already proven successful or try something new.


The problem with drops on flyers that are taken face down is they have to be very rampy because you just can't take that many g's on your stomach. Therefore, a straight drop would have to be pretty rampy with a huge pullout.

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Well humans do handle horizontal g's better than vertical ones, but not nearly as well towards the stomach as towards the spine. NASA has done a great deal of research on this and you can only handle about 2/3 the amount on your stomach that you can handle on your back. One of the big reasons is your eyeballs. Peoples stomachs aren't nearly as strong as their backs either.

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