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SeaWorld Orlando (SWO) Discussion Thread

P. 276: Penguin Trek construction update!

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Now the horrible part is about to begin...


Staring at a completed coaster that is waiting for the theme to be added and built


Anyone hear if their is a chance they will do a special for the Plat. pass members for first rides, etc?


I agree. It is the worst watching the coaster sit stagnent for so long after the trackwork is completed.

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Hopefully they can install all the themeing fast, because i am dieing to see this thing in action. But judging by the preview pictures, looks like i'm going to be dieing for a while.



Will this have magnetic brakes at the end of the ride? It looks like there's an air brake right at the beginning of the main brakes and no room for a magnetic brake. That'd be kind of weird for B&M to revert to not using mags.

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Manta is definitely looking good, but what I'm wondering is why they need that MCBR and how hard it is going to be on? I wonder if they plan on slowing it to almost a halt at that point?


Also, if the train has to be stopped for some reason, I assume it is going to CRAWL back to the station since the MCBR is not that much higher than the final brakes. Overall, it just feels strange.


No matter, it should be a nice ride, love that preztel/swoop/roll combo.

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Construction update! No track work today, and the crew wasn't really present.


This track isn't special. Thanks for reading!


The flat spin.


And this is the turnaround after that into...


I think this is one of the sections of the wing dip.


The drop after the mcbr.


I went to go see the rest of the track, and there's only 12 pieces left!


I hope that helps.


I have no idea what these pictures show for magnetic vs regular brakes.


I hope this helps anyone wondering about the brakes.




They put on some insulation (I think) today.


Here's a nice height comparison. I can't help but wonder how it's going to make it back to the station after an E stop.


Really quiet today.


Slightly different from yesterday's. You can see the wing dip taking shape.


I finally found a good seat on the Sky Tower.


This looks familiar...

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^ Looks like there is just "regular" clamp-brakes on the MCBR. Which could hopefully only mean a good thing. That not much trimming will be done on the MCBR.

If there had been some magnetic brakes on then it would have definitely slowed down the train.


Thanks for another nice update.

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^usually that's the last stuff to be on a coaster, so those ride ops may not be in the clear yet. Unless it's some California thing.


I'm pretty sure Consign LLC designed the control system for Tatsu and I would bet they'll be doing Manta's as well, so they'll probably be identical.

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Do the other flyers have e-stops at the top of the lift? What purpose would that serve (other than to get you exercise)?


Another thing I was wondering is Tatsu's lift 170' from the station level or is it just 170' at it's highest point?


I still think Manta looks like a great layout and I haven't noticed any trim brakes on the layout yet (other than the block obviously).

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^I believe its the zone reset that is being referred to. After an e-stop is pressed or when powering up an attraction, each zone has to be manually reset by walking to each block break.


I miss all 8 you had to walk out to @ Screamin'!

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Well for newer B&M's you have to perform what's called a "stop check", which is pressing and pulling up all the ride's e-stops, the rides stops, and the lift stops, That one button caused someone to walk up the lift everyday, (which was usually me because everyone complained about it). I haven't seen the panel on the lift though. I'll look for it the next lift photo someone posts.

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what is mbrs and i think that really close part to the ground will be the splashdown

It's MCBR; it stands for Mid-Course Brake Run. And yes, that low section will be the water feature, as seen here:



You might want to check this thread out. Your posts are horrible.



Ok I am not that bad. I messed up one abbreviation. i had to go fast because my brother had to get on the computer. Also, how did you know I was between 12 and 17?

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^^One abbreviation...and two capitalizations, and two punctuation marks.


Most people on this site won't mind if you screw up an acronym that isn't used outside of the coaster world, as long as your posts are clean grammatically. Use the shift key and that dot button, and you shouldn't have issues.


On a more related topic, I'm really liking this more and more. But I'm *still* wondering why they didn't include that twist in the "official?" layout. Especially when everything else was quite precise (like the elevation measurements).


Oh well, it was certainly a welcome surprise. It sure makes that crazy first half even more insane.

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