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Nürburgring launched coaster

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^ here is a google translation of the article.


After intensive efforts and discussions of the ring renovators with the competent District Administration Bad Neuenahr Nürburgring GmbH has today received the operating license for the hearing on the ring ° racer. Conditions contained therein which must be met before the ring ° racer can go to the public at the start. The ring renovators now have four weeks to check the pads on their feasibility and to the district administration to take a position. This procedure is an administrative law customary process. "Since we are responsible for the Nürburgring, we have made ​​every effort to obtain evidence or documents required, who ultimately made ​​the district administration allows a supervisor to give us the long-awaited approval ' says Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Schmidt, CEO redevelopment of Nürburgring GmbH TÜV SÜD So already had one, final report on the technical review of the ring ° racer created '. This comes to the conclusion that all the necessary checks have been carried out without technical objections which are required for the granting of authorization for the operation of the ring ° racer. The final report also includes a newly developed evacuation plan of the Nürburgring GmbH. TÜV SÜD has confirmed that there is no health impairment of the passengers in the operation of ring ° racer. "The ring ° racer is technically correct, it is safe and it goes. Now let's try that he will run this year, even though the season already coming to an end, "says Jens Lieser, trustees of the Nürburgring GmbH The examination of the conditions and the preparation of the opinion to the district administration will be carried out under high pressure so now. "We are delighted that such an important symbol of the Nürburgring will now stand as a sign of the start and restart", confirms reorganization CEO Schmidt. The ring ° racer is a roller coaster whose track structure ring predominantly parallel to the start and finish of the Grand Prix track at the Nürburgring, partially outdoors and partially within the building complex ring ° boulevard runs ° werk. The system differs from a conventional used in amusement parks roller coaster. It has no major driving elements, such as loops or screws. Passengers should be made ​​to feel, what physical forces (acceleration, braking and cornering forces) is exposed when riding in a race car, a driver. Particularly noteworthy is the acceleration of the ring ° racer. For a distance of approximately 100 meters to the train, consisting of two vehicles with four seats, accelerated to a speed of up to 170 km / hr. This occurs in approximately two seconds. The so-called catapult launch is the method be compared to the start of aircraft on aircraft carriers. The start (launch) by means of air pressure.

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Opening Thursday according to this German article.


Ring roller coaster ride starts on Thursday for the premiere

After years of neglect, the roller coaster at the Nürburgring on Thursday (31.10.) To start their first trip with visitors on board. The spokesman said the ring administrator, Pietro Nuvoloni, on Tuesday, the news agency dpa.


The final operating license for the so-called Ring Racer Ahrweiler district administration had already granted at the beginning of October. Originally the car had to go to the opening of the amusement park on the ring already in operation four years ago. But the approval dragged on, which justified the district administration about missing documents and once with high security requirements.


Even with all of this said, I will believe it when I see riders boarding a train.

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^^Totally forgot about OR!! I think Scenic World gave up on it.


I e-mailed Scenic World about Orphan Rocker back in April and here is their full response:


Hello Jack,


Thank you for your enquiry on the Orphan Rocker.


The Orphan Rocker has never been open to the public. Construction began in the late 80’s, it was designed and built on site making it an interesting yet challenging project. It needs to comply with the Australian Standard AS3533 which was being developed on as we developed the ride, consequently modifications to the ride were required once it was nearly complete. Due to other developments occurring site work on the Orphan Rocker stopped in about 1996.


At this current point in time the Orphan Rocker is part of the long term Strategic Plan for the business, but no date has been set for its redevelopment.


I hope that this information has answered your questions.


Kind Regards,


Kathleen Munro

Office Administrator

Scenic World, Blue Mountains

Cnr Violet Street & Cliff Drive

Katoomba Australia NSW 2780

PO Box 1042 Katoomba NSW 2780

T +61 (0) 2 47 800 244

F +61 (0) 2 47 825 675


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What the hell??? If Ring Racer and Flying Turns both end up opening in the same year I'm gonna start making bets on Orphan Rocker!


Or bet on the re-opening of HardStyle FreeRock Park


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I found this through Screamscape:




Opening weekend

31 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2013 (2 - 5.30 p.m.):

Unlimited number of rides for all holders of the regular day pass / family pass for the ring°werk.


What's the chances of Flying Turns, Undertow, & Ring Racer all opening on the same month?

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