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Nürburgring launched coaster

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More Photos on http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=28726&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=750. just scroll a little bit down!


EDIT: and they put the first car with the windshields and the german ex tennis player "Boris Becker" on the track for some press-photos:



and there is a racing trailer for "24 hours Racing" 4D-Cinema from the park, just some racing scenes, but they really look good:

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Holy crap they have done a lot over there since I last checked, its looking great.


What a shame that the windshield will stop the front row riders from getting a mouthful of bugs during night time rides.

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i cant bieleve that there actually making this! the only problem is that the brakes are right after the launch


They had to do it because this ride is not a normal coaster; it's supposed to be a F1 simulator, and during a F1 race there are accelerations, brakes, accelerations, brakes again......

If, in this ride their were only a big launch but no brakes, it would not be realistic. (I admit the horse shoes is not realistic, but I guess it was add to the ride to make more fun).

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it is completed since two days after i posted the last photos! just didn`t found good new ones to post it here. But you can see it on the webcam (on the right side of the picture):



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Wow, I didn't know it ran in front of the grandstands. Even though it lacks a giant top hat like Top Thrill Dragster or Kingda Ka, this still looks like an impressive ride. The launch should be incredible, and even with the breaking after the launch, and it should still be fun. Plus, the launch track looks really long, so hopefully riders get to experience the speed for a little bit before hitting the breaks.

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I wonder how a rollback would be on this ride!!



I don't know if there will be. It isn't like TTD or KK where there is a big hill to climb, this hill is rather short (compared to the others). I think some massive mechanical failure would have to happen, and then there would be a lot of other issues...

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