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Nürburgring launched coaster

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I'm really confused over this coaster. When I first saw what I thought the track was, it was flat and boxy. This really confused. me. The only images we have seen of this have been very sketchy and don't really tell us much. Even the video is 'blah.' I'm looking forward to seeing it in action though.

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  • 1 month later...
some new facts: they moddified the train and put on them a windshield.

the curve of the track has height of 33 meters.


you find a park map here:



and the new video of the complete project here:





Translated easy link.


I hope the windshield isn't too intrusive, otherwise there will be no hair in the wind.

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some new facts: they moddified the train and put on them a windshield.

Do you have some foto's or conceptart from those new trains with the windshield.

Because I can only find conceptart from the trains without a windshield.

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the 3 air pressure tanks for the coaster arrived. Nice German report with video on http://www.ksta.de/html/artikel/1233584162386.shtml

here are some pics from the report:


and there is a new graphic from the curve at the end of the track in the coaster report on http://www.bild.de/BILD/lifestyle/reise/2009/03/die-krassesten-achterbahnen/der-welt-nur-fuer-mutige.html

here is the picture:

THe curve really looks good

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  • 5 weeks later...
there is a new picture/renedering of the trains with the windshield on it on http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=28726&start=675.


(just scroll a little bit down)



I like the new rendering. The windshield does not look like it will interfere too much. After seeing some photos of the track being put in place and the new rendering I am kind of excited to see the finished coaster.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yesterday I've been to the legendary 24h-Race...

the new "Nürburgring 2009" is massive and the ring°racer is hot:


Way out of the box...


...start parallel to the real pole position...


...launch along the starting and finishing straights...


...brakes at the end of the brandnew grandstand...


...up to the sky...


...back to the indoor themepark.


To take away!

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We drove by Nurburgring today, since we had nothing better to do really, and suddenly we saw...


Loads of supports and track


Even more supports


Back into the building


Future location of the tall turnaround


It will coast along there


And finally

Turn out of the station

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