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Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces "X2"

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10 million dollars for three new trains might sound a little steep, but when you consider that 1 ride/upstop wheel for X costs approximately 200 dollars and that 1 train has a total 64 of JUST those wheels on the train (not including X rails or guide wheels), it kind of puts things in perspective. Not to mention during the summer dozens of wheels are busted and replaced on a regular basis. That's right, do the math. There's over $10,000 dollars worth of wheels on X for just one train. Now, add in brand new train models, new electrical and you've got yourself a pretty accurate cost of refurbishment.


Some of you really need to step back and look at ALL the facts, and not just stretch the circumstantial ones to suit your own views. There is no evidence that SFMM's Deja Vu is going anywhere.


You're completely right. Its very easy to sway speculation to accommodate ones opinion, look at politicians and the media!


If they're willing to spend 10 million at MM to update a "non-family thrill" when Shapiro has promised "not many more Goliaths", why wouldn't they keep a coaster like Deja Vu that is relatively cheaper to maintain and doesn't require a 10 million dollar revamp after 6 years of its opening?


I can't wait to get on these new trains!


Big trains=Big Tunnel as well. Plus if there is any retracking done, it's entirely possible it could cost almost as much as a new ride. What did the Space Mountain rebuild cost?

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I disagree.


I think it's X squared or more to the point X TO THE POWER OF 2!


If you look at the official site, when it quotes the new name it is X with a small 2 beside iton the top right, which denotes squared where as it is not a big X2 like this one.


I rode X a few years ago and i think it is a big waste of money.The original coaster was just fine and the money shgould have been invested in other area's of the park which really need it like staffing maybe to ensure all rides are open most days and not select one's!!!!!!!

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I think that SFMM should have just got new trains for X2 and put the tunnel on some other ride. X is disorienting no matter what, and it doesn't need light and audio effects. It's a multi-dimensional coaster, and that makes it unique in its own way. Why perfect a ride that is really popular, instead of improving the ones that actually need it?

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^To be honest, I think the only remodel that resulted in a new credit of the same coaster was with DL's complete rebuild of Space Mountain. Lots of coasters have replaced trains and never remarketed the ride as "new".

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I don't understand the need for debate--we're all going to call it "X" still, anyway.






This sorta reminds me of when they modified V2 up here in Vallejo, and everyone started calling the ride V1.5. Funny the first 1000 times no doubt, then it just started getting old.

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