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Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces "X2"

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The tunnel can go on the brake run If a ride can be improved for it's customers then great, but 2 spend $10 million on it, how can the park justify that figure..


MM could have a copy of the Crystal Beach "Cyclone" or Playland Park "Airplane" woodies for 1/2 that cost and their attendance would double.


Figures do not impress me, it's the coaster layout and connection with the enviroment which matters.

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Ooooooo! I think an effects tunnel on the lift hill as well as the brake run would be awesome! It would also be pretty cool if they actually had some sort of audio speakers in the seats to add some sort of cool soundtrack. Re-positioning the 2nd rail on the lift to have some cool interaction with the dark ride portion would be awesome as well. I could see that costing a bit of coin to do.

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It makes sense..X is still the most popular ride at the park, so why not give it a face lift. 10 mil is a good chunk of change to do that. I'm most interested in 2 things...the press release states new audio, I really hope that means onboard speakers, though with as rough as that ride is I don't see those working for too long. And please god I hope some of that money goes into changing the staion to alter the load/unload process. Replace the the rotating seat sections to drop down floors...way more efficient. Still, I'm excited to see how X2 turns out

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I bet the audio effects is just speakers on the lift playing techno music (like Apollos Chariot). As much as I would love for X to have an on board sound track, I think it will end up being one big headache for the park. If Disney cant get California Screamin's speakers to work all the time, what makes me believe Six Flags can do it?

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Wow this topic defines the term enthusi"a$$"


I agree, instead of being glad a landmark coaster is not being scrapped, lets bitch about it staying and being improved. Like stated before, these are long overdue costly upgrades that have been needed for years. If they didn't do this, it'd be only a matter of time before Shapiro yanked this one out too.


And who cares if they could have built 2 small woodies for the same price, fact is it's the parks signature attraction and the GP loves the ride. Does anyone honestly believe if the park instead scrapped X and went ahead with the suggested woodie or any other mediocre $10 million coaster in the SoCal market would do anything for SFMM's attendance? Even a $15 million floorless did nothing for SFMM.


X2 is being marketed to the GP who will eat this up, and not even sit here for 10 pages questioning SFMM's marketing decisions or where every single penny of this $10 million upgrade will be spent. All they know is their favorite ride is being enhanced for an even more disorienting experience. SFMM is not marketing this relaunch to the small percentage of enthusiass that make up their attendance, nor should they even bother as demonstrated here.

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10 million dollars for three new trains might sound a little steep, but when you consider that 1 ride/upstop wheel for X costs approximately 200 dollars and that 1 train has a total 64 of JUST those wheels on the train (not including X rails or guide wheels), it kind of puts things in perspective. Not to mention during the summer dozens of wheels are busted and replaced on a regular basis. That's right, do the math. There's over $10,000 dollars worth of wheels on X for just one train. Now, add in brand new train models, new electrical and you've got yourself a pretty accurate cost of refurbishment.


Some of you really need to step back and look at ALL the facts, and not just stretch the circumstantial ones to suit your own views. There is no evidence that SFMM's Deja Vu is going anywhere.


You're completely right. Its very easy to sway speculation to accommodate ones opinion, look at politicians and the media!


If they're willing to spend 10 million at MM to update a "non-family thrill" when Shapiro has promised "not many more Goliaths", why wouldn't they keep a coaster like Deja Vu that is relatively cheaper to maintain and doesn't require a 10 million dollar revamp after 6 years of its opening?


I can't wait to get on these new trains!

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Question - when those of you claiming "Oh, they only say 14 world class coasters, Deja Vu MUST be on its way out!" - how many of you actually clicked the link that says "Learn More"?


I mean, surely if they claim 14 world class coasters, they'd bring you to a page of....14...world...class...coasters...right?


So I went ahead and did just that.


This list was presented to me (I'm only going to list the coasters):


1. Batman The Ride

2. Superman The Escape

3. The Riddler's Revenge

4. Colossus

5. Deja Vu

6. Goldrusher

7. Goliath

8. Ninja

9. Revolution

10. Scream

11. Tatsu

12. Viper

13. X2


Now let's consider something for a second. What are the two coasters that don't appear on that list? Canyon Blaster and Goliath Jr. Alright - now if I went to the park today, which credits would I be able to get? The 13 I just listed, and Canyon Blaster. Goliath Jr. isn't available to anyone over 54" tall. Coincidentally, I highly doubt that many people under 54" tall that would care enough to actually ride Goliath Jr. is even going to be browsing the Six Flags website.


If you were to actually look at the pages of the rides, you would also notice that Six Flags never even uses the words "Roller Coaster" in conjunction with Goliath Jr. - merely calling it a "ride" multiple times. Canyon Blaster's description, by contrast, specifically refers to it as a coaster.


Of course, let's not forget the fact that both S:TE and Colossus are twin coasters, or that Dive Devil is a Sky "Coaster".


My point is that I don't buy that just because there are suddenly 14 "WORLD CLASS" coasters listed instead of 15, that suddenly means Deja Vu is on its way out. Some of you sit back and present all the circumstantial evidence you want for it - but no one ever sits back and considers other facts that are probably a bit more important and conclusive:


1. Each Six Flags park essentially makes its own business decisions. This notion that so many people have that SF Corporate headquarters makes all the decisions for every park is garbage. Each park makes its own decisions as for what rides to add, based on its own operating budget determined by Coporate based on said park's earnings the previous year. Sometimes some parks are given a bonus to make improvements - which is probably why SFMM is able to throw $10 million on X.


There are other times when Corporate may strike a deal with a manufacturor, and then offer said deal to its parks to give them something new. This is probably the case with the new Dark Knight coasters - but make no mistake, each park is paying for its own coaster.


So, the point here is that SFMM, SFGAm, and SFOG each decide what to do with their own Deja Vus. It's not some corporate decision that removes rides and gives rides to parks - that's called a ride-trade program, and Six Flags ended it years ago.


So clearing up that misconception alot of you have ends those "Well the other parks are doing it, so SFMM must too!" arguments.


2. It's apparent by now that the Six Flags parks have updated their sites, made most of their press releases, and shown off most of the changes they're going to make for the 2008 season - every park's page displays something new, the removed rides are off of the park pages, etc. etc. - and yet, SFMM's Deja Vu remains firmly placed on SFMM's Thrill Rides page. Hell, Deja Vu is on the massive banner at the TOP of the page.


3. Regarding SFMM itself, Flashback is still standing and yet the ride is being removed and isn't listed on the thrill rides page. So if Deja Vu is being removed, why hasn't it been removed from the thrill rides list page too? Oh wait. Because it's probably not being removed.


4. There is NOTHING but circumstantial evidence for the removal of Deja Vu at SFMM right now. It think the issue is that too many people read too far into little, minute details without considering the bigger picture.


The minute detail is that SFMM have apparently changed their minds about what they consider a "World Class" coaster.


The bigger picture is the fact that despite all of the ride removals, all of the site changes, all of the announcements that have been made, SFMM still keeps Deja Vu on their thrill ride list, and the ONLY thing that you "It's leaving" people have in your corner that is based on a proven and in-arguable FACT is that two other Six Flags are removing their clones of this ride - and as I've just demonstrated through explaining how Six Flags works, that in no way gives any weight to SFMM removing theirs.


Yes, Deja Vu is being removed from SFOG and SFGAm because it is unreliable. But, as we've just seen from their willingness to put so much money into X, SFMM is apparently well-conditioned to dealing with such rides.


Some of you really need to step back and look at ALL the facts, and not just stretch the circumstantial ones to suit your own views. There is no evidence that SFMM's Deja Vu is going anywhere.


Well said-couldn't agree more, totally makes sense. Thanks


And what is with this moving X to Psyclone's former location? Nobody has rumored that and it doesn't make sense anyway. Whay would they move the most popular ride in the park from the very front for all to see to the back corner? Sounds like a dumb idea and is probably just some made up thing --- like the Deja Vu - leaving - thing.

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This has the potential to be cool, but I just have the feeling SF is going to screw it up somehow.


Also, where the heck are they going to put this tunnel? I mean, I guess the lift hill could be pretty sweet... but the brake run sounds boring as hell, kind of like the lift hill at the end of Ninja. You think you're going somewhere else but you're not. Although I can't think of anywhere else on the ride they could stuff a tunnel in, so... eh, I'll root for the lift hill. Double Loop had one at the beginning, without effects, and that made it pretty exciting...


I guess I'm all for it, as long as it doesn't do one of the following: a) the effects are so cheesy I can't stand it, b)the special effects break after a while and never get fixed again, c)the line is so impossibly long that I can never even get on the fudging thing again, or d)it still ends up rough as heck.


Oh, and couldn't they have come up with something more creative than "X2"? I mean, X was bad enough.... oh well. There's my 2 cents.




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Oh, and couldn't they have come up with something more creative than "X2"? I mean, X was bad enough.... oh well. There's my 2 cents.



X is still X no matter which way it's flipped. How is that not ingenious?


SF is working towards shaking off the pessimism. I hope it'll work eventually.

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Will it be a new ride? No. But I'm not going to complain about it. I think it will improve the ride some.


I didn't think the current trains are all that bad. I rode it a few times this summer, and while there was a bit of roughness on the second raven turn (easily avoided if you just lean forward) the rest of the ride seemed smooth. Still, new trains will most likely make it more enjoyable.


I like the current color scheme's originality, but I don't think changing pink to red is that big of a difference. I hope they keep some yellow instead of making all the supports black.


I'm interested to see the tunnel and lighting effects. I'm assuming it will be placed near the first turn around as thats the only part of the ride slow enough to actually notice a tunnel and lights.


Overall, while it seems somewhat expensive, I'm glad that they are trying to fix the ride instead of tossing it like they are with all the other high maintenance, and therefore good, coasters.

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Ok ive been reading all the idiots posts and frankly im sick of the bs

Robb should have a 24hr ban on false rumor posts that starts this crap


Im glad they are going to fix the flaws in the design on X

but for god sake people no need to post comments that piss people off


I know im going to get my head chewed off for this but as somone who knows the management of the park its just pointless to fight over nothing thats never going to happen deja vu is staying kevin casey told me himself so enough with the deja vu being removed crap



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^ Thank you for feeling so passionately Matt, but no need to back-seat moderate. People have a right to speculate if they want. Frankly, there's not enough official announcements in the world to discuss as much as we do.



That being said, I would like to ask that any further "Dejavu removal" discussion be carried over into another thread--be it the SFMM Updates thread or the Rumor Super Thread, or even an official "Dejavu removal speculation thread", if someone cares enough. Point being, this thread is about X-Squared ( ) so let's keep it on that. Thank you.











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I was not happy to hear that Ej (X's sister in Japan) is not as rough as X. I have never ridden EJ, but I have ridden X.


I agree with Sharktums on this thread. I think she said it best. If SFMM wants to compete with Cedar Point. Some of the things SFMM have done in the past have gotten them on my ghetto shit list. Before they repaint X they should spend some of that 10 million to paint the ground or something around Scream. Why reinvent the wheel on this incredible roller coaster.


X2 is kind of like painting the Coney Island Cyclone green and stringing a few christmas lights in the tunnel's and renaming it Cyclone2.


I really liked X. I liked everything about it- including its roughness- which was part of the thrilling appeal for me. X made me think that my car was going to finally give in to gravity- then off spinning to my death (or transformation). X's colors were wonderfully warm and inviting and gave a deceptive feeling of safety.


I will probably ride X2- then I will be able to give my opinion as to the difference and value of the extra 10 million bucks!


I am going to Disneyland on Sunday. I hope to experience something new.

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but for god sake people no need to post comments that piss people off


Take your own advice, man. Nothing pisses me off more than people who don't take the time to put their post in a readable form.


I think maybe Robb should put a 24-day ban on anyone who doesn't use a single punctuation mark in their entire post.


Anyway, X2 seems like it'll be really cool. I'm optimistic about SF's future, and so I think with a little effort, X2 could end up an amazing ride.

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...wow I'm sure not sold on how much they are spending for the new "sensory experience" (fog machine in a tunnel, and maybe a rock speaker or two). I'm all for new trains, but the price tag seems rather exorbitant for what they said they are doing

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10 million sounds steep, although as previously discussed, those trains I am sure are very expensive. Wasn't there some talk also about a inside que redesign? If so that will cost lot's 'o money, along with general track maintenance and repainting the entire structure, It adds up very fast.

I am happy they are extending the life of this amazing coaster (in my opinion, one of my all time favorites) Thanks SixFlags! ! ! ! !

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Regarding the amount of money being spent on new trains, when you stop and think about it, how often can you say you've ridden in a multi-million dollar vehicle?


About the tunnel...maybe it'll be on the first drop. Imagine going through a tunnel at that point in the ride and being flipped at the bottom.


New colors? Keep in mind that anything red will be pink in a year or two. Paint seems to do that. Remember how Ninja looked till earlier this year.



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