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Theme Parks You Always Think About?

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You know, when I saw this thread yesterday I laughed. "No way am I nerdy enough to think about or dream about parks all the time"


Then I had a dream last night. Seriously, the irony of it all, it was the first time I can honestly remember having a park-related dream... ever!


It was about Magic Mountain's Revolution. Which... again, this is odd, much like they are doing to X they spruced up the ride a lot. They changed the drop into the loop, got rid of the stupid shoulder harnesses, and gave it a dual loading station. Oh, and it was no longer on a mountain, it reminded me more of Canada's Wonderland how they plop rides in a field. It was really weird!! But the ride was awesome and we kept riding over and over again, not even getting out between the load and unload platforms. Weird stuff!!

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Idora Park. I'd kill to get a few more rides on the Jack Rabbit and Wildcat.


Knoebels - can never get enough of Phoenix. For me, the Phoenix defines fun.


CP - for MF, Blue Streak, TTD and the speedy station oeprations.


Holiday World, cause I've never been there but will be going there in August 2008.

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Lately I think a lot about Disney's California Adventure because I am really curious how the new renovation will look when it is completely finished.


...oh, and Tokyo DisneySea is another park I think about all the time. Even though there aren't that many rides there, the park itself is beautiful and one of the most enjoyable theme parks that I have ever visited! Next time I'm in Tokyo, I am definitely going there again!

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I always think about Cedar Point, because it's the best amusement park ever. It's the Roller Coaster Capital of the World!!! It has all of the world's best coasters like Millennium Force. MF is so amazing with how it goes really fast, and has insane ejector air on every hill. Riding Millennium Force is even better than sex. I haven't had sex yet, but I know MF has to be better.


I also know that CP is the best because I'm from Ohio, and CP is so much better than Kings Island. Kings Island does have the world's best and longest wooden coaster, The Beast. But they just took the loop out of the Beast because the train jumped the track and killed 800 people. So now I think Mean Streak is almost as good, even though it's sinking into Lake Erie. At least Mean Streak still has its loop!


I'd never go to a dump like Six Flags where the midways don't have nearly enough trash cans, and you get shot by gang members in line. Also, I'd have to leave Ohio to go to Six Flags. Why would I want to do that when we have the ROLLER COASTER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD right here?


Cedar Point also has the best food of any theme park. TGI Fridays is easily the best restaurant ever, and it's inside Hotel Breakers, the best theme park hotel ever. Can you believe that they only charge $500/night to stay in a 2 star hotel! Like wow!

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I always think about the "WELL THEMED PARKS" Like Disney, Alton Towers, Busch Gardens and Phantasialand. I also think about the parks with rides that people bash, Like Dorney (Hydra), Cedar Point (Millennium Force, Which is in my opinion a pretty forceful ride) And some of smaller parks that have genuine coasters but aren't really noticed because there are bigger parks around with more credits.

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Darien Lake

Sylvan Beach


In fact, I made a coaster for each, in NL.


For Sylvan Beach, I designed a wooden coaster with Millennium Flyer trains, 92 ft tall, to fit in the parking lot behind Galaxi.


For Seabreeze, I made a 150 foot tall custom Eurofighter with a B&M style holding brake on the first drop - designed to either fit in the overflow parking lot, or the land next to the waterpark.


For Darien Lake, I'm designing a 170 foot tall dueling B&M flyer (technically Vekoma, but it would be B&M) with independent courses (one has more "lie" positions, while the other one has a cobra roll and a pretzel loop)


Slightly off topic - Sören, did you know that a Vekoma Corkscrew is opening at Mirabilanda (the one in Sao Paulo, not Italy) next month? Oh, and if you ever get the chance to go visit the roller coasters in the area, could you please film some videos? Brazilian coaster videos are hard to come by, you know...


-Tanks "Ich möchte brasilianische achterbahnen videos sehr viel (ja, Ich weiß ein paar worten auf Deutsch) " 4me05.

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