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  1. Did anyone find out what park who was pictured in my post?
  2. All these Batmans!Everyone is the same B&M Inverted coaster (Except Dark Nigth coasters and the B&M Floorless one,but these disturbs me too!)
  3. Evel Knievel (Named after an stuntman only popular in the 70s,does Six Flags actually ever think?) Batman:The Ride Playstation:The Ride Opa The Ultimate (Ultimate what?) Psyclone X2 (X was something,but X2?Six Flags never learn!) Batman Adventure:The Ride & Batman Adventure:The Ride 2
  4. 1.What makes Animal Kingdom bad?Nearly every attraction in Animal Kingdom is original and fun! 2.Hello?Expedition:Everest is themed after Mt.Everest,which lies in Asia,not in Switzerland.Also,Epcot don`t have an Switzerland area and has never had. 3.80-100 mph?Have you ever seen that Test Track uses the same safety restraints as in regular cars?If it had gone up to 100 mph,the speed would have been making people toss around in the car when it`s going trough the turns and maybe even cause injuries! 4.Spiderman is an thrill ride,way to scary for little children.
  5. A hotel in the same street as Adventure Island (Don`t remember the name) in Southends,UK.It only had small beds and was only for honeymoon-makers,kids we`re not allowed (I can`t beleive that all other hotels we`re full!),just not recommended by families!
  6. Liseberg Cedar Point Walt Disney World' Disneyland Paris Tivoli Gardens
  7. My list: The Dark Nigth-Three coaster at three different parks,but still just an pointless clone of an regular wild mouse.Why couldn`t they do it more like Technic Coaster at Legoland California or Scooby Doo Coaster in Warner Bros Movie World Australia? Goliath (SFFT)-Wow,can they do something more stupid?Move it instead of trying to repair the hole SFNO so New Orleans can have an major park again,moving it to SFFT when SWSA and SFOT has the exactly same coasters and theme it after something that`s used for three of Six Flags biggest coasters.Totally stupid when they got Superman! THBS (Various Parks)-Poor Six Flags,always have to make clones and place them everywhere in the U.S,why can`t they just have something original?And why are they putting an THBS in SFOT when SFFT not far away already has one?This is the same situation as the Batman/Goliath situation! TO BE CONTUNIED...
  8. 100 % Front-I think it`s cool to see nothing else than the track!
  9. BGE? Could I post an picture?Becuse I really want to do one! If it wasn`t I who uploaded this picture I would never succeed to figure out! Which park could this coaster be operating in? Picture from RCDB...
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